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Last update for (2)Devils Crossing II : 2009, 06, 09 04:33
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3677 (2)Devils Crossing II 96*128lMPERVlOUS0.1betaisland

The map has been rated 39 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I had a few ideas on how to make Island maps playable for a Zerg player.

There are spider mines blocking expansions, so that Zerg has an easier time establishing an expansion. This should help.

There is a lot of gas, and a relatively low amount of minerals, on this map. This should help Zerg out.

There are small ramps leading to the 2 and 8 expansions, which are small enough for lings and other small units to get through, but not large ones. Think 815 style.

All bases (including mains) have 7 minerals at 1500, and a vespene geyser with 5000 in it.

I think that when geysers are on diagonals, they are much better, because you can use them symmetrically. Sure, it takes 4 workers to get the maximum efficiency, but that should not be a big deal since both players have to do this. Also, when the geysers are on the diagonals, their mining rates are very similar, so it should not impact gameplay.

I'm not very good at decorating a map - I built this mainly to be playable. I will do a better job at decorating it later on.

Rip it to shreds please.
Looks like space is wasted. You can make another expo at 1 and 7.
We already invented ways to make island maps a little more balanced for zerg, you just have to find them. :P
Where do you think I got the idea of using Spider Mines to block expansions :P

I didn't want to make it too much in the favor of a Zerg player, but I did want to give them something to help ease their whining.

That "wasted" space at 1 and 7 is intentional - it is a bunch of unbuildable ground which is perfect for drops. Zerg should have the advantage from that, or am I thinking wrong?

The map can be cut in half both vertically and horizontally, depending on where the players choose to expand. Vertical will probably be more common though.

I kinda mixed some of the best features of some of the island maps here, with a similar layout to Paradoxxx (which is my fav island map of all time), giving it my own personal twist, on the jungle landscape.
So, I fixed a few things, and I have a few more things to fix, but there has been some big changes.
Another exp to 6 and 12 and 1 and 7.
Rather than doing that, what if I made the map into 128X96 instead?
Devils Crossing II is up now.

I re-made the map. Deco is far from done.

Added an extra expo at 1 and 7. 5 mineral patches and a geyser.
Too much gas, have one expansion where it's only minerals only.

PS Middle looks better
My reasoning for having a lot of gas is this.....

T - likes gas, but doesn't need that much.
P - likes gas, but doesn't need that much.
Z - needs all the gas it can get.

Now, having a lot of gas should favor Z.

Island maps have proven to be T > P > Z.

This should make the map more like T = Z > P.

The inability to build everywhere should help even the T and P imbalance.

Since the map is vulnerable to harassment, it should help P over Z.

Not completely sure until I finish it and test it out, but I think it should help balance the map.

EDIT - Also, I was contemplating putting a second geyser in the mains.....
modified by lMPERVlOUS

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