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Last update for (2)Prozet : 2010, 01, 22 00:23
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
3972 (2)Prozet 96*128sWaGu0.5betaground

The map has been rated 57 times and got a total of 28 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

map i was making for fun, a map that u dont have too much of your own sure expansions. the further you move out the harder it is to defend. hard to contain unless u really have your opponent.
I know that the red min line is tankable. dont tell me the bridges are ugly.

min block in back of main is 20 stacked 0 value

the min block at the front of main is 16

comments gogogo
modified by sWaGu
very nice concept i like
thx coV.

o yea and the temples are 5 stacked
-red min line tankable + bridges ugly

The decoration looks very boring, and don't say you aren't done with it :P
i told u not to tell me that stuff. and of course i didnt even try to deco it yet. its kinda obvious
good looking map.
Yet u still did the decoration. Partially.
If you know something is wrong in your map, such as the red min line tankable, etc. why not just fix it and upload it, instead of telling us that you need to fix? The time you used to type that comment could have been used more productively.
modified by JungleTerrain
lol... currently my mom banned me from anything related to starcraft except this site cause she doesnt know what it is.:)

to fix the red min line im gonna move the ramp in more. anything other than that?
my dang pic isnt changing... i dunno y. i decoed the map and i learned that for me doing hamlet style deco does not work. bridges fixed and reds min line isnt tankable.
actually please click the pic and itll give u the updated one
I really like the map, although the mineral placements at pretty much all expos are a bit bad.

There are tank holes in the highground around both mains and the doodads in-base can be used for cannon rushing. Other then that it's a really nice map.
i dont understand how the expo placements are bad... tankhole will be filled in (if there are any). using those doodads will be a skill. not a problem with the map
I like it for the most part. A little sloppy, but that's ok. The nats need some refining though imo, as well as the double ramped expos in the middle. The latter are just too vulnerable. How can protoss easily defend them from vult raids? And the ramps are very weird. The large ramp makes it like you think it's protected by the player's mapcontrol, but it's just a tiny bit away from the other ramp in actuality. I reccomend doing a better job copying the desti counterpart for this expansion, don't see any other way it could work out.
"The large ramp makes it like you think it's protected by the player's mapcontrol, but it's just a tiny bit away from the other ramp in actuality" what do you mean?

and how can i fix the nats?

I dont know if anyone noticed but imo this map goes p>z>t and thats where the name comes from.:) vult raids yes are pretty easy but if youre a terran and youre pushing out you will have a hard time getting to your opponent.
tighten the nat choke and make the pathing through the backdoor not suck to start
which back door? the nat one ore the main base?

-3 and 9 expoes tightened
-tank hole filled
-min lines fixed.
modified by sWaGu
Personally I would have added some ruins in the middle instead of that IMO ugly over saturation of rocky ground, but thats just me.( Think it would be visually + appealing )
ill let you know that i did try what you did to hamlet but it was too danged hard and for me, impossible. so i settled for more simpler deco
if you can deco it for me id be happy :)
lol i didn't mean something like Hamlet, just some ruins, grass and then rocky ground on whats left.
And lol you tried Hamlets deco, yeah it looks easy but its really a bitch. Id do it for you but its such a hassle, takes to long and its super time consuming.
but for some reason ruins with grass didnt look pretty on my map. but hamlet deco did but i cn never do it so it looks good

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