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Last update for (4) Pripps Blue 2.8 : 2017, 09, 24 23:09
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4903 (4) Pripps Blue 2.8 128*128sirbeige0.1finalground

The map has been rated 34 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I guess this is the most solid layout. However, it seems that the mains are a bit small and oddly shaped. You also have gas issue in the mains and the geysers at the 12 and 6 o'clock (particularly at 6!) ought to be mining very slow.
And please get something decent to edit pictures with. These all look like you converted them to a 16 colour palette or something, terrible details and contrasts.
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I like the design of the middle a lot in terms of the size and shape of the spaces.
If you shuffled about the bases this could be awesome.
Just scrub out the mains/nats/expos and place them a bit better. That sounds like a ridiculous comment, but its not actually that much work.

Is sirbeige Xelious? If so he already knows how to make good maps, so I dont need to explain further.

But incase author would like some suggestions, here is what I would do:
-make 3 and 9 o clock base bigger (would probably need to move the 4 bridges in those areas as a result)
-move 12 and 6 closer to the map edge
-make the mains more vertically shaped
-move the nats towards the centre of the map a little (eg for teal move the nat up and right)
-two entrances into the expansions.
For 12 and 6 o clock Id make 2 thin bridges into them and close off the existing path to the centre.
For 3 and 9 o clock Id make 2 small ramps and delete the existing ramp to the centre.

modified by Jukado
Thanks Jukado for feedback. I've not had much time lately for map making but I'm trying to review them based on the feedback i'm getting here. A lot to think about that I did not know about...
Ok I've moved the nats a little bit. Letīs see if I can figure out how to post a picture in comments...
You can use HTML < img> tags to insert an image. If you don't know how to use it then just google it.
modified by JungleTerrain

Natural expansion with basic walling.

modified by sirbeige
The nat choke actually looks too wide. That forge/gateway setup is not ling tight and on top of that it has a tile gap to the left (which probably needs 2 zealots to make ling tight).

So all in all it's like 4 holes which are not ling tight and zerg can just do ling runbys and mass ling surrounds, etc.

Also hydras can get a nice concave on the nat since it is so open right outside, making cannon busts strong.
modified by JungleTerrain
Does the choke always need to be tight (0 units to the side of it)? I get that forge/gateways are different when placed on the side of each other as opposed to on top of each other but is sideway placement considered fair if it is tight on side of it?
modified by sirbeige
Do you play the game or watch pros play (streams, ASL, past Kespa VODs)?

You can see what works through those means.

I would say that there are 2 main things that affect FFE PvZ balance.

1) Width of choke: How many buildings it takes to make a wall, how ling tight it is, how many "holes" it has (where zerglings can squeeze through for run-bys).

2) Concave outside choke: This affects Forge+gate+cannon wall vs Hydra busts. The more open it is outside the nat, the better the concave hydras can get on the wall. This means more angles for Hydras to pick off buildings without getting hit by canonns. This also affects how many hydralisks can attack at the same time unto a mass of cannons. The wider it is, more hydras can get in range at the same time and pick cannons off 1 by 1.

I would say having 2-3 holes having being blocked by zealots is okay. 4 or more is a bit much and the protoss will have a hard time dealing with runbys and other cheesy/aggressive zerg tactics. Keep in mind that protoss needs an opening to allow bigger units through as well.

And Protoss players know to place gateway on top of forge for tight walls. I see more protoss players using the pylons in the wall as well nowadays.

In short, I think you need to make the choke narrower lol.
modified by JungleTerrain
Ok, so I've narrowed the nat entrances and tried to make better use of overall space. East/west expos as well as island expos feel a little bit weird but they can surely be tampered with some more. Not a big fan of islands but there were quite a bit of dead space without them. Maybe some of the problems are dealt with better with this layout.

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