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Last update for (2)The Chase : 2009, 07, 06 13:52
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3724 (2)The Chase 128*96aeoliant0.3betaground

The map has been rated 58 times and got a total of 15 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

pretty cool map
straight lines however dont work in jungle maps nor ne other tileset except space cuz they look ugly

the corner expos are layed our kinda weird
so with this map i was trying some different expo resource patterns. the corner gas is 7500 each. the middle min only are 3000 each. the backyard expo is reduced to 1000 min and 3000 gas. main and nat are normal.

the blocking minerals are 32 to the backyard.

i tested it, and the min only is NOT tankable from the backyard or both spots on the main.

i borrowed the tree sprite idea from "Trees of Ghelia" just to make the map a little more micro intensive. (and i think the "Ghelia" author also borrowed it)

one of my concerns is that it is too linear but maybe after a couple more games i'll know.

any feedback is appreciated.

(and yes tktk im still working on my deco skills)
modified by aeoliant
modified by aeoliant
You can't build a Comsat in the top right expo, and 7500 for gas? Do you mean 750?

Improved by the way.
modified by coV
righttt... addons. okay i'll fix that. and yeah 7500. i didn't think this base was easily defendable.
modified by aeoliant
anyone want to create a few replays? i'm aeoliant on iccup and USEast.

alright so after a couple games i changed/balanced somethings.

removed some doodads
added some doodads

changed corner expo layout and reduced one of the geysers to 750 (so now they are 750 and 7500)

reduced backyard blocks to 24 each.

the game is pretty balanced and im pretty happy how this turned out because all of the map elements get used in a game.
Is there anything those sprite forests DO, other than not letting one find one's units beneath it?
modified by Freakling
god imagine Tanks in the forest xD
thanks lastcurse that was extremely helpful.

and freaking to answer your question, the sprites:

1. hide the unit types. i.e im attacking and i see ten units in the field. is it ten zlots? ten goons? ten probes? that information helps.

2. makes it annoying to target click to kill those hts, defilers etc.

3. makes the unbuildable middle less boring (or at least different without making it imbalanced)
You said it yourself: It is annoying to have to click on units that you cannot see. And it can also be imballanced, for example if one cannot irradiate defilers or Lurkers because one cannot click on them...

Please, just remove them and do some good terrain deco instead.
you still CAN click them it just takes longer and it makes the middle more defendable. everyone will equally have a difficult time target clicking. like zerg with a muta harass or something. but if you've still got a problem with them that's alright i guess.
There are units that can just attack walk into battle and still do decently, there are units that need to be microed effectively and targeted manually (p.e. Reavers, aoe casters) and others that need to know where exactly certain targets are (p.e. Science Vessel) and are effectively useless if they cannot.

For example Zerg could hide Lurkers and Defilers in the forests and Terran could not counter it because he can neither focus fire tanks nor irradiate them effectively. And going into a forest and not knowing if there is a dark swarm beneath it, that you cannot see, is just bad...

And I do not think it helps MnM against Mutas that much. Once the Zerg player has a full group of mutas he does not need to manually klick Marines any more... Not being able to watch the MnM formation is as much a problem for the Terran as it si for the Zerg then.

If you think, that is alright...
thats nice freak, u just pointed out every aspect of why this is a strategically interesting part of the map. Now, why did this bother you?

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