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Last update for (3)Hamlet : 2011, 04, 05 09:54
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3937 (3)Hamlet 128*128sTY_leZerG-eX1.9finalhybrid

The map has been rated 60 times and got a total of 111 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Pretty nice concept, although I think T will be favored on this map: lift rax/fact to the centre and make some units then if enemy expoed in his nat it will be troublesome for him.

Glad u like the concept, but is terran really the strongest when it comes 2 that nat that blocks the middle?
You see that creep, zergs can sunken u up! But I do admit however that terran can be very gay 2.

I really like the middle, but I'm not 100% sure if it should stay that way.

Also one thing I'm worried about is the scouting 4 terrans and toss.

And Ik that the nat is very harassable, but players dont necessarily have to take that as there first expo, they can always unblock that min block (That has 48 btw) or just do a worker jump, of course that expo is very harasable 2 because there is no turret/cannon space. Another option it to do a worker jump on the nat and have a min only nat, the advantage is that it would lead to the middle, but again it is still very vulnerable.

Something 2 know about the map is that those 2 gases have 3100. Also the tankable expo with gas, after the 48 min block, the high ground will be unbuildable, so that players dont become 2 annoying.

Oh and plz tell me more Ik theres plenty of opinions 2 be shared regarding this map and its balance, hrassablility...

lol man finish your other maps XD
Anyways middle seem tight, but yeah going a lot of macro.
i dont think there really is a point in the in base min bloks

lol yeah Cov i dono wtf with me I have been massively doing new maps and not finishing my old ones, IM SOOOO PISSED AT MYSELF!

I Sware I wont do any new ones until I have successfully finished all my other maps.

I will:

Deco the crap out of it.
And doodad it up.

I will see what I can do abou the mains.
And see exactly how much they need 2 be reduced in size.
Check that nothing is 2 gayly tankable.
And add doodads to it.

I will fix the problem of not being able to build comsat or nuke silo for CC at the 3 o clock expo.
Also I will decide on what to do about the 2 much gas factot on the map.
I gave an a) b) c) and d) options to solve the problem, il see which 1 is the best.

This is the map fix one I'm least looking forward 2.
I will practically resize almost everything, like MorroW mentioned:

a)Fix the nat.

b)the mains sizes

c)Fix the walling situation.(Some bases only need 1 rax and 1 depo 2 wall off the ramp at the main, while others need 1 rax and 2 depos.

d)Make the high ground min only passage bigger and re shape it.

e)Add a bigger ramp 4 the min only ramp.

f)Fix the middle

g)And finally to make LML happy get a better pic of the map.

h)Add doodads 2 map

i)Remove islands

So practically redo map :(

Add doodads
And explan + about the map.

Fix whatever problems might arise with map.
Deco it, and doodad it up.


modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
very nice design. I think people will like this map.
Thnx, well yeah, I hadn't seen a (3) in a while, also I really really wanted to do a (3) for some time now.

i like the way you shape your 3 p maps. it looks unbalanced but actually it uses the space nicely and make the map equal like mongosse. i didnt see alot of 3p maps layed out like thst
Thnx sWaGu, I do try my best in shaping it the right way, but this is not my first attempt of fitting the map concept in a (3), what u see in the pic Is more like the 6th start from scratch or so.

oh and that was also my idea :)
but in a 4p map. i never thought of the creep though. prepare for a map with a like concept
favors zerg too much IMO? you got 2 free gas and an expansion and with the sunken drone can mineral hop and go make a sunken at another player expansion.
reminds me of that league desert map.. "Desert fox" or something like that..
yup lastcurse, it is
Na common its totally different, only thing ic in common is the fact that its island map(Or semi-island we).

units can pass at 3
modified by ProTosS4EveR
lol thnx P4ever, I didn't know that doodad couldn't block properly, but Its fixed now, I also moved the min only's a bit, and fixed little details that I found while looking at the map.

Reminder: I'm not sure If that double gas will be zerg favored, because each has only 3100, normaly a gas has 5000 so its not that much, the reason why I split It into 2 It's first so that It could be mined faster, and secondly because one of them Is tankable ( The one leading to the middle ).
I'm not too happy with the asymmetry in the center. Perhaps downsize the center cliff into 3 ramps
Il see what I can do, and put some pictures of options 4 u, once I make them.

Ok Up date:

Deco is ready almost everywhere except the middle. If in the end I choose to leave middle like this, I'm thinking in a couple of possibilities a) some mud and rocky ground, b) ruins grass and rocky ground, c) or maybe some ruins like in the nats with some rocky ground.

Some little details have been fixed 2.

Now, do u guys think middle is 2 tight with all those bridges ?
( Take into account that map is semi-island )

Its just I'm starting deco there, and I would prefer If I didn't have to undo all my work :)

modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
cute deco ^^
You cant build comsat at 3's expo. middle seems tight from the looks of it, will be hard to flank but not quite sure.
modified by coV
Dude I'm trippin' out man. Lol, it looks SO much like a (4) map but it's (3).
lol a 4 player map, glad u like it, I think :)
y the d web? :)
hey man you've made some really nice maps since ive been gone, get on aim sometime bro hit me up
VrooM wellcome back :D
Whats up bro how uv been holding up?

Some of my maps are unfinished but its because school has been brutal in the last month and a half. But in this vacations I play to finish them up and do + _-___-_-____--____-

modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Still not 100% done but

Up Date:

-Deco is done

-Most doodads have been placed

-Moved the nats minerals (IN all bases a bit)

-Also moved the min onlys

And yeah once I'm done 4 sure, il get the creep from the creep colony's going on the picture. Its taken a bit, because practically all middle is custom made.

i dont think its going to play well. it will take forever for the players to get out of main. This is forcing the zerg to go 3 hatch muta and to take those 2 gas and make thier muta even stronger because of extra gas and natural protection of main.
Protoss in pvz will be forced to go sair reaver seeming it is the most mobile thing they can do because of the natural being blocking the rest of map which if thats what is going to be the only build that toss can do pvz zerg gains a huge favor there. So Z>P.

Zerg once again will be forced to go mutas however terran will have a few differant options to play such as 2 port wraith and drop ship play. so this one will be a toss up but i am still giving zerg the advantage here because of that 2 gas thing. Z>T.

Protoss is basicly screwed in every mu they play in on this map. in pvt it will take a while before protoss will be able to move onto middle of map in which case terran will already have a 200/200 ball of lifting off a command cneter and landing it at the expo below the 2 gas will be such a huge advantage for terran that they can just basicly build what ever in middle of map seige up and destroy toss's natural. Obvously T>P.

TvT is going to be the only interesting mu in the form of dropship play and wraiths. because the both are so mobile this is what we are going to be seeing expecialy with that 2 gas expo. This is going to be the only mu on this map worth watching or worth playing.

So i really sugjest that the highground with the 2 gas expo has a ramp that goes down to middle of map just to try and ballance up the matchups. Even after that there will still need to be a lot of work done after that to try and ballance it. and even if you do what i say, the map is so tight Z and T will just crush the protoss and terran will become the dominate race on this map.

Its an alright map with some big problems if you fix them it will be a good map.
but it looks cool. i love the deco
>.< is that all anyone cares about is deco? just because something looks good in the store doesent mean its going to work great too.
i never said that. i would agree that the games would be really dragged. ill leave fixing thta to you. you seem creative with that

I have a couple of disagreements and questions with what u said Trooper about the map being unbalanced:

1st) Why would map force zerg to go 3 hatch? In this map I don't think your only limited to 1 build, I think any island build can work. And practically all bases except mains are very vulnerable. And those double gas expos are not 5000 each, they are 3100. Now you do have a point as to zergs can go all Mutas and not worry about a ground attack, but zergs can do this in all the island maps 2.

2nd) Again why is Protoss in pvz forced to go sair reaver? That is not the only island build. And plz explain this part you wrote because It makes no sense to me " Protoss in pvz will be forced to go sair reaver seeming it is the most mobile thing they can do because of the natural being blocking the rest of map which if thats what is going to be the only build that toss can do pvz zerg gains a huge favor there. So Z>P." here you didn't really explain why its the only build they can do.

3rd) Here you say Z>t why? Only because of the 2 3100 gas? I actually strongly disagree with that, practically all is tankable except the main and one of the 2 gases in that double gas expo. ( I think map is + likely to be terran favored than zerg favored )

4th) You say T>P, maybe terran will have a bit of an advantage ( I'm not saying its certain, I'm just agreeing its possible ) But I don't agree with you with why its T>p. I think it will take all races a while to use the middle, you say terran gets an advantage because they can lift, well all races have access to middle with the worker jump ( using the minblocks ) Then you say that terran can build anything in the middle and turtle up, look at map + closely middle is very unbuildable. Now you do give me and idea with this il make the middle totally unbuildable with the exception of where the creep colony and the min olny's go. This will probably help ( Il make grass unbuildable )

Finally you suggest a ramp leading from the 2 gas base, its a good idea but i really wanted to keep map island based. You also mention that you have other suggestions to make map + balanced Id love to hear them and discuss them with you, and if they are a good idea, and you back up your accusations il probably edit the map to fit the needs.

Thnx 4 ur observations Trooper.


Well you have a problem in you should knowing that zerg is basicly screwed on island maps, you always here how little options they have and the ones they do have can be fairly weak. I think that mutas will be expecialy effective though in a few reasons. The back base has the whole gods garden back of base has a cliff thing going on. this can only help the mutas as the will have highground while harrassing. Also to add to this the minerals are shoved against that cliff so cannon and turrets will be a hard thing to lay down and overall defending this mineral line and expo against mutas will be a bitch. Now you say just because the 2 gas is not a factor because they both only 3100. well that adds up 20 6200 gas which when you go gas heavy suchs as muta having 5 gas mining will be a real handy thing for zerg to abuse so either taking one gas away from the natural or the back expo will help ballance it out making it less easy for zerg to pump out these high costing gassy units.

PvT once again, oddly enough your not going to be able to push out with an army at early stages of game untill your natural is mined out. and true that protoss has options not only just to go reaver in pvt. a 3 base carrier with 3-5 gas could be very effective considering how many ridges there are in the map. so that is a viable option in the pvt category. however with terran being able to lift of a cc and land it at expo in middle can really make terran prepaired for anything basicly handing the expo over to them for x amount of time and hold off any harrass the protoss does to them. once this happens and the terran is able to break out of natural once its mined out, they will just have a 200/200 ball of units able to crush any protoss army considering the highground bridges and overall tightness of the map. so my sugjestion to help this mu.
1)Put min block for middle expo so terran cant just lift off, and if you take gas out of nat or back expo put it at this expo.
2)Make the overall map more open still having some ridges for protoss and other races going air.
3)make most of map unbuidable, you still want some of it to be buildable so terran can place down turrets.

I say Zerg over terran mainly because of the fact that muta will do so well on this map being able to harrass the terran constantly and when it comes for the terran to do le push le muta can just snipe of tanks and marines and ect. because of the elevation changes in the map. and if the terran would like to go le dropship play le scourge and le muta can just le fuck it all up before the drop even happens.

For PvZ once again its those dirty mutalisk that stank up this map. because... protoss will have 5 gas and no easy way to get into the middle a sair reaver build will be the most logical choice. If you have so much gas and so much money you need to spend it on something like le sair reaver. going a bisu build with sair dt doesent do much when le dt cant get out of the base. because of this it will mostly depend on micro so the better the toss player the more chance you have of winning. also... sunken rush on nat ftw! :D

but anyway these are some of the things that i see.

so fix by
1)reducing inital gas for each player -1 gas at main or back expo
2)make map more open, too many ridges make air play so strong and we all know zerg air>Protoss air
3)Make most of middle unbuidable so right now its unbuildable amount is le good.
4)Min block at expo in middle = no lift of land
5)gas at middle expo.

And i would play you on this map to show you the imba of the map but,... my starcraft mouse is broken and my other mouse that im using right now, its right clicker does not work D: untill tommorow when i get new sc mouse.
modified by Trooper

I don't think I've ever seen a gas-only expo before.

I have finally agreed with most of what you've said Trooper, so here is my update. 1s again thnx Trooper 4 ur help/comments/ideas.

Up date!!

-As Trooper pointed out, there was to much easy gas, so I have removed the gas from the expo after the small minblock.

-I have also added a gas to the 3 expos in the middle, that way encouraging players to mine out there nats.

-Also The deco and doodads are now 100% done.

-The middle is pretty unbuildable, but not entirely sow that Terran is able to place turrets here and there.

I did not + a min block on the expos in the middle because there is no point, all races can assess the middle withought drop (Worker junp through the minerals) Terran's do have a small advantage because they can lift but its very slight.
Middle IMO is pretty big 4 flanks and such so im not enlarging that, besides the way it is atm is very classy :}

And finally Moebius lol yeah you could call this now a Decorgasm, I admit I got a bit carried away.

Deco 4 my map (4)Abstract is soon 2 come hang in there.
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
finaly i am being listened to -___-
most eye raping picture ever awards goes to.. HAMLET!! :D:D (don't get me wrong i like the map ^^)
modified by LasTCursE
lol yeah ik it looks horrible in that small pic, not as bad if you enlarge the pic, but it does look bad any way.
Il fix that.

Lol LasTCurse I actually found a worse image than my Hamlet's one.

Look and compare, lol now this one is the true definition of eye raping:

That one Is the KING!!

I have already fixed Hamlet's image, Il fix Artificial's when I get an update 4 IT

I have already fixed Hamlet's image.. upload it then ^^

and yeah the ice map rapes my eyes even in the small picture xD
modified by LasTCursE
wtf at the pic?
gj with fixing the picture it dosen't rape my eyes at all now ^^ xD

(May be this is how blizzard got the idea of high yield orange minerals xD)
lol WTF 4 a sec I thought It was an sc2 map.
Ha ha its just that I had actually posted a image that was good (Or sow I thought) when LastCurse said " fixed Hamlet's image.. upload it then ^^ " And I had a melt down lol, I cant do a good picture for this map I dono wtf!! ( The small version I mean, because the enlarged one is fine )

don't worry this picture is fine xD
this picture isnt fine, you cant see anything

wheres the water? takes like 5 mins to figure out
lol its just that I cant seam to get a nice picture for the map. The small one thats the intro, if you enlarge the image it looks fine ( And its not the map because in scmdraft or sc it looks fine )
It just gives a bad first impression

What's with the seizure inducing picture?
edited picture, wtf sty_lezerg-ex -_-
What have u done???

LOL you didn't like my blue beauty ?
noo SC 2 picture is gone T_T

Why marjo wHYYY? T_T
modified by LasTCursE
Hi I'm new cool map :)
Hum hi.. lol
"(May be this is how blizzard got the idea of high yield orange minerals xD)"
mmmmm, lets look at (2)Yaxchilan , OH WTF THIS IS EXACTLY YELLOW MINERALS IDEA
i ment when the picture was white and the minerals were orange -.
ah ok
whatever, i was yelling at blizz's face not at yours :p
reminds me of that old league map desert fox or something :

--Pack-a-Punch vs G_oUsT[aK](1on1, 1.15)

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