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Last update for (4)Judgement : 2009, 07, 29 19:09
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3704 (4)Judgement 96*96sWaGu0.4betaground

The map has been rated 54 times and got a total of 23 points

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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

smallest map made by me. some inbalances and a very minor path issue but other than that it works great.

-im planning to make the middle flagstone high ground

-the mains each have 16 min blocks with 750 in value

-the min onlies are on low ground so you can tank upwards without some scout and each block is 1000 mins.

lotsa comments please
dude, i wanted to make a 96*96 4P map but i didn't ever managed to do it.
let me deco it when you are done with the middle. x3
Freakling has the best deco skills here!!

modified by LasTCursE
modified by LasTCursE
too much extended terrain, i wanted to edit mystique but it's impossible, he didn't use symetry tool.
so extended terrain is shit
modified by ProTosS4EveR
LOL do u only use symmetry tool 4 deco?
i do, but in his case, he doesn't use symetry tool for basic terrain (cliff, water...)
I like how the quality of your maps gets better over time, you've grown.

Make an album of your first maps, ending with this one! :P
Keep working, I see more improvements, with time, of course.
so anything about this map?
zerg might have a harder time since the natchoke looks a little big, the distances are short, and the non nat/main expoes are minonlies, against P and T.

TvP, looks like terran might have an upper hand with the short distances and the buildable middle.
-Terran also has a better chance of securing the minonly because of the use of siege tanks in the base, in front of the minonly, etc.
modified by JungleTerrain
Yeah, Terran has the advantage 'cause middle is buildable, but I don't want it to go away 'cause the mid looks cool ;)

Red and purple have 7 minerals on their naturals.
modified by coV
modified by coV
Might i sugjest making the middle flagstone basicila?
-added third gas

-middle is unbuildable except for i think 3 turret spots

-planning to make all the rest of the dirt into crevice

-made nats 3 rax wide

lotsa comments please

and theres not much i can do about distance except to maybe put nuetral buildings.
modified by sWaGu
why did you put a gas in the min only? This map is a 1V1 map, 3rd gas is the nat of an unused startlocation
please, try to make this map micro-oriented

i have an idea for the min-only, put one mineral field to 750 minerals or 500, then, there will be some backdoor, so gather minerals in your own risks
well everyone was complaining about no gas for zerg so i put it there. ill take it out.
and i like the min idea
modified by sWaGu
however, i'm not sure if the games will be long enough to gather this mineral...
well i was thinking of putting stacked mineral instead so the map would be like destination.
i really like this map since in 2v2's, if you cliffhatch, Z will get a advantage which helps out their inferiority in team games to protoss due to the fact they can't exploit their fast expo advantage, just like spinesheath was trying to tell me =)
it was meant for 1v1 but i guess it works.

im thinking of leaving the gasses. would it make imbalance?
too heavy gas map
ill take out the gasses.,anything else to changge on it?
Interchanging Nat and 3rd gas positions and then making it 128x128 to avoid too short nat2nat distances could make this concept a very cool map I think.

And yeah, I only use symmetry tool for the rough shapes of my maps. I do not like perfectly mirrored deco and doing all shapes by hand helps enormously avoid positional imballances that would need ugly workarounds later on (look at the recent spinell valley edits, for example).
Using grids is much more flexible, I think
the point of the map is being a 4P 96*96map -_-
I would have never hit on that myself ;P
You should put the minerals and gas in purple's start location more lower because if you were in a situation where you can only defend from your main, tanks can hit your gas.
if i did move purps start lower it would defeat a purpose. the reason the start location is so high up in the main is so zerg can build sunkens ast the ramp...
and a 128x128 is a good idea too. but i could never get the rotational symmetry right so i settled for a smaller map size
if you make a 128 map, please upload it with an other map ID, i need this map, i can't map make until one week
Then wouldn't you have to move blue and teal's main closer too 'cause the distance looks far away. And usually Zerg players make a hatchery around the ramp.
modified by coV
i still think its sort of unnecessary t move purps location down. if anyone gets stuck in their main on a 96 by 96 map it means theyre dead anyway
Yeah, I guess so and if I didn't mention already your middle looks awesome! :D

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