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Last update for (4)BuckleBerry_Ferry : 2009, 04, 07 02:00
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3546 (4)BuckleBerry_Ferry 128*128sTY_leZerG-eX0.6betaground

The map has been rated 60 times and got a total of 37 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Here you go guys another map.The ramp of your base dosent cover your expansion sow zergs will have to do a 3rd hatchery if they want to cover well.All other base expansions are covered by a temple, so it is a semi island , also there is unbuildable terrain near the ramp sow that the protection of the expo isent over powered .And i put the main basses in a not sow standard place in a 2v2 map to mix things up :)
Also to make you guys happy i put a nice wide open space in the middle.And I like it but its in ur comments that Im interested sow bring them forth...
What do you guys think?
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
O and I know the image is shit sow if you want to change It be free to do sow there is no PS in the map :)(It will be appreciated)
is min only tankable, cannonable? should be a 2nd way up to 2nd gas expo, sorta like a 4 player hwassanible or how ever you spell that 5 player iccup map
No it is not cannonable but yes it is tankable same idea of like python in which bases can tank the min only.And about that 5 player iccup map , I see a minor resembles maybe because of the middle? But look at the expos they are not the same and its a 4 player map :) plus your main ramp is not covered by that nwetral bilding , plus that map does not have min only expos.
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Turtle map. :b
Turtable lol sow its not like if it over powered i think it has potential
I just fixed little details about the map. COMMENTS ????
What about a better picture? Do not resize it as a 256-color image!
Johnny B.Goode
I think T will own here because of the long tight corridors.I dislike the size and the constition of the mains.Al in all the map is too tight

Do something against this unbearable picture,oh dear
modified by Johnny B.Goode
Unfortunately in this computer i cant do a better pic , but i agree that the pic i got sucks sow , if you guys dislike it plz feel free to change it the map has no password sow u guys can edit a better pic.(It wood be appreciated) And I do agree that the corridors are tight , But i think the middle is good how should i fix?
I have one idea maybe but in the tip of the bases un-bildable terrain sow the terrans cant get a to strong turtle going on ,sow that if terrans put a couple of tanks in high dirt you can drop something on them with no problem.Do u think that will do the trick?
here u have your better pic...

your map is too tight 'cause you drafted the mains so pointless huge. they have to be more or less like in the new pic.also try to bring the nat nearer to the main's ramp.
Finaly one can make something out on the picture :)
What is the problem with your computer that you cannot do such a trivial task like resizing a picture? Or isn't it your own one?

Anyway, first thing that cought my eye was that this is actually really a jungle map. I would have classified it as badlands from the old picture because there is no jungle at all. Why don't you use jungle on a jungle map? Looks really "badlandish", quite literally, this way.

Second thing I recognised is that "Everflow"-high-ruins begin to become popular. I feel kind of flatered :P

Gameplaywise - main ramps need to be closer to nats. I would also reduce main sizes and use the gained space to make a more interesting middle (maybe some kind of "Yellow"-cliffs at the minonlys).

EDIT: Fix tank holes on shore cliffs, please.

EDIT#2: And move ESE and SSW hill expo mineral lines away from the map edges...
modified by Freakling

modified by JungleTerrain
Well... I think I leave that uncommented... You can find out yourself...
modified by Freakling
Actually freakling is right it is everflow terrain :)But , I like your ideas to improve the map but if i change the map it will lose its flavor...Because I made the bases extra big sow that a drop , rekal , air harass would be easily done, floating some barracks or factories to harass the opponent, or even a proxy pylon or hatchery.Also I made the ramps further from expo sow that defending your first expo would be harder than usual , you know in p v z a ling run by ,fore zerg to avoid risks a third hatchery... you know to not make a 100% standard map.I also think that flanks are doable in the middle,yes the corridors are not perfect flank material but remember this is not python that its a almost 100% ground map here air and drops could be power fool. After u guys know this info do u want me to carry on with the editing?
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Fixed little details...

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