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Last update for (2)Extraction 0.99 : 2010, 02, 22 23:17
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4035 (2)Extraction 0.99 96*128LasTCursE0.1betaground

The map has been rated 46 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

SRY for reuploading but panchsk's new picture system dosen't allow me to update my old picture :)

So this is a little update from 0.98 to 0.99:

Fixed pathing issue by removing temples and closing the choke in the back..

Made center bridge smaller and enlarged the space next to it (LeZeRg's idea :)

Added some new deco at the gas expansion in the right above the min only..

Min onyles moved 1 inch to the mains so units can pass behind them and don't stuck and moved 2 inches inside so they won't be tankable now.. i think xD

And aparantly i totaly screwed up when i moved the red's mineral formations and i had to do it all over again.. now it works fine..

About the min only ramp space at red's main.. i thought about pushing the mineral line down but if i do that it would be tankable from the gas expansion ; but i'll try to come up with something :)

EDIT:I found a way!!

I putted the gas on the right side of red's StartLocation

Look it's not that fatal.. it's almost as good as the left side :]

EDIT2: FUCK ICCUP Python and destination fags!! -.-
modified by LasTCursE
Gas to the right has a ratio of
t: 0.9
p: 0.8

compared to
t/p/z: 1.0
for the top position.

10% less in a zvz is a lot, and 20% less for toss is a ton.
And what do you suggest leave it on top and be extremly fucked up when the other player drops lurkers or tanks in the back cuz you can't get any unit up there ?!?!
Why did u re up load?
U shouldn't have, the site sometimes doesn't show new pic even if u upload a new 1. But if you wait like 2 hours or sow the site will get up to date alone.
This way u just loose all ur comments :(
i tryed to upload the new picture 5 times and it didn't work.. how the hell should i know that i need to wait a few hours :( but nvm i don't care much about comments :D
uploading bitmap?
no.. jpeg! -.-
modified by LasTCursE
I think jpeg does work. Is the update the removal of the temples and the closing of that passage?
read the first comment :)
Ich muss gestehen die gefällt mir jetzt schon..
ich sollte echt nochmal ne map machen..

but it should be difficult for zerg to turn the game, once T or P took map control..?

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