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Last update for (2)Crescent Dyne : 2009, 04, 02 15:00
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3591 (2)Crescent Dyne 128*128Lancet1.0finalhybrid

The map has been rated 84 times and got a total of 82 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I took a section of Falkoner's amazing Jungle terrain #6 and turned it into a map. Although there is a narrow winding path connecting the mains, the map for all practical purposes is an island map (however I labelled it a "hybrid"). The in-base gas-expo is blocked by mines to give zerg and edge (Mirage II), let me know if you think this is necessary. The central Northen expo has 10,000 gas and 8 minerals (same as SL).

The big white line indicates the separation between red and blue bases (units can't cross this by land), the small white line indicates the paths connecting the bases and access to minonlies. Marines, firebats, medics, ghosts, lings, hydras, zealots, DTs and high templars can go by these paths from one base to another but other units can't go much farther north than the minonly expos along the path.

modified by Lancet
Looks very complicated , no symmetry whatsoever.Gives many disadvantages.

The custom terrain looks cool tho.
And lately we are larking a good island map.
Why did you use no symmetry ?
(I would play it if it was symmetrical but looks to complicated, I like it tho)
Why won't you play maps with no symmetry? I have made many maps with symmetry but I have come to regard asymmetrical maps as the most interesting maps (at least for me). Check my maps "Spring" and "The Extra Mile".

The point here though was clearly not the map but the terrain. I am in awe of Falkoner's painstaking creative use of jungle terrain tiles in his Jungle Terrain palette series. But he did not mean them as "maps" but rather as "art".

So I tried to addapt his terrain into a map. It was hard as hell to find the space for the bases and expos and rearange his art work on a "cut and pasted map" but I think it was worth the effort.
Just so you know Falkoner didn't make that terrain, he just compiled everyone else's terrain into one package. That was part of Woodenfire's legendary Cresent Dyne.

As always Lancet, I love your work and would definitely like to see you do more 5+ player maps. :)
modified by Excalibur
Looks fun to play.
I wouldn't ever play it, but I like it.

I assume p>z t>z to a large extent, and I'd think p>t but I dunno for sure on that one. I'm quite sure however that zerg can't beat protoss here without z being a lot better than protoss or getting really lucky. Corsairs are just gonna destroy zerg =/
5 min map
Excalibur I want to give credit to the right person so let me see if I understood correctly: this terrain was made by Woodenfire and it is called Crescent Dyne but it was compiled by Falkoner, is that right? If so, I should probably change the name of the map.

Hey Excalibur, regarding 5+ player maps, I read a post of yours where you said EPICA was played, do you have any replays you can post? Thanks.

Nightmarjoo, yeah sairs can be a problem here so zerg has to be mindful of that. I did place a mine block in the in-base expo to give zerg an edge. The counter against sairs is hydras and the central expo to the North with 8 mineral and 10,000 gas can be reached by hydras by land.

Hey if anybody does play a game here please post the replay, thanks.
modified by Lancet
All the replays were on mods so they would not play correctly for anyone not running the mod. They'd just look like SCVs mining for the whole thing.

Yes Woodenfire made the terrain on that particular map but the compilation is contributed to by multiple persons, myself included. Falkoner just puts them all in one place for people to download and use. Consider it a terrainer's resource.
OK, the map name has been changed to "Crescent Dyne", Woodenfire is credited in the map description as the author of the terrain and Falkoner as the one who made the compilation.

: ^ )
rofl this map is awesome
Cute, it burned my eyes at first but I see where things are now.

A bit uneven, I don't really care. Looks interesting, but like everything on this site, no one will play it.

Admire what you did though.
i love this design, but you should reduce main minerals to make it more micro oriented imo
since it is so small areas everywhere.
Bump for people to make more maps like this.
By the way, Crescent Dyne (the UMS map) was never finished, was it?
No it wasnt but someone posted about picking it up but it may have been an april fools.
If it was someone who you don't remember the name of... I guess it was an April Fools ;)

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