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Last update for (4)Gleichschaltung : 2009, 10, 09 05:23
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3705 (4)Gleichschaltung 128*128sTY_leZerG-eX1.2finalground

The map has been rated 58 times and got a total of 70 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I'm presuming deco is yet to come :)
yellow and blues bases seem a bit bigger and whne going into middle not blocked its really tight, hard to get units through.
Only thing I really like is the concept of the main ramps. The rest of the map is one of those OMG SPELLS EVERYWHERE sort of thing.
Red's going to have some gas trouble...
Ok here we go my newest map.
I know it is a bit mental.Map is still beta version deco and doodads will come later as always.
About the map:
-Each main has 2 ramps(Look closely)
1)A normal sized ramp blocked by a zerg neutral building.
2)A small ramp that only small and some medium size units can go trough.

-I wanted to put a little bit of spells in this one.

-There is no easy third gas players will have 2 get drop tech and go 4 the islands pretty soon.

-The middle it is pretty cool IMO and although there is path issue, there is flanking possibilities.In order to get to the middle u have 2 options clear the way through the bridges or go through the small chokes with the d webs.

-The island in the middle has 12 min paches with 1000 each and 2 gases with 5000 each.

What do u mean by read is going to have gas trouble?

Yellows and blues mains are not bigger they can take the same amount of buildings.I tested them myself in star craft to get them as similar as possible.(Hello Trooper my friend :P )

Does any 1 actually know what the title of the map means ?
Tip its GER, look it up I think its meaning gos perfectly with the map.
The least place you want to be in is in Reds because gas issue. I know you have to balance it out but I'm just stating.

And 'Forcing into line'?
modified by coV
Yes, but there is much + to it.
where is your deco ;o
LOL deco will come LasTCursE as always :)
Im just waiting 2 see if people want a major change in the map.
Yes I agree the map Is tight with the neutral buildings, and there might be 2 much spells.
Im going to remove all the neutral buildings and the D-Webs.

I think that should do the trick.
Any thing else I should edit while I'm at it ?
Do you actually speak german?

Maybe you should not just use some online dictionary or something but look it up in Wikipedia or something.

But maybe I am wrong and you are in deed serious about that...
I dont speak GER I speak:
English, Spanish,French, Italian.

The title of my map I chose because I just had a WW2 exam, and I thought the term suited the map.
LOL im not racist if that's what u think.

modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Man I just said I wasn't, my best friend is Jew.
If u guys don't like the title i can change it, but I think its ok because, basically it says that the map "Gets u under control the way It wants you 2" and "bringing into line" In English "forcible coordination".

But if u really want because it ofends u il change it.

UP dates:

-Removed many of the neutral buildings(Bridges are now no longer blocked.

-Removed all the D-Webs.

What do u guys think about the double ramp tho?
Good, bad, and how do u think it will afect game play...
what is IMG?
don't you speak english?
O miss typing and Spanish confusion lol, I meant ING[Which is "Ingles" (In spanish)] English

modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Help! Help!
The map is gleichschalting me.
I know you are trying to make the path as big as you can but Terran would have more of an advantage because island is tankable, and there are very low resources.
back in the days everyone was a racist here.
I want to remind you guys of flothefuhrer !!!

(yeah i'm german -_-)
im a zerg and ive got problems.
Ok up dates:

-Got the deco going on, its still not 100% finished but there.Doodads ares still to come.

-Moved around a bit the minerals.

____------> Added a small ramp (Only small and some medium size units can go through) to the 3rd gas, this should solve your zerg problems sWaGu, decided to keep the min block in the 3rd gas(Players just have to mine it out it has 8)

Getting the drop tech wont be a bad idea tho because attacking those expos will be difficult.

Give me your thoughts...
Woot deco is here
The ramp at the used-to-be-island is interesting...
Looks like yellow and blue can get the second nat very easily considering that the mineral expansion is next to it but not for red and white.
SE & NW Minonlies protect 3rd gas ramps, NE & SE do not...
Also the gas is tankable so may not be such a good idea :P
trying to make the invinsible command center?
What do u mean trooper?
Do u mean that mas is terran favored?
If so how.

And il see what I can do about the ramps Freakling.

modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Ok doodads are up, perfected some of the deco and moved the 3rd gas's ramps as Freakling recommended.
I also deleted the min paches blocking the 3rd gas.

I have a question how do you put an image in a comment ??
what i ment by invinsible command center, is the dark swarm over the building your basicly safe without needing protection.
Well take into account that the expo is quite vulnerable, but u can do damage with melee units.
Swarmed min only's have been done be4.
Dark Swarm does not protect the command center but only the workers. Only terrain based miss effects apply to buildings.
O yes spells don't affect buildings forgot that 4 a sec lol
yeah i dont play zerg and my nexus doesent get dark swarmed all the time.
Can some 1 plz tell me how 2 put images on comments?
< img src= "link.html" > with no spaces, except for between 'img' and 'src'. If it's a large picture, include width='650' after the link but before the >.
swarms not needed at min onlies if ne thing i'd be so annoyed expoing at it

& the 2 ramps at main to hard to hold tvz or pvz if z 9 pools

modified by tktkvroom
Map looks a lot better than when I last saw it, but I'm concerned that the effect of those dark swarms over the min onlys will just be to make nonzerg never take it. Maybe protoss will take it pvt for kicks.
Thnx Nightmarjoo 4 the image help.

Tktkvroom look a bit closer man the normal sized ramp on the dual ramps of the mains, has a zerg neutral building blocking it.

And about the swarms will they make a huge disadvantage?
I thought swarmed min only's had been done be4 with success.

OK little up date, I had a better version of the map, and said what the hell.

UP dates:

-While playing map I found, that there was a choke that was way 2 small.
So I widened it.

-Fixed some ugly little titles

-Fixed some deco.

-Double checked all the sprites, and they all work fine.

I also gave serious thought to remove the swarm's from the min only's but, i couldn't do It I just like them so much.
Since the beginnings of the map I pictured some swarms in the map, including min only's.
let me know a good time for me & u to do some testing on it
dood i didnt catch ur new accnt on iccup i was in a game & couldn't concentrate lol
added obs for u :]
does this download not work for anyone else?
Yeah didn't work 4 me either but I re uploaded it and now it works.

Plz tell me if it now works 4 u 2,
got the map, thanks!

the observer version still links to the .jpg for me though.
That ones nice.. I would even use it as a second Python, if there wherent those swarms at the expos :D
This post is not displayed due to its content
dude mains are fine, you just have to consturct space, that is all

--Chopper]i[ vs Go.Sky[PaiN](1on1, 1.15)

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