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Last update for (2)Eightfold Path : 2009, 11, 08 20:35
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3911 (2)Eightfold Path 96*128numbness0.5betaground

The map has been rated 49 times and got a total of 26 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

alright newest map, back door into min only has 10 0 minerals on it there is small b storm choke near the middle ridge for faster scouting and small unit tactics. Sorta a 2 player Geo.
looks complicated, but i gtg sleep Goo nite
it would be fine if only there won't be tanks in starcraft
i dont know if its the pic but the main seems kinda small

I actually really like this map, well I really like some things, such as:

-The middle TOTALLY AWESOME!! I love this type of ridges and semi-ridges, reminds me of a map I love (2)Peaks of bekudu (or something like that)

-Also the B choke GREAT stuff!

-And finally the concept

I see lots of potential in the map man u should work on it +.Now there are also things that I don't like, but they all should be reasonable easy changes:

-First of all the min block in the bridge, it is very ugly, and sry but it looks like shit ;) but I do however think that the min block is a good idea but just not in that place, i suggest u put it on the ramp.

-Secondly, the mains in fact are 2 small (Maybe not for a zerg but terran and toss need + room) I think they need to be reshaped.

-Also I think that when ur done, plz do the best job u can with the deco of the map, this way much + people will like it and u might even convince us of actually playing the map.

-Now do u see the center ridge? That is basically the center of control, IT IS WAY TO TIGHT!! imagine if a terran puts there tanks up there OP! and they can even build turrets there (I think u should make it un-buildable, so make that ridge much bigger, I also have one more recommendation, if u make the ridge bigger u will have a problem with placing the ramps, thats why I recommend u to use 60 or + degree ramps.

-I also dislike the mineral placements on the map, plz make them better looking.

-Finally (So far, fix what I tell u and then il give u even + feed back) There is one more very wrong thing with the map, and that Is the way the bases are arranged, the main, nat and min only are ok, but the 3rd gas and so on are really bad.Fined better placements to place them.Also map looks terran favored (Because of the way the expos can so easily be split in half) what I mean by that is " My side, ur side " And as u probably know zerg and toss need 1 + base to keep up with the terran, so make the job easyR 4 them and give them a base that they can steal from the terran.

Now re reed what I have wrote 4 u, and fic this nice map!

i do agree with you but where would i put the other expantions?

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