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Last update for (2)pExian_JUnglE : 2009, 04, 12 11:21
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3553 (2)pExian_JUnglE 96*128sTY_leZerG-eX0.7betaground

The map has been rated 64 times and got a total of 42 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Here you go guys my new invention , I think its a fun map i just made It has many up and downs.Note :mains look like they have a lot of mins but they dont they are position in a fun way they might make the split a bit harder but ..nothing u guys cant cop whith.Also It permits flanking because of the many ramps that allow a sneaky flank :) Also something to note , the 2 expos in each side contain something that this PIC is not showing , unless u look closely , they both have a creep colony blocking the last expo.I would like 2 here your opinion about balance ,Ideas , and sow on plz I wana Improve it!
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
first look = looks nice^^
bigger picture plz... :/
U dont like my pic? Well pic is just 2 give u an idea ,If you want to see the map in close detail just DL it and see it as close as u like , and if u dont like the map at the end just delete it :)
im asking because i think you know but do you know how to make the creep extend from the creep colony?
Ok guys IL make u guys happy ,hear is a bigger pic and .. the here is the creep :)
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX

:) thnx. :P
why creep colony?
Those islands make the middle small, i don't see how you can flank middle PvT.
Terran just siege in the middle and even hit the bridges on the sides, as well, and they would already possess high ground advantage.

The islands help the protoss, but I think terran can just turtle with that really close 3rd gas in the corner.

Just a suggestion, but i think you should open up the middle a bit more and maybe make ramps a bit wider, the ones leading to the middle from the hill with the creep.

Why is there minblock on ramp and creep? It looks to me like it might cause pathing issues trying to attack that expo from the middle of the map or something like that, but i think it is more of a nuisance than anything else.
O just fore fun you know to make it a bit different
,looks cool ,I really don't think It will make much of a difference and sense It could be such a pain in the ass to wait until creep vanishes It might be one of the last bases 2 scout :)
There we go i made ramps bigger.Ok in answer to your questions JungleTerrain you where right about the sighing in the middle in tvp sow there i made ramps bigger that should make things easy r .But let me argue back tho , the terran will have a harder time (like every other race)to hold the second gas and in TvP that will favor P a bit because you can do a dual front attack.Also note that the middle has no room to build anything :) so that means no turrets.
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
I see what you are trying to say, but as a protoss player, i know how hard it is to break a terran defense, and just from looks it seems to me like terran can hold the 3rd gas pretty easily, the one in the corner.

When playing competent, macro heavy, high apm terrans, those chokes really bring disaster to a protoss army(unless protoss does all-in build, like bulldog attck) and i think that terrans can easily hold their natural and the 3rd gas quite easy.

As for the middle, i still think it should be wider, getting rid of those bridges( a simple suggestion, only, i think bridges look cool on any map, and they certainly do here, imo) because they tighten up the middle.

Yes, the middle is unbuildable and i do think that it hinders the terran, but only slightly. I'd say that less than half the terran players use the "flash" build(early armory->early goliaths), but i'd say that zlot bombs(on shuttle, ofc) are less affective nowadays, but thats only from what i know.

Looks like a fun map, but I'd appreciate a little more flank room in the middle if I were a protoss vs terran.
modified by JungleTerrain
Ok man I feel what your saying , but those 4 bridges look sow cool man :( they bring flavor 2 the map you know.Do you absolutely , definitely think that there is no hope 4 toss to win vs terran ? I would play the map as a toss vs terran 2 see if it really Is an up hill battle but unfortunately my toss is noob I play Zerg and Terran :) so If it wouldn't be 2 much 2 ask I would suggest trying the map ,to have a first hand feeling you know ?
Ok guys i edited a bit the map :
-Added a few decos
-Moved island expos gas a bit because it was tanckable now its fixed :)
-Made the bridges a bit bigger
Now any more comments about the map?
PvZ FE may be challenging on this map, as well
Well my intention here wasn't 2 make a 100% standard map I have always rather enjoyed to mix things up a bit , And I think that u mean that PvZ "second gas will be bit + challenging " :)(One day I will make a 100% standard map the way u guys like it ;) , but not today )
Its not how we mappers want it, but its more what the players want. I don't think a protoss finds it desirable to have a hard-to-defend 2nd gas.
True ,but It wont be only the protoss with a harder to defend 2nd gas, It will be all the races I just want 2 see how It would play out.I think there could be a little bit less standard build here but , building standard is not impossible , just bit + complex :) And I'm sure that If toss positions hes cannons well It would hold , just have to watch out 4 ling run by, or the hydra cheese push.But also look at the position of the zerg (The normal 12 hatch billed could be vulnerable to a M&M push ,or a speed vulture metal build,revers ,speed lots ... see my point :)
Added sunken colonies , sow zerg can use the creep , I played the map couple of times and , zergs complained about no easy sunken placement , terran can build bunkers or buildings 2 block , toss can put pylons , cannons , but zerg had a rough time.
Sow fixed it , don't think it will give much of a problem.
it looks pretty hard for P to defend both entrance and expo with bisu build... maybe if u move entrance and nats closer, but somehow keep the creep colony usefulness to zergs

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