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Last update for (2)Applicable : 2009, 09, 03 01:34
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3831 (2)Applicable 128*128larjarse0.3betaground

The map has been rated 43 times and got a total of 15 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

backdoor has one 8min block and two stacked 0's
Going to be hard to FE on PVZ, lings/lots will have two routes to enter main.
1 zeal to block backdoor, if it gets open, 2 for main choke.
Yeah but if zerg was rushing while protoss fe with the minerals being mined, then then zerglings will be harassing and killing probes, and if the minerals aren't mined zerg has a choice of harassing either the nexus from nat or from main.

Plus you got tank holes.

I'm suggesting that you should kind of make the expos like outsider where the minonly can be blocking you natural but only if you want to.
modified by coV
Short distance and sadly impossible for zerg to survive, put the ramp near the nat instead.
I'll fix tank holes and other small issues like that later. I will mess around with minonly blocking choke of nat, I like that idea. The current setup would have any toss player truely fucked with a FE build against zergling harass.

To widen distance a little, do you think I should close middle temple? Because start location distance isnt too bad, just choke.

Before I go hacking away at this map, I would like expo positioning and pathing to be talked about.
The corner (1,7) will be easy to secure IMO, rest looks okay, should fix mineral lines.
The distance looks to close, Terran would be pushing so make distance longer.
Path can be a bit bigger in middle by removing some temples.

So right now looks as of T>
so far I have moved ramp closer to natural to widen choke2choke distance. I will change direction in temple in middle, reposition minonlys, and open choke for 1&7.

Anything else? besides fixing tank holes and dirt/deco around back of mains (because it's ugly as hell right now)
I suggest you should make the corner (1,7) minonly.
changed middle, minonlys, repositioned choke, made backdoor 34 mins, fixed tankholes (I checked), opened back expansion, opened tighter paths.

added "biodome" looking doodad sprites in middle. these can hide a few small units from vision, but they can be selected and appear on minimap. What do you think abou that?

added some deco, not final at all though.
modified by larjarse
-bump- after commenting on 1000 proleague maps
ey I updated this map, it should be commented on.
I guess this map is 100% flawless
You can't FE on this map.
is that because nat choke is too wide?

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