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Last update for (2)Serpent Sickness : 2020, 04, 20 16:04
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3885 (2)Serpent Sickness 96*128Excalibur0.6betaground

The map has been rated 45 times and got a total of 28 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Concept: More you expand, more harassable the expansion becomes.

Cool backdoor too, you can wall it with a couple pylons or a rax, but then you lose easy access to your 3rd.

Deco isn't done.
Can't say much, not a real expert like the others. but WOW i like this map

its pretty
the unbuildable high ground, well done
the layout and walkaround the nat for entry is nice

layout is simple, you keep good overview :_)

this is nice

Very nice man, i really really like it!
I like the positioning of the mains, and the concept.
But i think that the mineral and gas placement in every expo except the main suck's :(
Also plz add the best deco possible here I like it a lot, and post it 4 MOTM IMO its really good as i said B4.

But I have a cuple of suggestions:

As u can see I recommend 1 more expo at 1 o'clock and 7 o'clock, 3 bridges, and make it tankable with Temple.

Now in the top left I show u another idea, shift the positioning of the min lines, and again make it tankable but with a high temple this time.

If u do this id be in total love with the map (If u get some nice deco to it)

Plz consider my proposition :)
Updated, deco still to be done.
Nice I can see your using backdoor more often. But the 2nd natural seems to safe since it's right next to the first nat. Also middle seems tight.
The middle seems really tight. Imo, TvPs on this map would be characterized by strong terran pushes from the player's highground to his opponent's highground, but in this scenario I'm ignoring the side paths and other routes, along with harrassebility(<--- lol invented word), so idk for sure.
Seems like terran doesn't have to worry about the backdoor too much, the way around the back of the expo seems kind of long, and terran can therefore obtain and hold their third expo pretty easily.

I would personally chip away some highground from the edges of those middle platforms to make more room in the middle, but that's just me.
Very stylish and cool, I like it. However, it seems a bit tight and may favor terran.
Got a plan to replace the high ground.
I like it so far man GJ

modified by Excalibur
Looks like a terrible map from the thumbnail for some reason I can't fathom. Looks nice, though third and fourth gases look too easy to take as Zerg. You might have a Tears of the Moon problem where it's impossible to take nat early. Might want to compensate for these problems. One suggestion is making the natural either extremely low gas like in Asgard (it was 1000 on Asgard) or have no natural gas at all. The third base is close enough to take if a Protoss FEs, but not close enough if the Protoss goes 1 base.

Edit: That new edit looks really boring imo.
modified by neobowman
Na i dont like it :(

Maybe just use a smaller ridge?
Current idea:
Shorten Ridge
Remove Nat Gas
Give main 7500 gas.

i like this a lot
Those ideas are fine with me.
Why give mains 7500, that won't favor zerg.
bridge > high ground in both looks and balance
Gas removed from nat
Bridge replaces ridge.
New middle
-You may notice a lot of those round pillars. I made it so there is a Blue Storm like path that runs right through the mid, making any large push have to take the curved side routes over the face doodads in the ruins.
too many trees make middle tight
1 of my 4 possible submissions to STPL map competition. Would love feedback from anyone on things to improve before sending it in.
A fundamental problem you are running into is that your choice of symmetry clashes with your choice of map size – Having mains in mid-edge positions already restricts the centre, and chosing a narrow 96×128 format for the map only exacerbates this. Ideally you'd want the mains to be on the long axis of the map, so a 128×whatever-you-fancy-format would be more suitable.
I am not a fan of simple open, singular, mostly featureless centre designs for 2 spawn maps in general. Think about your main axes of movement and subdivide the map into different, distinct pathways accordingly with choke widths and high grounds to offer room for strategic positioning.
The main-mineral-only-kinda-natural layout seems overly elaborate and not very reasonable to defend. My quick idea would be do make something more Uzi-Sara-like, but with a mineral only on the interesecting low ground and a backdoor to the high ground natural (I hope you get what I mean 0_o). Generally a quick forward mineral only setup like this would be interesting in the current 2-Hatch-Muta-centric ZvT meta, but you might want to consider allowing Zerg to 2-Hatch nonetheless (i.e. add neutral Creep on the low ground in some way – one idea I am currently experimenting with is having a Creep Colony walled of by a mineral patch in some nook of the cliff that only spreads the Creep if the mineral is mined out. You need to place the minerals as unit sprites though, and sprite order is crucial, so it's hard to get the correct setup).
You should also consider fitting in another expansion to allow for longer macro games.
modified by Freakling

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