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Last update for (4)Greth : 2009, 05, 11 18:58
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3637 (4)Greth otherneobowman0.1betaground

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Map size 128x112
R-point expos in the middle have 6 mineral patches of 750 or 749 each and each patch is stacked so there's 2 in 1 patch. The high ground gas expos next to the mains are two seperate expansions but share a vespene geyser so if you take one, the other becomes a mineral only. The biggest concern I have about the map is the main size. I may have to decrease the nat cliff to increase the size of the mains. Right now, the top right and bottom left seem a bit smaller so I'll be trying to fix that in the next version. The naturals have an area behind the minerals where you can drop units. The mineral line stops units from passing. Working on deco later.
min only islands in the center of the map?

why are the main ramps retarded?

what's with the back of the nats
nvm the nats are just retarded

um are the mains big enough? specifically blue/purple

I'm not a fan of your weird decoration stuff ._.

don't waste so much space with water/cliff stuff if you can help it

interesting overall, but those geysers probably will cause some pathing issues
yeah I was typing before you posted that thing
The main ramps are fine imo. You can get a zealot proof wall with a rax and 2 supplys in all positions.
Yep, min only islands.
ok I'm really pretty quite absolutely sure min only islands suck balls in all scenarios
um you have space wasted by water even after using 128x112, that should be a sign you did something wrong btw ._>
kinda like my map... a 125x112 r-point rip off
I like this map good job. But those ramps kill me they are truly ugly , specially the north and south ones.The middle and its deco is very good I like it.But those min only islands :( no 1 will get drop teck 4 those expos , I think they will only be used in extreme measures.Plz add a gas to them.There is very little gas imo.
And one last thing those nats wtf ??? that is truly annoying people can be so gay with that plz fix.
New update. Changed nat min line. A few other changes. Islands have double gas to make them more viable, though they still seem ridiculously easy to kill. I think I'll make it regular highground next version. Extended ramps at shared gas expo, enlarged the mains at the price of making the nat gas vulnerable. Deco will come next version.
modified by neobowman
Look at "#3"
3/9 thirds are harder to protect than 6/12 ones, the distance from nat to there is longer.
shouldnt be 2 gasses on the island. i like this concept execluding the facts of positional imbalances

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