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Last update for (2)RemoteForest : 2009, 03, 05 01:17
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3516 (2)RemoteForest 96*128Ag-Toss0.4betaground

The map has been rated 52 times and got a total of 19 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I am back! this is my new map, I tried, constructive comments plz!
i think that the exit to the main is in a weird position imo in relation to the nat as in like how far it is ahead of the nat
I will fix it once I have the time
gass issue at red's nat
Doesn't really matter if there is gas issue in nats or any other expoes...

Straight lines don't matter much right now, but later on in development you should definitely fix the deco, for visual appeal. Mappers have to think somewhat as advertisers, making the end product desirable (to play).

Why so many minerals in main? Why the awkward ramp exit to natural? fix Asap.
is this map almost balance, that is the question
I think it looks really nice!

But i am not a balance expert

/i think itsplayable but you should imho change the patterns in the mineral lines
nightmarejoo, testbug, siabbo comment plz!
new updates:

changed middle to highground and tried not to make it like square-ish. Reconsidered the use of space. I am going to add some ramps but I feel tired I will add it later

edit: I will add deco later, it looks really plain right now
modified by Ag-Toss
Hum Im not sure , I does look balanced but... no details :) looks like a 1 day map ,work on :(doodads,cool terrains and originality) you should really ask yourself this question ,what makes my map special?An then put some original ideas into it or combine ideas of someone eases and make them your own.I recommend you to check out the top map makers here and lern.(Its ok to be a noob tho u will learn ,Im a bit of a noob 2 :)

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