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Last update for (2)Twisted Temple : 2005, 11, 09 21:51
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
100 (2)Twisted Temple 128*128decafchicken0.9final

The map has been rated 63 times and got a total of 58 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This map evolved alot since i first saw it. Looks good now i think!
Thanks, I finally got around to balanced testing and had to make some changes, i like it now :)

- I like the middle - screams for some gosu terrain battles!
- Alot of posssibilities for hidden expo.


- Choke at natural is VERY wide - Zerg needs a shit load of sunkes, plus there is min blocked entrance.
- Alot of ways around the map. Going to get hard for a pushing T.
- Middle is unbuildable. Once again hard for Terran PvT.
- Getting a 3rd gas MIGHT get hard. The one to the right of the nat, has 3 entrances, one which is VERY wide.
- I dont hope tanks can hit nat minerals from behind cliff...

- Making choke a lot smaller - Zerg is going to suffer from that...
- Make the bridges at 3 and 9 a little smaller, so getting a 3rd gas is easier.
- Making the middle buildable, to aid T in PvT. Pushing is already VERY hard on this map.

Hope you can use this..


Pushing for T really isnt that hard in the middle, theres actually room for turrets, and it was very hard to break a line of siege tanks there. I could win the land battle at all, so i went for the arbiter recall :D

And in my experience the choke was fine for zerg, i'll double check that. Theres plenty of gas i think that you can take without too much trouble, i dont think thats an issue. Thanks for the comments
I updated picture, tell me what you think.
Dont listen to them , this map cant improve much anymore :)

HOurs of gaming should tell if you should modify it by now.
I've been playing on it with some friends, and nothing as struck me as majorly imbalanced. Anyone here wanna play on it some time and tell me if they notice something? I have no school tomorow :)
i get back home at like 11:15 pst if you wanna play my msn is and yuanyellow on aim just ask and ill see if i can spare some time
Oh yea don't DL the obs version, its not updated yet.
Btw the picture is not like the map (i play in (n) mode). Behind the mineral wall there was an expo. On the picture you don't see it :/
Oh, and you got some tiles land, can you fix it? It's just a little ugly and unnatural... You got the same problem in right water too, near the bridge. And update the picture they are just 2 diffrent maps :).
I thought i updated the (n) version, my bad.
And about that bridge, theres nothing i can do about it :/ Unless you can fix it :). And i thought i got out all the tile land, can you use gmcs to point it out?
Well first give me the right jpg, and then i will point it to you.

See the jpg now, and see the map in staredit, you will se big diffrence.
the picture is the correct one. the one you see when you open in staredit is wrong.
Now when i download again the map, my staredit crash when i try to look the map...
Thats becasue you need to open it in starforge or scmdraft
oh decaf, i see you uploaded the scmdraft piture, still you should scale its size to 768x768. nw its a 5 mb picture ^^ thats a "bit" to much.
lol, just adding a ".jpg" at the end doesn't make the pic smaller :o
actually i dont see why you used starforge or scmdraft at all. i prefer every map to be opened without any problems with staredit. after most people want to look at a downloaded map and don't get 3217 errors while opening it :/ just because of these trees and stuff, well, i really would change it to "StarEdit niveau"
well, I don't like people editing my maps ;D

and just to look at the maps and try to place shit like wall-ins, they should give a shit on deleted doodads or sprites in SE :p
As if people couldn't edit your map just because you created it with SCMdraft...

people won't edit your map anyway. As i don't see anyone editing any of my maps, why should they? I wouldn't change a usermap, i just would complain that somethin suxx deeply ^^

but, i would like to see the map as it looks like without 234 error messages.
Well i need scmdraft for the bridges and some of the doodads, and i think one of the ramps. So just open it in scmdraft -_-

Also, sorry about the picture i thought i converted it properly from a bmp (which i obviously didnt) I'll fix that right quick.
then, when you don't want to change anything, what do you care about error messages?

if you have scmdraft, fine, you don't want to edit this map (though you could) but now you can test/look at everything you want (or why should you open a map in an editor then, if not for regarding?).
if you don't have, you take SE, and you get 34 error messages. fine, now you're in the editor, well, there are a few doodads and sprites missing, maybe a start location, dunno. but well, now you can test/look at everything you want, too. there's now nothing that would prevent you from doing what you could do with scmdraft.

so none of this cases will cause any trouble for users opening the map in an editor (beside maybe those that want to edit them, but well, their problem), and everything is possible.
there are just some messages that don't mean anything.

So i don't see your point
Flo, who was that comment directed at?

Btw, i fixed picture so its a normal sized jpg now, i uploaded the bmp file before -_-
it was to lis complaint about maps causing error messages when opening in SE.

--LGI vs ObiachaM_Geri(1on1, 1.13)

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