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Last update for (4)Broken Wings : 2010, 07, 02 01:13
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3816 (4)Broken Wings 128*128sTY_leZerG-eX & TkTkVrooM4.0finalground

The map has been rated 112 times and got a total of 443 points


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Comments:   GMCS (35 elements)

Me & my French Italian American Spanish Mexican buddy Lezerg got together & decided to make a map.....nuff said ;]
I shit my pants. Srsly.
OMG...this map is excellent, you guys should work together all the time :P
Some very small things I dislike, the mineral lines in main (sorry I'm perfectionist...sort of)
Also the natural to natural, easy to defend for Terran and too close.

Design and deco is outstanding.
modified by coV
Ok guys so here is our new map, I personally wanted to post this much sooner, so that u could see the actual process of the map, but Tk wanted to do leave it 2 the end and be a surprise.Which turned out to B a good idea.

So, couldn't have done this without Tk i must say cheers 2 him, our brains really mixed pretty good in this map IMO, so what we basically wanted 2 do is make a map together because he liked my maps and i liked hes maps.
We wanted to do a rotational symmetric jungle map with a nice big middle, best deco we could do, and add some flavor 2 it.I'm happy 2 say, hell! very happy 2 announced that we succeeded.

About the map:

-Well map speaks 4 its self IMO but what u must know is...

-There R 5 stacked neutral buildings.

-And that it was a bitch 2 fit this idea in2 a map, with all the conditions it needed 2 have.

-Oh and i dont know why but there is no path issue on this map main2main, it has beed tested lol i dono why but its like that.

And yeah hope u enjoy.

modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
what lezerg is saying is we had hot dirty sex & this is the baby we birthed :]
please rename this map hot dirty sex. id tap that.
i think... wait... wait

yea I ejaculated
congratulations for reaching sprite limit, please think about goliath's missile sprites, dragoon's white ball sprite and i don't dare to speak about valks... :(

change the pale blue color because there are kakarus on the map

blue and red are tankable

well, i must say i never thought how a map would look like if tk and lezerg mixed their deco. i really hope for you it looks nice ingame because its not very nice on the pic :/
only noobs dont change color in game to teal/red &
we've tested the mains tankability & we fixed it

deco looks amazing in game & i can't say ive seen a better looking pic :/
modified by tktkvroom
VrooM for president !! <3
modified by LasTCursE
lezerg for first lady xD
Well, terrain is cute (trees in the water Oo).

Check out GMCs, though. There are quite some issues.
wow ur really good at spotting these things spines :D thanks for letting me know fixed them right away & i found some other tank holes so i fixed those too

<3 :]
ProTosS4EveR was right in 1 thing, unfortunately Iv just re cheacked reds and blues tankability to be safe and...
They R tankable.

Well need 2 fix that TK, as 4 the deco it looks not only good but fantastic in game.

I'm not sure about sprite issue tho.
k i moved it back to where it shouldn't be tankable, ill show u when u get on aim then we'll upload with mains non tankable & nats non tankable & the ling hole closed
Well, the tank holes were pretty obvious - plain rocky ground tiles are fully walkable, so obviously you can drop a tank there which is exactly 1 tile in size.

The Zergling gap... dunno, I just spotted it accidentially ;)
Also, I've been doing tons of extended terrain myself, so I know what to look out for.
ha :P well ur really good at it, i have the update ready to upload as soon as i catch lezerg on aim again so he can make another pic
Tk I cant up load that version its still tankable!!

I re tested il show u later where that tank hole is.
The middle sucks, but otherwise map seems ok. If you like playing Medusa you should enjoy playing the map, if you hate Medusa you won't want to ever play the map.

Seriously the middle is fucking bad ._.

The nats might need slight edits, but I don't feel like looking into them.
What is wrong with the middle how should we fix?

And how can u say this is medusa?

There are some similarities such as neutral building blocking ramp, but other than that i think its totally different, this map was in no way inspired in medusa.

The high dirt path way leads 2 ur nat not ur main, of course u can do a run by 2 main but, as i said totally different, (medusas path lets u snipe on the mains workers from the high dirt, in this map ul have 2 get 2 the low ground if u want 2 damage the main, true that u can harass the nat a bit, but not with as much success than in medusa) and opening this back dor wont do nearly as much damage as it would in medusa.

-Medusa has path issue main 2 main this 1 does not.

I think players could in certain situation open there own path 2 reinforce the base faster, something that players would never do in medusa.

Or maybe if they face a very heavy contain in the nat bridge, open up the back door and get a nice flank or counter, again un like medusa.
I think he means that the top of the middle is not equal to the bottom.
dont hate ;]
I have to correct one thing, lezerg: players DO kill their own temples to help defending their main. I mostly saw that in tvt so far, but could also apply to pvt if the terran is dropping a lot, and pvz against zerg drops. Mostly in situations where you control the middle.

I don't think that this map will be played similar to medusa either, but I also guess that people will indeed think it is similar to it at first glance. So a medusa-hater might hate the map just because there is a backdoor path even without thinking about gameplay.
damn haters >.<;;
the concept doesnt really work cause a mech terran or tvp can push to 3rd then push up and destroy main base without entering middle once

looks like u can tank the main minerals from 3rd also

anyhow good deco on a map that doesnt work~~
That only applies for terran counterclockwise next to his enemy. And even then he'd still have to move along that loooong path which should give the opponent some time to act. Stopping the push seems kind of impossible in that situation, though.

Not saying this is definately balanced, but I wouldn't be too sure about imbalances either.
MorroW also take in2 account that the path is unbuildable, so that should help.

I think playing the map will do the trick, this way we will know 4 sure if map is or isn't playable.

And its not like if its LT all over again, there are many counters a player could do in the situation u describe.

And about the 2 tankable mains, yes ur right, we R working on an up date.

Tk and I will try 2 get as many replay as possible.
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
found like a vision hole at 3 o clock. not sure if that was intended. i gmcs'd it
modified by aeoliant
hes talking about tanking main minerals from the 3rd gas area, i had a t try this vs me & said in game "damn my tank cant reach ur minerals from here"
so yea lol

but yea sorry lezerg ive already played alot of games on our map without saving reps, i just wanna make sure we find lil bugs & shit 1st

& i can only see a T pushing up that skinny unbuildable path to be very hard seeing as how tight it is.....seigeing in that tight area would be suicide, you'd have to go pure tank golie cuz ne mines up there would fuck ur whole army with 1 zeal drop

but yea map isn't perfect yet i know we are still working out the kinks & getting alot of good games in
Tk man im telling u reds and blues mains R tankable from the min only.
Test it urself if u dont belive me.
And i havent up loaded the new version u gave me because it is tankable :(
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
yea i know they are morrow was saying the main minerals are tankable from the gas expo & im saying they aren't cuz i tested them

u needa get on aim so we can do more work ;;
keep the version i gave u cuz it has all the tank holes in it fixed
Ok guys i showed Tk the tankability, I'm sorry 2 say that we even found more than the 1s i had seen.

But we R fixing everything ;)
tanks have vaginas & saggy titties
well the distances nat to nat are just so ridiculously short that a 6fac would win against a toss anyhow.

sorry but this map is extreamly imbalanced, u guys might love mapmaking but ppl wont love ur maps unless u become great 1v1 gamers before starting to mapmake

it looks v neat tho, i want to say its balanced but i have to be honest with u :[
well idk my friends on iccup are all C, C- im C- myself & lezerg is a high D+ & ur just judging the picture cuz the distance happens to be really good ive already seen a C player Terran vs C player Toss play & the tosh ended up pushin him back after the terran took his gas & min only

Lol distance imbalanced??
Id say jealous, lemme explain why the distance is perfect, here il let u know a little secret this maps distance is almost exactly the same distance as Holly World.

Yes I unprotected the map 2 have a closer view of it, to help me with my rotation symmetry, my main 2 main distance, and to help me not make the middle 2 tight.
Yes of course i then did lil fixes to make it soot the idea, among other things, but plz lol go tell the Koreans they R not good gamers.

P.S. Oh and off topic i heard ur getting pretty famous, and that ur a good player somewhere from Europe and that ur T vs P was rather turtulish instead of + harass heavy.
Up Date:

-All problems from gmcs SOLVED!

-All gay possible tanks , are no +

turtle turtle :]

got some reps just a few for now, me & lezerg will rape eachother on our map soon though :]
modified by tktkvroom
gunna do mass games today on map :D
dont be gay, help me out :] iccup: Chopper]i[
Up date:

-Fixed the nats (Lings can bo from behind all nats now)
Do sprites cover the units under them from ranged attacks by some percentage, or is that a doodad quality only?
well u can choose to trust me or not, but i doubt u have any idea how much my advice will help u with ur map

the main bases are too small btw. u need to remove the cliffs between the main and the water outside it between the natural bridge and min-only

u should also move the backdoor cliffs up to the edge of the map so u can enlarge main bases

the mineral lines are bad

and just for the record if ur gonna test a map, u will need tons of games with progamers else its most likely going to be really bad testing. so when foreign mappers make maps the best way is just to think in theory, and i know for sure what im talking about

just the fact that u havent relised 2 of the mains are tankable from the cliff while the other 2 arent just tells me of what kind of level u know this game, or study ur map (now i could be wrong i didnt actually test this but it sure looks like its tankable like that, sry for my laziness. just pointing out u should go test this xd)
modified by MorroW
Do what morrow says, enlarge mains etc
oh fuck! DAMN! i dont have progammers to test my map!!! fuck man im screwed!!

.......jk i have jaedong, bisu, & hwasins numbers ima hit them up right now & get a few test on them
Tk dude wtf u changed the mains mins??

I thiught we had alredy found a perfect placment??

And there no gay tanks(Tested and all), why move them then??

I just noticed this we had alreddy tried this way...
hey tktk sorry i had to dip during our game my entire extended family was banging on the door asking for food.
dood wtf rofl rofl i thought u changed them T_T omg idk how it got that way
plz tell me u have the fixed version still
Shit I dont il re fix all some time soon.

Or if we R lucky u may have it in ur download folder map in sc cheack plz.
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
post this on teamliquid
LOL someone edited your map and changed your mineral lines?
idk if they did ill butt fuck them till their ass rips & they get aids
No Tk I opened this version, and its the version u did and gave me.
Then i fixed it and we got the new version we had.

We did get 2 play on the newest version so go 2 the folder where maps u dl in go and look for our map
its the same exact name it would have been over written
No man buble cheack, i looked over mine and found an even loder version.
Just open the and try, if u do and u still cant fined...

Il re do it no wories.
Don't you guys have some sort of IM for this sort of stuff?
i can fix this map in october, but i'll need MorroW to be free.

MorroW can fix the map by himself, but he doesn't have time for a map that will probably never been played.
k thanks for ur help testbug, ur awesome man
oh btw p4ever sprites are fine just watched a tvz mech mass mutas vs golie valk......valks are fine kthnx
i tried to dig into the problems that i mentioned and how they could be solved

only problem is if u do what i say ull end up with a really awkward main base with a stupid and unsymmetrical shape of the main bases. things like main bases should be designed before u take so much effort into decorating a map such good as this :(

altho my mapping skills has never been the best, and i didnt put too much effort into it

id suggest u guys to take this experience as a lesson and move on making a new map, i think u both are capable of coming up with a new or similar concept, maybe even same but i think this map is pretty much dead effort in my eyes :/

and yea testbug ur correct i dont have motivation to make maps myself anymore but i love helping other ppl and pointing out issues xd
Very, very sexy map, but it seems so tight. 4/5 cause of the very sexy deco. GJ :)
Maybe a little tight but it doesn't look too bad.
hey sty i found the fixed mains so ima work on that just try to get on aim sooooon
Ok we have the good Up Date 1c again!!!

October so far away :(

But "I'm so exited "
k yea tanks can't reach main minerals ne more
getting mass reps to look for ne more probs
the mew min line placement makes main room too small. whats the point of having all those cliffs inside main when the minline is moved all the way to the middle? to fix it: either get rid of the cliffs or move the min lines
Dude u dono what u R saying.
OMG these people are just making me laugh so much.
Looks good now, looks free from Terran tanks.
coV, they are what u would call haters

modified by tktkvroom
I tested the map and you can still tank purple's minerals.
From where?
And how many min paches R tankable?
Is red tankable 2?
At least I took the time to say something about your map.

I meant the maine min lines. And I'm not hating; I think it's a nice map with good, creative deco. I'm just commenting on what I think can be improved, as any user here should. If you didn't want any constructive criticism you should have written "We think we are superior mappers, so there is no need to post your useless comments and suggestions" in your first post.
Lol man its just that u suggested 2 take away the spice of the map in order 2 have bigger mains.

Which in actual game the mains R quite nice.
I have seen many pro maps that have smaller bases.
The map if we did what u suggested would turn boring and un special, just a average rotational symmetrical map.

And we cant really make the mains tankable, not even from the cliffs, because that would give 2 much power 4 terrans.
Think about it people even in this stage complain about terrans having a possible advantage.
It's reasonable to say "it's part of the concept of the map". You don't have to be cliquey douche bags and condescend to people who have taken the time to talk to you about your map. This isn't highschool, it's a starcraft website.
It's certainly funnier than high school LOL
I went on SP on SC and purple's minerals can be tank, you can put a tank behind purple's minonly expansion. I tried to GMC it but it went retarded.
Kk il fix
dont u guys realize that its impossible to be toss or terran later game because the main bases are so small and annoying? :S

i guess u will just ignore that part since how pretty the map looks ~~
Ok Cov i triple checked the tankability in the map and i couldn't fined a single tankable min pach, any chance u can get me a replay 2 show me where exactly?

And id like 2 tell u guys that I'm very disappointed in the new pro maps there is only 3 i like and even then I think they can do better.I think the previous pro map where way better.Such as God's Garden, Heartbreak Ridge, Harmony, Holy World, among 100 others.

Lol i even think that this map is better than many of the new pro maps.
ive maxed on this map already morrow, it might neeed a lil more room but not alot, i can fit alot of gates in my mains
plus when u take another main for an expo u have that main to add gates to
Okay I added replay.
Lol coV u used "show me the money", and that gets the replay buged so u cant see a thing.
Oh really...I was lazy to play it all the way...I'll try it later.
Ever since when do replays bug beacause of cheats if you watch them in Single Player?
Lol...okay I tried it again with no cheats on SP.

Thnx coV very cool of U.

TK my man DL this new version, in case u ever wana up date

modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
post this friggen map at Iccup and tlnet por favor
Yeah we will if u tell us how :)
they don't want to fix anything because they decorated the map before they got feedback. delete some of the back cliffs to open mains you weiners.
Mains are too small because the start locations and mins/gas take up half the already small space.
hey like morrow said only pros can test a map so im sure a pro could fit enuff in these mains, come on guys
hey like morrow said only pros can test a map so im sure a pro could fit enuff in these mains, come on guys
Nasty or Marjoo, whoever usually does our ICCUP/TL relations, go push this map ;O
Or you could fix it for the people who aren't pros? How hard is it to extend them toward the corners of the map? You have water back there so you have the space to do it.

Or is it because you already deco'd the whole map while in beta and don't want to change anything now?
Dude true we posted map with deco and all, but the map was made and tested long be4 posted (Actually me and Tk have done another map, and like be4 wont be posted just yet)

The bases r good size, have u opened map with sc yet?
As i was saying the sizes R good, the biggest in the world maybe not, but there are pro maps out there that have similar or even smaller bases than these.

Believe me its not a problem of being lazy.

modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
If you guys want, I can try and get this map into the sc2gg star cup for round 2. Otherwise, I'm going to ask for Yellow since I'm comfortable playing on it.
Yeah man that B awesome go 4 it!
Could you please write properly? It's not like you save a lot of time with things like "B".

It doesn't make you look cool either, it just makes it seem as if the site was full of wannabe cool kiddies.
I don't care if you shorten a word every now and then, especially if it saves a lot of time, but they way you do it is too much.

(remeber, I said "please". I am asking you nicely, no need to get angry in case you planned to do that)
ya man dat would B gr8 kthnx dood
lol tk, and spines im not mad man w/e
i was just jokin :]
this map is in the BW forum at post something in it to bring it back to the top into discussion.
The map is getting a lot of flak (I am too) in the Star Cup. There have been no games on it yet but people seem to be hating on it because it's not on iccup, which I find to be stupid. One complaint,

"Their are actually a ton of problems with that map. If you don't spawn diagnal from a terran you pretty much lose to a slow creep, and the top left and bottom right bases have resources interfere with the main-to-nat movement."

If you guys have any responses or stuff, I can relay them over to the thread on sc2gg.
A few playthroughs later, we found some other problems that are definite.

The mains ARE too small. Terran can't' comfortably fit everything in there. A suggestion would be to thin out the outside edge paths and extend that way. The mains may have enough room to fit everything in, but since the Star Cup is a casual league, most people won't be putting their buildings in exact locations so that they have room to make other stuff later on.

The middle is pretty tight. You might want to reduce the centre stuff a bit.

The distance from the nat to the third is a bit short. Here, if Terran spawns counter-clockwise from the Protoss, he can push up to the 3rd then up through the cliff to the nat. Reducing the cliff size will once again help.

Min-only bases look a little vulnurable.

If these problems can't be fixed, we'll using Yellow instead.

I think I can succeed in making the middle bit larger by reducing the middle high dirt.
About the mains I think I can squeeze in a few cm's but very few like this:

Is that good enough?

And how 2 fix min only's vulnerability?

Or how 2 fix the closeness of the 3rd gas?

Can that B fixed??
Suggestions plz
I do however have a comment about the 3rd gas nearness and the vulnerable min only's:

Its true that the 3rd gas is close but its a pretty big ramp that u have 2 defend, also it has a back door, and lastly there R pro mas with this type of close 3rd gas :)

The min only's are vulnerable, not to mention tankable from the mains, but they R just there so that a player with middle control can take them.There for increase the value of the control over the middle.

Also have a suggestion (Although I'm not a fan of it)
make the mains minerals cliffable from the high dirt.
Just putting it out there, but this would change a lot in the map and make the value of the back door duplicate :(
Interesting map, you can see a lot of work went into it. However, that expo right behind the main base makes it very vulnerable against a terran. A horizontal/vertical match with terran may be a problem. If terran is say purple and toss blue and terran gains access to the expo behind blue's base (terran's third gas) with a tank push that may be too much for toss.
Could the edits be done ASAP? We need it pretty quickly, like in two days.

Edit: Sorry guys, we were forced to use Yellow to meet the deadlines.
modified by neobowman

..And even sexier deco, just played this map and its very nice.
modified by Kinosjourney
thanks man
much appreciated :]
Like the deco.
Because of the lack of action lately in the site I have decided to show an idea I have.

I personally really like my map B.W. I think its really well done, the concept if very nice and its a true work of art, but, In not happy with it game-play wise.

After reeding ur comment Marjjo and playing Broken wings a couple of times I have had a feeling that there is something missing and I just had a brain wave while looking at the map and here it is:

The idea is to remove the min only's where they are at the moment and put them where I showed in the pics.

That way u encourage + the use of that area of the map, because IMO that is the area that makes this map special. And I think this might ad the flavor that map is lacking atm.
Also I noted in the comment of the MOTM section that map is not "Perfected" so If u have any other suggestions this woukd be a great time.

What u say?
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
I'd say they will be more offently taken by players and it's a good idea :) DO IT! :)
modified by LasTCursE
would it be a minonly?
Yeah it would Swagu.

So I believe thats a yes, and a get 2 it sty, nice idea?

I love, love and love the idea of putting the mineral onlies back there. But don't remove the mineral onlies from the middle, i like them aswell.

This whole map is a godly work of art :)
Not really, it could be better.

It's obviously not a bad map at all, though.
modified by JungleTerrain
Well lol I'm planning on updating it so whats it missing ?
aren't you gunna add that expo in the back?
What JungleTerrain said, we want expoes in the back! :)

The map is really nice, i can't think of any way that the map can be improved.


--Raving(ecstasy vs O.oSins(1on1, 1.15)
--Raving(ecstasy vs X-KyO(1on1, 1.15)
--Raving(ecstasy vs X-Jaunt(1on1, 1.15)
--Raving(ecstasy vs ihatewinning(1on1, 1.15)
--Chopper]i[ vs Sky.Orange(OD)(1on1, 1.15)
--Chopper]i[ vs raving(ecstasy(1on1, 1.15)
--Ihatewinning vs FruityPebbles(1on1, 1.15)
--Raving(ecstasy vs iajtls(1on1, 1.15)
--Sky.Orange(OD) vs Chopper]i[(1on1, 1.15)
--Chopper]i[ vs Spider-Waffle(1on1, 1.15)
--Chopper]i[ vs Neo[Zenith](1on1, 1.15)

Upload replay for this map
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