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Last update for (2)Hazardous Cristal : 2010, 09, 30 22:43
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3753 (2)Hazardous Cristal 96*96ProTosS4EveR0.1betaground

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

what about this?

main minerals: 3000
other ones: 1000

main gas: 7500
nat gas: 3750
3rd and 4th gas: 1875

there is exactly the same amount of ressources with default minerals and gases
modified by ProTosS4EveR
hmmmm looks good, of coarse :]

but u have to let me know how the comstats work cuz obviously the main cant have one still & y is there a comstat at nat that can & cant fit on a cc??
im sure u know what ur doing i just wanna know how it works

maybe add something in the middle of nat to nat for units to have to move around like a pile of doodads or a few high dirt pieces so nat to nat isn't so boring/ez to go to

other than that looks good for a 96x96
comsat can be considerated as usual neutral buildings. And a comsat is built at the right of a CC so if i give a free comsat in the nat, at the west the comsat will make the choke tighter. In order to make positonal balance, i put a comsat at the left of the east CC. So i did with the comsat near the minerals.

It's only positional balance
maybe make lowground main, highground nat for more aggresive gameplay?
yea that might work, then maybe u could have a ramp going down from nat then up to the high ground area with little room inbetween the ramps that would be cool
also had a quick thought, when zerg makes hatch at nat they usualy put their sunk on the left or right side of hatch since the creep has just enough room for them there when being bunker rushed or 2 gated wont the comstats block that room
I really like it oO
Maybe the highground paths on the edges could be a little smaller/tighter though, with more room given to the middle.
Hm what about making the gas expos by the mains on the highground have horizontal formations and moving them away from the main a bit and adding a stacked 0-block mineral wall backdoor there to combat the map's linearity? Maybe stacked temples medusa style would be better than 0-blocks, but you could use the exact same temple + stacked 0-block mineral thing for hopping concept Medusa uses here.
And I'd give the min only gas, and move a block from the current min only to the main.

Your best map since Texsomething imo.
atm it's got my vote for motm9 (since testbug is winning 8).
ctrl+ F5 to refresh picture if it didn't change for you.
min only has gas, the 3rd gas hasn't gas anymore and moved it closed to the corner
made horizontal formation close to the edge for the 4th gas

marjoo, i don't understand the purpose of the temple here
hey should i remake this main concept in sc2 someday? :D
nice map :D
Interesting Idea with the addons.

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