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Last update for (4)Unreality : 2009, 11, 23 07:47
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3635 (4)Unreality 128*128Freakling1.5betaground

The map has been rated 66 times and got a total of 102 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Wanted to post this together with (4)Schizophrenia since it is pretty much a byproduct of that map.
I used it to develope the expansion layout for Schizophrenia.

modified by freakling
Kind of reminds me of Neo Arkanoid in Twilight format.
Sometimes I don't like the neutral buildings everywhere because the units go retarded.
modified by coV
I can also see the Neo Arkanoid here but I think this version is much better.I think this 1 will be + air and drop based.Very good stuff man.
This one is my favorite of the other 1s
Not my kind of map, but it seems to be well-made, and certainly has a bold concept.
I don't care for your ramp stuff as always, but even it seems fairly well-done as far as gameplay is concerned.

I don't like the space at 12/6 on the low[high?]ground behind the minerals. I also don't like how different the cliffs are here as opposed to at 3/9.

Your minerals look like they need tested.

I'm concerned at how much space the mains/nats/min onlys are taking up. For all intents and purposes, those three bases make up your "main", your building room. In a normal map, you would never allocate approximately an 8th of your map to each main, which comes out to nearly half the total map space, to the mains. I don't think you've opened up the map and noticed just how big those actually are.
Basically, the mains and min onlys themselves aren't alone too large persay (though the space allocated to the unuseable ramps is quite large and could use some trimming), but the nats simply have way too much room. That room is still useable however, so if you happened to shrink these areas equally (to facilitate keeping your circle), players would still definitely have an adequete amount of room, it would just perhaps be quite more spread out than usual, which would further emphasize and better execute the map's concept imo.
I would suggest editing the map (or remaking to facilitate this change, ideally) to take away space from the "mains" and reallocate that space to the center, either widening the outer rings or the center itself. I'd suggest widening the outer rings, perhaps even going as far to shrinking the center itself to further widen the rings, as it's the rings which are important to the map. The center is entirely useless for the most part.

So then, if you don't want to shrink the mains to widen the rings you can shrink the center to widen the rings, and/or shrink the mains, widen the rings, and then create some advantages to the center and/or creating more paths to it.
This could be placing an andromeda expo in the center, or perhaps making the center highground basillica with ramps leading into the ring. Just because you're using a neutral-blocking concept doesn't mean you have to continue using it for every choke on the map.

Hm in hindsight of my above suggestions, I think what I would most strongly suggest as the "optimal" in-my-eyes edit to the map would be:
shrink the corners, the "mains" and reallocate that space to the rings.
Make the center high basillica and replace the current chokes to the center with ramps, which may or may not be neutral blocked.

You even could experiment with placing dwebs/swarms in the rings and/or center and/or on/in/near the chokes (especially if you replace the chokes with ramps as I've suggested, you could place such spells above or below the ramps, and possibly (depending on how you make the ramps) on the ramps themselves).
You also can experiment with having fewer neutral-blocked chokes to increase mobility without modifying the outstanding concept.
Specifically, I think I'd replace the xel nagas with lower hp neutrals, potentially even switch the main choke neutrals with the nat choke neutrals (though I recognize your neutral hp placement was intentional with which choke has which, I feel this is important to do if you do not shrink the mains, and a possibility to be considered even if you do; well however I can see how this reversal would be important if you do shrink the mains anyway).
Also, I would consider removing one row of neutrals per player. eg, removing the row of power generators closest to red, and the row of stasis chambers on the right side of 6, and facilitating this change following the map's symmetry.

Uh, another thing you might consider to make the map more interesting is making 12/6/3/9 islands, or semi-islands using either neutrals, min walls (using a lot of 0-value blocks ideally), or plasma's egg wall concept. I think any of the semi-island ideas would fit the map very well conceptually, and the full-island thing works too, albeit perhaps not as well as any of the semi-island concepts.
lol you could even use all four of those ideas, having one expo be island, one be egg-walled, one be min-walled, and one be neutral-building blocked. That would definitely be interesting. I actually kind of really like that idea :D

Uh and the center is really ugly aside from being useless. Hopefully making it useful will make it prettier at the same time.

And, you don't have to keep the circle you know. I tried to keep my suggestions within keeping the circular aspect of the map, but it very well might be best to throw it away, though I can't see any immediate reason why that would be necessary at the moment.

Classic Nightmarjoo comment, haven't given one of these in a while lol.
First of I am really happy to get a somewhat positive comment from you, Marjoo. And that on a map I would have expected to be flamed for... ("Arkanoid clone", "pathing issue" etc.)
There are so many Arkanoid hateers out there...

I will defintively neither change the circularity nor the hypergeometry :P

I would prefer widening both rings at the moment, because I do not want the ring to be too wide.
Maybe I could introduce another ring in the center...
lol well I'd never want to actually play the map, but it's an interesting and somewhat bold concept, so I want to help out. I think I can help you refine the map's concept and improve its execution, but I can't make it the next iccup map.
ramps are cool
Why not make map iccup?
It looks iccup material 2 me
Too experimental/weird imo. But then again, looking at the last batch of maps yello-ant let in...

He would have to edit the map a lot though, and I get the impression Freakling prefers to make new maps than to edit older ones ._.
Did I update Everflow and Mystique or did I not ;/?!?

These last two where kind of old stock...
But please do not cry about last months MOTM being bad, again!
Why should I post new maps when I still have old ones to work on? You would not have liked it if had posted all this new material before I had finfished the Everflow update, either, right(?)

You are right, this maps needs updates up to a degree of a remake... So far, as I wrote above, it is just a concept test map that eolved as a byproduct of Schizophrenia expansion concept developement.

But since you like it, I think I will start working on an update.

I do not understand what you mean by the island concept, though. Those expos already are semi islands.

I also forgot to mention two facts that are notapparent from the picture:

- Among other differences to Arkanoid that will hopefully make this one more ballanced for Protoss the temples and Xel'Nagas temples (and more by coincidence - they are just like that by nature - the Psi Disruptors) all have a Scarab gab between themselves to allow Protoss to defend the chokes with reavers.
- The middle is (mostly) unbuildable.
modified by freakling
Ok I won't cry, but then don't cry when the motm post I end up posting declares the maps to be unbalanced shitlands.

Yes you edited them, but not until after you posted new maps :( I am joking.

The neutrals are inevitably going to be destroyed. Players will use land tactics over island tactics any day, unless they are ScoutWBF. This means, the players will take the two free expos, mass an army, destroy the neutrals, and then play a normal macro game. So once you take down a couple walls, which is necessary anyway, you'll run into the gas expos and be able to take them normally.

I don't consider this to be an air map. It's certainly a land-island hybrid to some degree, but vastly favours the land aspect. There's almost no reason to actually play it like it's an island, since you get 3base and 2gas for free. Arkanoid makes it islandy by blocking the expos with neutrals, but makes it comfortable by making 3base/3gas relatively easy to get anyway. This map gives you 3base/2gas, but there's no reason to play it island since island tech builds are slower than normal builds, and modern FE builds already counter 1base builds for the most part, when early harass is present, whereas it isn't here.

lol funny scarab holes.
I dont know why you guys here are so closed minded the only things you guys like is standard LT variates , and as soon as a mapper comes out with a different idea u guys come up with all this anti comments.You know this is true.
I don't know why you're illiterate. Please learn how to read so you can actually read my comments, and realize that I said I liked the map. I also fail to see how what you're saying is true, seeing as how maps like Sapphire, Avatar, and Adrenaline Rush are in iCCup, thanks to me.
So i guess you are suggesting an additional wall of some kind where the gas is now? Could be difficult if I also widen the ring... But I already have an idea, including two kind of interlaced rings. That would make the map really complicated, though, I think...
Yes, because the map is so basic and standard as is, we wouldn't want to complicate it.
looka like red and green has temples blocking their nat entrances compared to the other 2 pos where there is a space between them.
See what I wrote about Scarab holes?!?
its ok SP, even ghosts can't pass
Arkanoid GG.
Wow! We all just became witness of a truly unique event when SiaBBo's brain was struck by an unparalleled enlightenment.
well, everybody thought it but i write it

lt GG
JRM clone
LostTemple Clone
This is just bad version of Arkanoid. :)
It is sad seeing "important" figures on this site bicker like little boys. Why do I waste my time?
beautifully made map. congratz on MOTM


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