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Last update for (2)Dehydration : 2008, 12, 26 09:07
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3433 (2)Dehydration 96*128trcc0.1betaground

The map has been rated 52 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

holy shit this is beautiful.
I was looking at a few maps recently and yesterday i got an idea for a map. Here it is. It's like a mix of cool ideas I had for a while. I'm trying a different nat setup. I hope the creep colony will help zergs enough to make this build viable. Also features a ground min only/gas air expand.

Min blocks are 16. Power generator are zergling free and I checked all the ramps and they work fine.

Since I made this map in 1 day I could not put too much effort on doodads..

Tell me what you guys think :)
(I need to go sleep, its 6a.m here)

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all fellow Broodwarmappers!

modified by trcc
Amazing use of sunken ground. Love the map.
nat setup = colloseum like+ avatar
Less picture magic please. imo it's hard to actually see the structure of the map on this pic.

Oh, ya, merry xmas!
And happy holidays to the others ;)
modified by spinesheath
it's beautiful only when you see it for first time and the small picture :D if you look the bigger one closely you will see that it isn't something special x]
If you can't see the basic struture of this map with this picture, you need glasses imo spine :)

And I wish I could see colleseaum in this except this is made in the same terrain, with a creep colony.

This is so sad omg :P Why people say such things. That's like saying a ferrari is similar to a Volkswagen because it has wheels and a windshield. WTF

Name me one map that the author was not inspired by some1 else map. This game is called starcraft. It is 10 years old, are you expecting fresh brand new ideas in every new maps?!!

Anyway, I like criticism. Feel free to post any concerns about the gameplay. Should I make the nat entrance wider ( 2 power generator instead of one ) or make that entrance a little bit further away so A terran presence on the cliff ( tanks ) would'nt cover so easily the entrance? I also considered a D-WEB behind the power gen but I'm not too sure.

modified by trcc
dont let it get to you dude, its the way it works nowdays :)

contact me when you can btw, its time to start a new project (do remember im 6 hours ahead of you so i might occasionally be asleep when you message (like ive been so far :P))
i think you used every possible concept except for spells :P

awesome map.
It's neat, but I'm worried it's too tight/linear.
It is too tight in the middle or in general? It might be too linear but its made in 96 x 128 dimensions.. Also, if it was not linear, distances would be huge?
modified by trcc
I think both. 96x128 does tend to be linear, but you can work around it. (2)Destination is a pretty good example of making a linear layout less linear.

Compare your map to (2)bluestorm, in Bluestorm it's incredible linear going from main to main, and min only to min only, but since you have paths leading from the nat to their min only, nat to 12/6, min only to 12/6, min only to corner, corner to 12/6, corner to middle, on top of having a fairly large middle, the map in the end turns out pretty non-linear, except in split-map late-game scenarios.
Your map is very tight except in the middle (bluestorm is basically relatively tightest in the middle), and all paths lead to the middle (some paths in bluestorm lead elsewhere, which then lead to the middle later, while your paths all directly lead to another part of the middle). Also, bluestorm forces non-linearity with its tight path, whereas you have no such thing here.

The biggest problem that I can see in the map is the wasted space in the corners. That's a problem conceptually, just moving the things in the map around to use the space won't fix anything.

I don't really have any suggestions for the map, I think you'd be best just recycling the features you like best and using them in a better overall-concept/layout. I don't really understand what this map's concept is. It seems to me to just be a bunch of features strewn together, but I don't think they all fit in this layout. I think you'd be best off scrapping the map and starting over really. If the main/nat mechanic is your biggest concept thing, you should plan a map focused on perfectly implementing that. I have a feeling that while this concept is possible, this layout of having the main, main entrance, nat, nat cliff all next to eachother linearly is impossible to do perfectly, and that a more warped-like, more curvy layout will work better (maybe othello main/nat layout ish) (also 96x128 might not work).

It feels like there's three maps here, the main/nat, the middle, and the 3/9 areas.
i played it and it was nice

the crrrrreeepppp colonies were useful also!!!

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