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Last update for (4)Indignation : 2012, 07, 18 07:11
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3549 (4)Indignation otherneobowman0.6betaground

The map has been rated 49 times and got a total of 29 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Zerg map 2 much gas :)
I made it so that all the highground seems lower than usual. This is to balance out the fact that south of the highground, there's a cliff that increases the distance between the areas.

I could've just added doodads to the top but I wanted to try this. Next time, I'll go with the doodads. This took me three times longer than usual because I had to convert all the cliffs, and make new ramps for it. Some cliffs were left intentionally. Those are mostly the ones that don't matter.

That natural has a chupung-ryeong cliff behind it.

The high ground third expo's gas is 2000.

The center expo has the spot for its building and gas on the lowground, but the minerals on highground. All the minerals there are either 750 or 749. I dunno why I did that weird high ground low ground thingy. It could probably be used better in a different situation than this.

Should I make the nat choke tighter for easier forge FE and sunken lines?

How did I do on the rotical balance?
I would also say there is too much gas as well as too many expos. The middle feels overcrowded.
It's not zerg map. -_-
Get rid of the center expo then?
i think thatd be nice
nice feature the lower highground - gj!

however, erase the resources from the middle and also the half highground there to have a decent have also too much gas - take the gas from the 4 expos closer to the middle.the rest make sense
mass extended terrain?
mains are too big; I'd remove the gas expos in the middle which have a ledge thing behind them.
Updated before I read your comment. Are the mains really that big? well, I guses 200 pylons is a bit big. Gas at the lowground gas expo is 3000 while the highground expo is still 2000.

Any reason why I should get rid of the middle expos?

Oh, and the very middle has enough buildable space for 3 rax or a pylon and 3 gateways.
modified by neobowman
The highground looks kind of cute lol
modified by JungleTerrain
you won't like it, but my reccomendation is to remake the map using appropriate main base and nat sizes; impossible to get this done right with just editing imo, and I'm fairly sure you'll find a lot will change when you get all that extra space back and can decide on how to reallocate it.
for what its worth I thought that middle expo was a cool idea :/
I really don't want to restart the map because I spent like 20 hours getting all the blends sorted out and copy/pasting them T_T.
Maybe you should only use the blends where you really need them. They are a quite useful workaround for terrain dismorphies and look acceptably well, but I think all these low cliffs are somewhat irritating ingame. So I would use normal cliffs for things like the walls behind the middle expos. You can use the differences between north and south cliffs here for your advantage by placing everything two tiles above the symetrically correct posions (that you would get by using xy-mirrortool). The structures you get this way form a perfectly symetric formation on your 128x111 terrain area (which a 128x112 map in reallity is because of the unusable bottom tiles).
The "Chupung-Ryeong"-cliffs should have more room to the sides (especially on bottom with the aforementioned unusable tiles).
You should also consider removing those cliffs or other features of the map (maybe some of the expos or gas geysers) or reduce the sizes of some of the side bases because of the reduced map size. Try to move the middle expos farther apart from each other and/or consider making them minonlies because they are so close together now (compared to Othello, for example) that a terran could easily tank multiple middle expos simultanously without having to spread out his army.

EDIT: Please try to make the high ground expansions not tankable from the mains when you make your update.
modified by Freakling
Your comment
my bad.
modified by CrystalDrag
i just tested it


edit: TALES OF SYMPHONIA?!?!?!?!
modified by Crimson)S(hadow
Yah overlords getting so fat need to get out and start playing sports
Btw what are low cliffs for?

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