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Last update for (3)Love Song V.1.05 : 2010, 01, 13 02:56
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3910 (3)Love Song V.1.05 128*128Relaxer1.2finalground

The map has been rated 54 times and got a total of 66 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hello,I'm join this site yesterday

So, Please download this map and see it

Using the SCM Draft2

and this Map's Classification is

[Hill Land] [open plains] [war]

I'm Korean so there are many grammatical mistake

Finally,You enjoy the playing this map.

thank you, and please give your opinion

modified by Relaxer
And I have a mistake of author

author is Relaxer
modified by Relaxer
i've seen this map on intothemap, is that where you got it from? also, the other map that was uploaded, named "wardering."
modified by JungleTerrain
gas issue, slight difference in mains' gases, not significant, but enough to change gameplay to a small degree due to different gas positioning.

I like the map, but it has wasted space around the edges.
to jungle terrain

i don't understand first comment

gas position is not bad

because left and up are mostly same

what your country??
modified by Relaxer
Jungleterrain, the gas looks fine to me.

The map looks nice for the most part, but there are a couple things that could be improved I think.

The distance from the starting location in the mains to the natural expansions is a little long, I recommend moving the starting locations closer to the naturals.

Also, your other expansions in the middle of the map seem to me to be too far inward, causing the middle of the map to be smaller than it ought to be. You have a lot of water and wasted space around the edges of the map where you could place the islands instead, allowing you to move the gas expansions towards the edges of the map leaving more room in the center, making the map less tight.

Because they're highground with a wide ramp choke, the naturals seem hard for protoss vs zerg while going fast expo, and the very open main-base chokes along with the long distances between main bases favour even less 2gate or 1gate tech builds.

I don't think you need the mineral blocks on the islands that block command centers from landing, but that's up to you.

I'm sorry if you have a hard time understanding what I say, I'm not good at speaking simply; I can clarify anything if you need.
this looks alot like my map... without the islands
To swagu


i don't think like that

jungle is just jealous ;d
no its not a bad thing... i like this map. alot better than how i made it
no its not a bad thing... i like this map. alot better than how i made it
gases are fine, but i just like same gas positions, i guess i'm picky that way.

@Lastcurse, yeah i'm jealous, but at you :P
and if u ask for my country, then do you mean where i was born? or where my parents were born? or where i currently live? or what ethnicity i am?
hmm.. i mean where you born
when start the map players see all map and can't see only opponent locations how can do this please tell me i want to put this trigger on my map :) pls if someone know tell me
If you mean that the map is totally uncovered for a second, as in no fog of war at all, and totally visible(as if you had units with vision there), then it has probably something to do with map revealers, which are special, invisible units.

If the terrain is visible, but under grayed out fog of war, except the mains(which is to keep opponent(s)'s race/build order secret), then there are no triggers, but only work in the 'fog of war' layer. If you have SCMdraft2, then you can actually change things pertaining to the fog of war and map visibility and such.

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