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Last update for (2)Khaydarin : 2009, 04, 05 09:30
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3596 (2)Khaydarin 128*96MorroW0.3betaground

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 17 points


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Comments:   GMCS (6 elements)

there is 1 khaydarin in the natural and 1 behind the natural that blocks the path.

if a worker step on it they cant mine minerals or gas.
when the worker dies the item drops on the ground.

so basically if u wanna expand u must use 1 worker to pick it off then it wont drop until it dies.

so simply get rid with it by picking it up with ur scouting probe.

whats interesting about this is that when ur scouter is about to die u can run into your opponents workers then he will be forced to pick it up if he wanna kill the scout then he basically got 1 worker that cant mine minerals or gas.

ok so the area behind the natural u can reach from behind by for example pylon jumpung over the mineral then u can take the khaydarin and get into opponents base, it is possible to block off that backdoor too if u dont wanna let a scout in. its also possible for t to land a rax there and go like siege drop vs toss early on and toss cant do shit about it cause of the rax is blocking so its kinda interesting feutre, shouldnt be so imba since if p is smart he make pylon at that area early on so u cant do that :p

another feautre is that ur main is head towards the edge of the cliff. normal rines or goon hydra etc cant hit over but bunker + range can and sunken cannon etc. so cannon rushing vs t might just be pretty good as in colosseum. but ofcourse also possible to stop.

the natural is impossible to block off with a terran wall just like in byzam for balance reasons.

the island can be hit by vultures and such from the up side also remember that area isnt really low ground when it comes to % hit.

overall i think this is pretty interesting map and i dont believe its too imbalanced.

gna try get some replays on this.
damn it morrow, wanna destroy p/z in minutes or what? what is wrong with u ppl? why u don't look closer to your map picture b4 u upload it.

1. absurd short distance between the players
2. ahh, i make it short just look to the gmcs
it is meant to be tankable thats part of the concept you fool.

terran shouldnt even be able to go out so far in tvp so whats ur point lol
now listen carefully, bozo; part of the concept or not - this map is a failure!

no matter when t comes out,sooner or later;he will be able WHEN he will come out to tank p/z from 3 & 9 also from the cliff behind. which will be not just painfull for the other player, it will be devastating; same for the expos on 1 & 7 - tankable too. and at the moment the t can push u cannot stop him because of the short distance.

making the mains expos tankable is such a dullness which not even noobs will make; what is this a fucking freak show ?? u believe this"it's part of the concept"can save somehow the map?? :(
Grief please clean up the quality of your posts. Try to remove words like "fucking freak show", "bozo", "map is a failure", and stuff that makes no sense in English, like "such a dullness which not even noobs will make". If you don't clean up the quality of your posts, you will find a great many of them censored for such a lack in quality. I'm giving you a warning now to be nice.

Now, as for what little content there was in your post, I'm gonna quote Morrow "terran shouldnt even be able to go out so far in tvp so whats ur point lol". If zerg or protoss lets terran that close to their main, they have already lost the game so that it's tankable is irrelevant.

As for saying he can't justify what's wrong with the map by saying "it's part of the concept", that is exactly what you do when I point out things in your map I find to be imbalances or gameplay issues. So either, I'm right and your maps have horrible gameplay and balance, or I'm wrong and this map is fine, your call.
Can you mine the min only from that spot below the main, behind the min only?

I don't think the islands are a good addition. I'd make them cliffable expos like the corners of (2)Sound Barrier.
"below the main, behind the min only?"

u mean behind the natural? yes but its distance mining then and would only work well for terran. also u gotta mine away most of the natural too first.

its pretty much terrans 4th expand but he can take it like he does in destination, like this:

speaking about the min-onlys, they are only 1k for balance reasons.

so u guys think the map is good or? testbug opinion plz :S
modified by MorroW
Wow, that's a daring concept. I cannot imagine anything more agressive.

I am pretty sure all the easy cliffs are imballanced, most likely for terran, but terran has to cross that huge unbuildable middle first, so you might be right.

Anyway, could be fun to play.

Is the ESE main gas tankable from the3rd gas expo in the north?

"Is the ESE main gas tankable from the3rd gas expo in the north?"

whats ese and whers the3rd gas expo. i see potentioal in many 3rd gas like desti :P

ESE = East South East (about 4 o'clock)

And I precisely meant the (potentialy) third gas north of that main, that is the low ground gas expo at about 3 o'clock.

100% clear now?
oh i see what ur getting at. ye its a slight imbalance in tvt but u can adjust to that pretty simply , shouldnt be needed to change it will just cause more trouble

i updated little now, fixed mineral formation in main
modified by MorroW
I don't know if it's good or not, I don't know a lot about these kind of maps; I don't really like them.
very interesting to say the least. i like it.
I think as imba as the map has the potential to be, it is an example of what we should be doing: Trying daring concepts and trying to make them work. Look at Morrow's last map from 1.0 to where it is now. It changed a lot, and I think the same can be done here. Rather than going "STUPID IMBA MAP U SUK SCRAP THIS SHIT" or such, we should be looking at what to change in order to fix the problems while trying to keep the concept intact.

That being said I personally have no idea what to do with it.

What I don't like is that every single expo, main and nat included, is very very hard to defend. There's no turret room behind minlines, everythings up against a cliff. Again this could prove to work with some adaptation to the map on the players part, but I'd rather see that at least one or two of the expos weren't so easily fucked with.

I'd either make the islands or the 3 oclock / 9 oclock expos safer. Perhaps remove the smaller bridge and move the larger one over, and then leave some turret room behind the mins.

Its a neat concept but I think something has to give.

Oh and it could also use more deco/doodads but I figure that can wait. :)
modified by Excalibur

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