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Last update for (2)Vineyard to Road : 2010, 01, 01 18:07
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3642 (2)Vineyard to Road 96*128Trooper0.6betaground

The map has been rated 47 times and got a total of 26 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

first edition of my newest map, taking tips from nightmarjoo, gave up on other one. Tell me what you think imba, layout, problems? thanks
The mains are pretty big, too big imo, and undecorated :(

You missed a gas expo at the top.

The nat is too open imo, and I wouldn't say you have an adequete ovy spot imo.

Space is wasted between the 3/9 gas expo and the main.

I would make the foci of the 3rd gas expo where that cliff currently is. And I'd turn the water into a large cliff that oversees the gas expo, and possibly the nat as well.

This map is ok as a basic practice map, but there's not much to it.

What are the values on those minerals?

You can't pass through neutral buildings using minerals, only neutral units. I'm not a fan of your backdoor at all really.

I don't really like your 4th gas expos. They're just kind of, there. Perhaps move them down a bit and give them a cliff nearer the other player or something.
Nice man I like It , but I would swich one of those expos into a high dirt expo.
O.o well i did some editing due to zerg's and nightmarjoo's comment and i came up with this so far. changes i made where i added decoration to the mains. next i removed the crashed battle cruiser (Norad II) and min block and placed the three and nine o' clock expo to do a unique twist to the map of an extra way into the main and if you get contained you can still mine minerals from the expantion. I still have my epic problem of shitty naturals, so if anyone can help me on it then that would be really great. i also made min only more caved off into the canyon so that it is easier to hold off, but harder to obtain. Just for zerg i made the seven and two o' clock expantions on high ground, morphing into what i think is a very atractive ramp breaking off into two sides with plenty of room to create building for more unit production, tech buildings, or deffense.

The bridges are build on able, should i edit this so that they are unable to be built on?
Are the mains too large, if so how can i fix this?
Should i edit down the four and ten o' clock expantions so that it is horizontal with the cliff and not diagnal?
Should i add crushed rock into the middle of the map, or would that weaken the terrans containment push too much?

Yes the mains are decorated.
the mineral amount is: 1500 other than 4 mineral patches for each player, highground one is 1140, and 600, for the wall expo one is 749, and 750.

Thank you for your time to take a look at map and hopefully comment on it, Please tell me what you think and respond to the questions i asked.

I will test the map in all match ups to test out the ballance between races, before i make any dodad decoration changes.
modified by Trooper
Well IMO, you should make the bridges unbuildable and you should have more unbuildable spots in the middle but not all of them, a little building space for terran to build turret
Middle is just so barren =/

Nats need ovy spot and to have a smaller choke. You can use a neutral if you want/need.

Since your middle is so barren now, why not scrap what you have there and be inventive/creative and try something really neat/interesting as a central battlefield?

Yes your mains are too large.

The backdoor gas expo things are too vulnerable/uninteresting imo.
Terran just slowpush to other expoes.

Good job on the high dirt expos , 1 last recommendation put 1 more expo per side where the structure is.
Ok 2nd edit on map things i did:
Made mains smaller
Got rid of pathing issue
larger ramp on high ground expantion
added one more mineral patch to min only and got rid of mineral value to equal 5 min patches and to make mining slower
made nat and nat choke smaller, + eggs
added power gens to make shield and make harrassing a little less deadly
made high ground larger and moved hg expo back to help make nat smaller
added water, indented, and made min only more voneralable.
added crushed rock to middle to power down terran push.

Tell me what you think of new changes
This map improved a lot. The neutral buildings seem interesting to play with.
It's very nice now, but
What's the purpose of the eggs at the choke expo?
You should consider making a mineral only expansion (7) at 3 and 9.
And make the main look better. Also the mineral linings.

Good job.
wasted space
Those egg walls look kind of reddish. Have you placed them for player 1 by mistake? If so, they would not show up in melee mode.

And another expo would be nice.
they show up red but they are spirits
U need 2 add another 2 expos where ur structure Is, thats In the right and left middle ,5 o'clock and 10 o'clock.
Reason :

In case the game gets In a macro heavy game and the expos are running low , take as an example any mach up that contains a Terran except TvsT ,the zerg or the toss need 1 more expo than the terran 2 keep up and they will not be able to do so because In certain situation , the expos or expo is In the other side to close to the Terran.

U need 2 + EXPOS In my taste I would make them Islands.
zerg in newest version i still working on i added another expo for each player but where would i put an island expo?
I don't think you should have island expo
1) Spacing is too limited. If you shift the nat, then it would complicate things (like terran tanks)
2) There are enough expansion.

You can have a little expo around 3 or 9 but like i said it would complicate things way too much and have to basically change the map.

Don't forget to decorate the main :D
modified by coV
cov , Is mistaken reed my previous comment and see why u need 2 + expos 10 oc and 5 oc , maybe dont make them Island , just little expos with 1 gas and 4 or 5 min paches.This expos will be crucial in a mach that lasts + than 42 mins or less depending on the skill.
I guess, but no need for an island, anothr expo would be fine
Possibley the last update on the map, things i added are doodads, the 2nd min only expantion and i hopfully made the mains look a bit better.
Nice the mains could use a some doodads around, but I guess it's fine.

Make the 2nd mineral expansion 5 or 7
that no offense would be stupid, one there is a min only at 5, two i would have to remove the 2nd gas expo to place the 2nd min only which would be closer to the nat than the original one.
Trooper i saw a guy in MB clan with the nickname :TheTrooper in iccup xD
nah thats not me, my Trooper account is only on east, now if you see someone name 3.mZ)Surge, or titivillus then thats me
i like this one is so cool i give you 10 points man gj :)

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