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Last update for (4)Pythagoras 1.2 : 2009, 04, 10 13:04
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3583 (4)Pythagoras 1.2 128*128sTY_leZerG-eX0.9betaground

The map has been rated 50 times and got a total of 44 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hello guys here is my latest map :) I LIKE IT!
About the map:
-The first thing you need 2 know is about the main base ,The ramp is blocked by the neutral building
and also contains 2 mineral paches near it this are made so that one can use the worker stack drill to get worker out of base also the 2 min paches block the ramp each contains 12 that means 2times mine.(they are all ling tested)Now fast thing in a 1vs1 the 2 other remaining bases will become almost an island.
-Also note that big ass ramp near your first expo that will be the choke point because Its wat your going to want to defend If u want to have the 3 bases (Including main)But scene it will be the choke I put some high dirt un-billdable terrain sow that players cant put sunkens , cannons turrets 2 defend sow that way It will be a bit + of a challenge 2 conserve the domain of that territory.(The unbilldable terrain also reaches the ramp leading 3 ur second gas and a bit further.
-The 3rd gas has unbilldable terrain all over It sow It will have to be defended with units,also I took after the way the hatcheries creep will looks like when it spreads IT looks GREAT!And this base is very harasable by drops , mutas ...
-As u may have noticed the bases are so rounded by crystals this are made to prevent units like tanks being dropped and truly screw u over.
-Also note the wide open spaced battle field the way u like it :),The crazy beginning might make cheese a viable option , or a island build , but standard can be achieved 2.
-I think the map It has the wepons to give an epic game.
-Also open the map and look closely because I put many cool little things here and there some pretty cool :) Also took care of tank cracks.
I want to here ur opinions I want 2 know what u think , also I think map is balanced but lets here it from U ....
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Very nice!

I like how your middle is very opened and can be flanked.
I also like how the main looks with crystal around, it has a unpredictable feeling if you know what I mean (probably not).
Does anything happen to the crystal when you destroy it, or is it invincible?
And to me, it does look balance.

This map looks great! :D
These are sprites? Will create problems to the map if the limit is reached O.O
seing the amount of crystals it would only be a problem for 4 zergs maxing lings or 4 terrans maxing valkyries.

This sprite thing is really a bit blown up. I mean, have you ever recieved map limit without playing a special ums, alternativelly 3 on 3 fastest with atleast 3 zergs and mass larvas?
The crystals are invincible , and I'm glad that u guys like the map how do u guys think the ramp block from the beginning will affect the game play?
I just wonder if there is any good reason to keep that (ugly) mass of crystals instead of making the mains high jungle, not high raised jungle. There is no 70% chance to hit when shooting from high jungle to high raised jungle, and the choke could be created in many different ways, especially seeing how your custom terrain is quite nice.
I see what u mean but I think that those crystals give a little bit more of originality to the map , that's to say It keeps it out of the ordinary , also by making it high raised jungle it gives u fog of war , and kind of the Idea of the ramp block of the start is 2 have ur opponent in the dark fore a bit.(Make players a bit + safe or inclined to cheese)
High raised jungle does NOT give FoW. It is just normal high terrain that looks really boring in huge patches...
Um I think that u don't see many high raised jungle bases out there sow I just want to do a variation , and I fiend it kind of fun that each time u want another expansion u have to go one more level down.
But I haven't heard any comments about imbalances , my guess is that because there is none... ?


Id like to here some
I see promise in this map, although I don't particularly enjoy the blocked ramp concept. I only ask that somebody please perform surgery on those extended ramps.
What do u mean "surgery on those extended ramps"
I understand u don't like the ramp block(I have already explained why I put a ramp block) but , but what extended ramps u talking about, and whats wrong with them?
Target was to abstract :P

Allow me to explain:
By extended ramps he refers to the WNW and ESE wide ramps to the middle.
And by surgery he means a specialized category of surgery, called plastic surgery.
With those infos you should be able to guess precisely what he meant :P
Ok sow he doesn't like my ramps? Hoe should I fix them?(Personally I think there ok)
Either straighten them or whatever, just make them look less random/chaotic/zigzagged.
Man I think the zigzagged ramps are not a huge ,big deal , I made them like that because they IMO they look good.Also If I make theme strait they take off space off the battle field , or they make the East and West have disadvantages , advantages no symmetry yara yara yara ...Its a pain ..
So just get rid of that raised jungle all together^^
You seem to overlook that there are straight ramps in more than two directions.
Terran gets free expo :P
Its true that Terran will get an bit easy 3rd gas but sow will all other races , also take into account the big ramp , the really big battle arena in the middle, and how very harassable the expos are , especially the 3rd gas, and one last thing we don't know 4 sure how Terran will be affected by the ramp block of the beginning.
And Jungleterrain , I'm starting 2 think u have a special hatred towards Terran , Terran this Terran that lol what have they done 2 u? Have u gotten beaten by them 2 much? lol JK.
You could make the mains lowground, with a ramp up to the nat to get rid of all those crystals (they're ugly imo).

Why don't 3/9 get a swarmed min only?

The shapes and distances of the map are really awkward imo. I don't really get the concept of the map, so I can't really give many suggestions. I dunno what your thinking behind the map is at all.

Starparty I agree that the sprite issue is blown up.
I maid the mains in a different position because, I have always enjoyed making mains different than usual.And the concept of the map is explain in my first comment on the map.And about the min only s I positioned them in the "middle" inspired by python , but with a slite variation. 3/9 can get a min only.

slight variation = large positional imbalance
I don't hate terran, i pity them. My PvT win rate is like 80%, but we should keep in mind that it's only Bnet pub games, so it doesn't even count :P

Nah, the real reason I have concern for terran sometimes is that when making a map, it can be really easy to work too much on an awesome concept, like Chupung-Ryeong, but it ends up as terran heaven, or maybe totally opposite, Medusa, terran disaster. It's hard to balance a map, we all agree(except Testbug).
OK to make TARGET happy I fixed the ramps , altho I still made them twisted :) I also fixed minor details.
I think they look better now.

Enjoy :)
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
those crystals look pretty but i wouldnt play an island map

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