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Last update for (6)Thermopylae : 2009, 02, 28 22:57
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3489 (6)Thermopylae 128*128GRC-DeathLink0.7finalground

The map has been rated 61 times and got a total of 44 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Another 3v3 map, this one took me quite a while to complete since I didn't want another boring 6-player map.

Comments and suggestions are welcome :D
cool layout man. i like this a lot :)
6 player Zodiac/Othello. Interesting. If Terran pushes from on top of the hills though, it'll be hard for our protoss friend to stop it.
Very nice. But like red(t) vs green(p) could be nightmare to protoss. But if it's 3vs3 it's fine. This could maybe play well in 2vs2 too.

I like it too.
I think the mains are too big, which makes the middle too small/tight/linear. I could be wrong though, but it seems to me that you won't need that much base-space in a 3v3 :O
Also, most bwm mappers use Testbug's desert ramps/inverts (the sand dune ramps in (0)Desert Ramp), I dunno why though aside from aesthetics.
But otherwise it's pretty nice.
3v3 SUCKS!! make my fucking ramps i need them :(
kinda small middle for a 3v3 map?
i don't think the mains are too big; nmjoo,you know p but and even more t need more space in their mains,than z - p/t can't stash their supplies in the air, like z do ^^

basically i like the concept, only 2 things concern me:

- blue & orange have shorter distance to the middle of the map - also to these plateaus with expansions
- the only"battlefield"in the middle of the map is not very large - can't understand why you make it even more cramped by adding the resources there?
The middle is quite large imo, I don't understand why everyone is saying that its too small. Maybe people aren't familiar with the square tiles in the middle, they are unbuildable terrain but units can still walk on them.

Indeed, blue and orange are a bit closer to the middle but theres not much I can do about that.
"Indeed, blue and orange are a bit closer to the middle but there's not much I can do about that."

I think there is. You can adjust the other bases to match that distance. Just pull the ramp forward a bit and move the ridge for the other bases.
what target says can be done - however, it means you have to change a lot on the map. and you must take care so that the new nat positions shouldn't be tankable from the next main!!!

the sizeof the middle has in fact a borderline value. i also know very well about the tiles in the middle - as bridge parts of course they are walkable & unbuildable. since troy the most around know them; i saw them long before on noname's map,butterflies - id 1259.what you can do to make it a bit larger is very easy; take the resources from there
I have thought about adjusting the other bases but I prefer not to. If I move the ramp then I must move the nats too and then they will be tankable from the adjacent main. Also, the distances between mains will become much smaller (something like 6v7 hunters) which kinda sucks :P

I think that some test games will be enough so I can see if the middle should be changed or not. I think that the space is more than enough.
I like the map layout, its pretty :)
The map layout is awesome. The problem though is that the paths to each base are really narrow. Any T next to P is a bitch. Terran starts on the cliff, takes the base whiles he's at it and slow pushes into the toss who is only operating on 2 base.

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