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Last update for (2)Carthage : 2009, 02, 11 07:13
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3490 (2)Carthage otherLost Saga MSL0.1leagueground

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Map size is actually 112 width and 128 height though TL lists it as 128x128.
Looks like the Pros are finally using alternate map sizes.

The middle of the main's choke point is unbuildable so you can't wall with just a rax and a supply.

All of the high ground in the middle is unbuildable aside from the expansions.

The low ground areas right next to the middle high ground is unbuildable.

Intresting note: On one side of the natural minerals, only small units can pass. You have to go along the edge of the map for large units to get past.
modified by neobowman
Thanks for the upload
"pros" have been using that map size for quite a while now, if I remember correctly. I think we already have quite a set of those in the DB.

Anyways, I don't really know if those temples really make that much of a difference; sure they make it harder to attack the enemy from high ground...
Then again people don't seem to care about pathing that much lately...
simple yet interesting layout.
Pathing won't work well I think. If we think terran just put some tanks behind temples protoss would never destroy them. This will get terran advantage. And I think terran can push with tanks and get more gasses pretty easy.

modified by LasTCursE
STFU Lastcurse! -_- Don't come post useless post here. -_-
This post is not displayed due to its content
that remembers me my xelnaga wall in fall of tenochtitlan
ok remove my posts i maked all 8 ramps that i need and i thnik very well.. but i won't upload them.. if you want make your own..
Your loss not ours; we've been fine without them anyway but this way you won't be able to show off your hard work and have it actually used.
i have been asking for 1 week for someone to make those ramps but all that you guys did was to delete my comments and say shut up ;] and why to show my hard work... no one in this site likes it any way
Not like we even need them, you needed them so it's fitting you made them. Also, your comments have all been in the wrong place. If you want someone to make the ramps, pm somebody or create a thread in the forum instead of spamming random map threads.
Bah, sorry to spam an old map.

I've played a few games on this and it's very nice imo. Haven't got into a late game yet though so not so sure about the expos.

The pathing issue is solved nicely because any unit trying to go through the buildings will mull about a bit then go to the ramp. It tends to work less well with large armies though as they will all bump around and get nowhere.

FE doesn't seem as bad here as some pros are making it look. I've figured out a decent wall-in.
the map is quite epic. main 8 minerals natural 7 minerals.

ive played the map some times and its pretty nice.

siabbo the timing tells us that p can kick those temples before terran can push out so thats fine :)

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