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Last update for (2)Neo Goddess of Day : 2005, 12, 31 19:44
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
377 (2)Neo Goddess of Day 128*128RSCup.Spitfire1.7final

The map has been rated 82 times and got a total of 137 points


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Comments:   GMCS (8 elements)

looks nice, at some spots you might have overdone in doodads tho
Quite a good map

The doodads looks like the Joydom maps tho :P
blue's main base iss huugeee
doodads are nice :) The gasnodes at 1nats are only anoying. otherwise it looks solid!
Map was updated ^^;;;
Comment it plz
whats the changes
Main base's sizes were balanced, cuz Blue's main was much larger then Red's. Annoying vespene geysers on 1st expand were moved towards top(Red's) and bottom(Blue's) of the map. Added some water tileset exclusions near 1st expos, passage between center and 1st exp now is more wide than before.
Oops i've just rated my map by "0" :PP
looks nicer, but i dunno how the very hard to defend nats will affect balance
What i like:
- shape
- distances
- middle

What i dislike:
- the small second path to the expansion
- the overdoze of doodads (about half of them are more than enough)

What i wish:
- fever doodads (an easy must!)
- smallen the wall behind the middle expos

What the map is after the changes:
- just nice :)
looks very nice imo;)

I hope I get to play it to give more feedback;)
I like this doodad style ^^ Joydom's maps ownz :P
But the second path was widened, and 1st gas nat was moved towards the choke :)
Seems to be more balanced than before, thx for useful advices.
zvt... how the hell are you supposed to take your nat? they can shoot your miners from behind O_O

look good otherwise
And with those doodads in the mainbase, the building space is smaller and harder to use. You should really think about your doodad concept. I like the changes btw.
boongee & Listoric thx a lot, done ^^
Doodads on mains are really annoying.
And the shootable nat is horrible :S I haven't ever thought about this possibility :((
There are no excuses for me, a stupid mistake :(
** UpdateD **
It's better with these walls now. btw, do you really want to keep those temple walls behind the main? It looks good, no doubt, but i had something similar on other maps of mine, and discovered, that this is for Terran a good place to build depots and very worthy as a drop position, so you should think about deleting these walls.

Mabye you should also create a game and build 24 goons to see how the doodads affect unit movement, i really would delete more, playability > look (same behind the middle expansions, another blocked drop position)
Yes, good idea. I've just done that and doodads that made goons stubborn were deleted, other doodads are not affecting dragoon's movement.
Ok, i really like this map better every time i check your updates. Even if i think there are still to much doodads, this is the best version so far and just a really good map. Good job!
It's gonna be the first map, which was created with a bit of patience, not for 1 hour :)
Thx you all, i'm now testing bulding abilities and hidden attack possibilities. I want this map to be really good.
If you'll see something wrong, write here.
Top left and bottom right expos.... I don't like them, do you have an idea of editing them or moving somewhere.
Maybe it would be better if they were locationed on High Jungle on the same height with 3 and 9 expos?
Or it's better to move them behind the 1st gas nat's wall?
Hmm, i'd do both, make it an island expansion on high jungle and move it a bit towards the natural, about there where the hogh ground is atm. You have to change the position of the ramp then a bit. I draw it into the GMCS
-Top left and bottom right expos were moved on a position, showed in GMCS, and the ramps too.
-Some doodads blocking the way or making gameplay unfair (e.g. doodads behind mineral line, which gained units the possibility to shoot the workers and to be unreachable by ground attack units) were removed or replaced.
Mistake at triggers text: "This Lost Temle modification is made by...". Not "Temle" - rewrite Temple.

Map is normal, but... Minerl exp is too far :)
Great improvements :)
Just played it. Replay is not worth uploading, but I just saw the gas at top position is for four workers. Couldn't you move it to the left of the start-location? I want this map as motw, so there should not be such imbalances;)
Ok, done. ^^ btw, haven't you found out some disbalance? I think you should post a replay..

--- The main consists now from 9 mineral patches.
--- Vespene geysers were moved left or right of the start location.
You should change the gaspotition again, why?

Just look up that thread, really interesting:

The gas issue

Except that, the map really gets better every time, it's almost finished i'd say (if someone finds any flaws now ^^)
U wanted these changes?
I wanted balanced gas. I assumed you know what that meant. Follow Listoric's link and learn;)
Well I posted the replay, but it's really not good, at least it's short^^
ummm, i don't know how to balance gas on 3 and 9 o__O
if i make on 9 location top gas - maybe it will make passage a bit smaller...
if you want the gas balanced heres a suggestion:

Image Hosted by
thx for the sugguestion Aiurz, but you should not follow these ideas Spitfire.

The "Gas Issue" is: Starcraft is fucked up and so you only earn equal money if the geysirs are on top or on the left side of the headquarter. Anyway, you don't have to, (and sometimes can't) change every gasnod to a "good" position. And after the first minutes ingame, the difference is getting fewer and fewer. The "mainproblem" is the mineral difference in the first minutes.

So, the startpositions should be balanced right, that's most important, any other expansion may be set as you want to. I also try to make the first natural gasbalanced, but that isn't as important as the startpositions. As said, you don't have to care about any other expansion imo, because then the game is already so much evolved, that the players skill decides, who wins and who not.

You can win a game with same tactics and "wrong" gasnodes as well, but it's just to balance a map in detail, because some of the players out there who have no idea of mapmaking or never noticed the small difference will sent 3 workers no matter where the gasnode is, and we prevent that the game gets unequal in early stage.

Phew ^^
Ow, i haven'T really looked at the picture, sorry.
The sugguested changes are quite good actually o_O

Anyway, i would not change the minerals at the naturals, maybe move the lower natural a bit towards the mapedge because a tank could easily shoot at the gasnode and two minerals behind the wall, but only the gas on top position.

The sugguestions for 3 and 9 are good, i always dislike having a gasnode between the mineral line. but you don't have to set the gasnode into the middle of the path up or downwards. just place it next to the minerals. It's obvious that the gas lies differently and players might get the idea.

After i watched the replay of panschk (not worth watching normally) i found something.

The purple T tries to drop at the expansion, and almost can't because of, guess what, the huge amount of doodads below and beside the expansion. There is no real place to drop units so, and i feel sorry about the nagging, replace some more doodads on important places. As well as there is still a skeleton doodad near the bottom left ramp, so a protoss might not built a waprgate there, so that is really in the way, delete ALL doodads on the startpositions, especially near the ramp.

Despite from that, the map really looks nice ingame. GJ!
ummm done :)
i usually find that the expansions you have to worry the most about for the gas thing is the mains and the naturals, because those are the 2 most used expansions on the map. plus having gas on the bottom is really gay
True, especially now the upper gasnode should be positioned at the upper side of the expansion as AiurZ draw it, or, to keep the tankability of the geysir, excatly below the expansion. as it is now, it's diagonally below the HQ, so you'd need 4+ workers instead of 3+. If that is changed, the map should be ready to be the next MOTW.
Thx a lot, i edited the gasnodes :)
And the rep uploaded ^^
I win, but i can't say i was playing good :(( newbish..
Looks good, think it's finished so far :) GJ!
this map suck really hard
oO I've just played another game :)))
panschk, plz fix the image :O
SpitFire gosu map maker O_ o;;
Now I like it map, gw, SpitFire.
А плюмбум лол :D
Na plumbuma ne gnat 7x reshaet davay Spit pokaji etim scukam =)))))
Updated o____________O
I've added a walkable cliff over the gas nat. Imo it would be more interesting to play, it will provide many harrass-possibilities. O____________________O
Now you can shoot the wallin from the upper cliff with tanks as well as terran can defend his expansion with tanks on highground on lower position way better than on the upper one.

Think the changes aren't necessary and brought more imbalance as the map had before. The natural mineral placement is better now.

So, i don't really like the changes
Try to do smth new :)
"Listoric - Now you can shoot the wallin from the upper cliff with tanks as well as terran can defend his expansion with tanks on highground on lower position way better than on the upper one."

I was just going to write the same when i see the jpg. So will you fix that(look GMSC)? It's a recomended map. I've jsut start watching the maps, and downloading them.
Previous version restored.
It's better then two clifts. Good :D
This is a great map except red base natural has one more mineral than blue base's.;)
Ahahah :D
Red = 9
Blue = 9
9+1 = 9 ?!!
Or 9-1 = 9 ?
Something wrong with your eyes? ^_^
er, unless im hallucinating there are only 8 minerals at blue base expansion but 9 at red bases natural
just take a good look at it and count
it's 8 on both ;)
Yep it's 8 on both, i download the map and look at it with staredit.
Your Name
now it is 8. It used to be 9. I'll post a ss of what it used to look like at red base.

I kid you not, this is how it appears on the map I downloaded this morning, but now it seems edited.

Just trying to prove that I am NOT crazy. lol
that was me btw
Delete the GMCS they are fucked up^^

Why did you call it Neo now? 8[
Neo ~ New


--Panschk[FP] vs Test1101(1on1, 1.13)
--aRtOfTeRraN vs airtwist(1on1, 1.13)
--aRtOfTeRraN vs hYdro_gamer(1on1, 1.13)
--SisterSadie vs SpacePirate(1on1, 1.13)
--SisterSadie vs CoL_DuGalLe(1on1, 1.13)
--LaO-Artanis vs iG.Arcneon(1on1, 1.13)
--xOr.GaNg[FP] vs oG)Zoxxer(1on1, 1.13)

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