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Last update for (4)birds : 2005, 11, 15 08:31
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
354 (4)birds 128*128noname1.3final

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 70 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I know you'll hate me for this, but Forte meets incubus? :)
I dislike how there's a min only with a full gas expo behind it. Looks like a tornado Terran map.
esposing the min only a little bit more to attacks (making it harder to save) might help.
But imo tornado toss is really more skill-than map depending. If you insist, you can get two expos pretty fast on a lot of maps, but of course your opponent will have quite some time to expand/tech himself then.
he said tornnado terran :P perhaps that was what you meant.
i just <3 forte ^_^ ..don't have incubus in my mind that, thought..

it seems the big problem with this map is the choke at 2nd nat.. hm.. i will change some things around.
But look how the map plays, with the 1nats on beyond the bridge like incubus, and the 2nats min only when you go out a bit. also the island between mains and a fairly open center. Plays like incubus, visually reminds of forte. But i think you mixed it good into a creation of your own! looks awesome
lol, did I really write tornado-toss? Must be some problem with the script^^ Well I know "tornado terran" is a strategy in TvP, so I got confused or something^^

and incubus is cool;)
here is a picture of a possibile next version of the map. i added another route to gas-nat as well as made it cliffable. the min-nats are moved, too (zerg fe).
what do you think?
The expansion layout IS a bit like incubus, plus everything is on low terran so i think its remineicent of incubus.
Forte's mid looks cooler =P

Im leaning towards the second version.

Im sory to be a pessimistm but the new passages are too small to feel like a "real passage" and the cliffs overlooking 2 nats is even more like forte :P

Perhaps leave it as it is if you ask me, i liked the first version..
i changed the placement of the gas-nat and made it attackable from the middle (there's a doodad-wall). at the min-only i replaced the wall with space, so that you can attack it easier as well.
other changes are just for looks.
imo this map is too terranbiased...he can get 2 expos very fast, and then he can go for dropping, because every cliff taken by T fucks up two enemy expos :/
i liked the placement of the min-onlies on the picture you posted. (well i liked that version better somehow)

Still this is a really cool map. Wonder how TvZ is on this map, i'd say T>All, with this little cliffs and walls everywhere, feels like vulture tank ownage. But, that's jsut a feel, dunno for sure.
i opened a way from middle to gas-nat again. this time it is wider and therefor hopefully a "real passage". but to make a early expo to this gas nat easier i splitted one of the mins into 2x 500 and 2x 250 (the mineral-count of the expansion stays the same, but they block the path a little bit).
i also moved the min-only closer to the choke.

one thing i am not sure about is whether to connect the cliffs of the gas nats. because on the one hand the would be to strong (they are controlling 3 gas-expansions), but counter drops would be easier imo, because these lager cliffs are harder to defend than small ones.
i'm leaning to add the big cliffs (they would force the player to keep them in mind with their strategy and would bring up some interesting games esp. when the players are at 2 and 5 or 8 and 11),
but what do you think?

..they would look like this:
I like the larger cliffs better somehow. and i'd delete the doodads at the center expansins as well as the space holes, they don't seem to have a real purpose and look like they are only in the way to me.
thank you for the middle-expo suggestion, lis. after applying the changes i do like it more, too. :)
i added some small walls, so that the middle-expos aren't too open and the big cliffs are also in now.
Looks great
last few days i thought about this map from time to time and in my opinion it is finished now. :) the only changes from last beta to final are some small asthetics and the doodad placement on the cliffs.

hope you'll like it as much as i do. :)
I guessthe first thing in 2on2 against a terran will be to get a shuttle/air units asap^^
with that last opening in the center it reminds me of xuuls regnum noctis a bit, but probably a bit less zerg friendly with the cliffs... which is good.

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