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Last update for (4)Passion : 2022, 07, 05 20:08
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3864 (4)Passion 128*128sTY_leZerG-eX1.6finalground

The map has been rated 68 times and got a total of 110 points


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Comments:   GMCS (8 elements)

Every expansion is tankable -_-...
i think it lacks of symmetry

the concept in general seems fairly ok but uve wasted space around the corners leaving the rest of the map to be quite tight
my bridges (sun) xD i bet on TkT for this one :d
if this map was more symmetrical in every aspect, I think it would make the concept much stronger.

It's kind of unfair that zerg can own the middle with sunkens or spores and push like terran, while terran will have to kill those sunkens, wait, then place turrets.

White's gas looks like the only one tankable, and if it's not, it's too protected from ground units compaired to other mains.

I do think this map has potential to be a playable, balanced map.
interesting yet restrictive. I think the mains should be reshaped so the nats can be set in a better place. Bases that are adjacent to each other are very limited in options.

Cool bridges
modified by razt
Ok here this is my MAP!

-Yes neobowman IK all is cliffable, but that was the idea, every expo including ur main is hard 2 hold.

-Good call P4ever how did u know :) ??

-Morrow ok fixed some the things u said, its very symmetrical now.I fixed mostly red's and white's mains, also I opened the corridors quite a bit +, map has a very big middle and flanking opportunities.

-LastCurse, lol u oploaded those bridges in, I wanted 2 do a Ash man, and I thought why not use those cool bridges in a map :)

-larjarse, I dono how u can say its not symmetrical, because its rotational symmetry.Fixed some of it any way.I dont think that its unfair 4 terran because THEY CAN TANK EVERY EXPO!! and without that creep zergs would loose so bad in every mach up on this map (Think about a 2 rax M&M vs a 12 hach, think about speed lots and how far the 3rd base is 4 zerg, or that they have clear the neutral building 2 take there min only)

-Nasty, fixed mains a bit as I mentioned B4, but let me tell u It took me like 4 map 100% reDo's to fit this concept with R.S. If u have a better way to place nats, mains ... feel free 2 show me because I think i did almost the best I could ;)
What u mean "Bases that are adjacent to each other are very limited in options." ??

modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
What happened to your other map Artificial?
OMG,all expanses are tankable;Mains!Mains as well!!!Was this intention?Because you succeed it by all means.Are you making melee maps at all??

Ik that all bases are tankable man, but personally i would call them cliff-able :)
(Toss: they can put goons there,storm the min lines, or destroy the spore colony and canon u up, Zerg: They can put lurkers, and see that creep?? they can put sunkens up there and harass the min lines 2, Terran: we all know what they can do, we just have to watch a LT game.)

And of course it was intentional, the hole concept of the map is to make the game play AMAP un-macro heavy (Of course once that the early and mid game end players will have to macro up), part of the idea is that u have to be very aggressive here, and it will pay off.So the type of game play that will happen in this map would be very micro orientated, I just wanted to give something out of the ordinary, and make players use there brains in a different way.

And yes I do do melee maps, u can click at my name and u can see all the maps that I have done.

This post is not displayed due to its content
Oh I didn't see this map before, I like it. Gas issue though.

Better make sure those doodad chokes aren't at all buggy.

Should remove the creep on the islands imo.
Glad you like it, I actually have an updated version, but haven't posted it because doodads are not finished. Where is there gas issue ? I thought I was very careful.


Map is meant for 2 VS 2 !!!
SW NW mains

lol you never said anywhere else in thread that it was a 2v2 map. Seems ok to me as a 1v1 map provided you assume players will be avoiding FE builds to some extent.
Up loaded a replay, turns out that map is actually fun as hell!!

And I was pretty surprised on the concept of balance on this map.
[The replay is not played on this version of the map, its in an update for it(still beta tho)]
Msg me on iccup if you want to try it. I'm either neobowman or MCSheep there. When not in game, I usually in channel op sc2gg. Actually, that goes for any map you want to test.
So I have decided to start editing and finishing my semi old maps!
So here is me firs!
Up Date:
Final Version (I think)

First off, the minerals in mains have changed, after playing the map a good number of times, one realizes that 9 min patches was just not nearly enough because expanding is super risky due to the fact that holding any expo on the map (including ur main) Is a real challenge. So now there are 11 min patches (One of which is reduced to 749) to replace the old 9 min patches.
Some ling holes, pathing issues and bugs have been fixed.
All neutral buildings have been tested and they work, ling tight.
Finally deco is totally finished as well as the doodad placement.
Oww and Ultras cant fit through the doodad/choke in your mains entrance.. so if you play zerg, you will want to keep that in mined.
I would like some weak building to hinder the backway into nat, like a cannon or missle turret. O.o It would let Defending it easier.
its beautiful. so many beautiful maps on this site

--qwerty123456 vs G_oUsT[aK](1on1, 1.15)
--KHoPeSDrEaM vs G_oUsT[aK](1on1, 1.15)

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