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Last update for (2)battleplatform : 2013, 04, 06 20:33
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4527 (2)battleplatform othergreatnoob0.1betaground

The map has been rated 53 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

My question would be: is this map too bad for zerg? Am getting the feeling that zvt would be troublesome. Could someone tell me about this?
What map size is this? looks like width could be reduced...
Middle isnt all that exciting, there is nothing to fight over
expansions along the edges should have minerals by the edge...
you dont have to use those ramps, pretty sure there are better ones here you can copy paste :)

Space platform ramps:
size: 128x112

"expansions along the edges should have minerals by the edge..."

Okay, interresting tip. Thanks.
Aren't vulture drops too good against zerg?
Ok. Ah got an idea. Not gonna upload it yet.
Adjusted the bottom expansion and the main size.
Please fix the ramps - the current ones, to be honest, just look bad. Also there are random lower cliff edges missing all over the place for some reason, and doodads which aren't on the correct cliff level or are overlapping the terrain way too much.
Can't upload new version cause ah forgot the password... sorry...
Unless someone can tell me, or ah upload it as a new map.
Oh ah found it :)
For aesthetics, you should change the mineral formations, look at pro maps to see how to arrange them...
People have been complaining about zergs advantage provided by the creep colonies. Ah either take out some of them, or add a \"no sunken-rush\" rule, which shouldnt be very unusual since most of the popular maps dont provide sunken-rush opportunities.

Ah didnt upload the updated melee version yet.
modified by greatn00b
From picture rn, what you should fix are
-get better ramps
-corner expos are way too big
-nothing exciting in the center
-I don't think creep colonies are necessary
-reduce values of in base expansion

Just my thoughts.
thanks :)
the creep colonies are something that ah would prefer not to use.... but if ah dont put them there what will poor zerg do?
Oh and the idea about reducing the in base expensions sounds nice
From my experiences as a Zerg player, I wouldn't need the creep for defensive sunkens as the choke is narrow enough that I can play normally. If you're afraid or Protoss/Terran taking a quick 3rd then you can put either spider mines or DTs or just some cloaked unit such that overlords can detect it, but Protoss and Terran need to wait for some sort of detection. Of course the fact that Protoss can FFE will give them detection anyways, but that can be mitigated by decreasing value of in base expansion by a lot. Perhaps on 5-6 mineral patches, and decrease value of gas and minerals by at least half, maybe more.
Btw there's an iCCup Mapmaking competition, you should submit one of your maps :) make a new one or use an old one; the more the merrier!
wow didnt thought of using invisible units! thanks for the tip! :)

About the contest... ah dont know... am not really making my maps for iccup and money tours...
No problem, hope to see an update soon...
And it doesn't hurt to submit it :) always nice to see some games played on your map so you know what to fix...
Yeah there's literally no reason not to submit it, it's not like it costs anything.

I think the main flaw in this map right now is the inefficient use of space - there's a ton of unnecessary space in places like the middle and the 1/7 and 3/9 bases. You should definitely think about reducing one of the map's dimensions to 96 - choose either horizontal or vertical depending on which main you want the corner bases to be closer to.
yeah ah did consider that at a time and almost did it, but since ah usually get the feeling this map sucks for zerg ah just stick with this size considering the fact that the bigger the map is the better it is for zerg.
I think you're worrying too much about Zerg...I think you'd be fine with 128x96 or something..
Yeah maybe your right... it seems ah have this zerg worry mania... it might be cause thats the race ahm least familiar with. But nowadays ahm liking your map more than mine... :D
Haha thanks :)
It all comes with practice, just learn the general rules of each matchup...
For Zerg what you want is
-an easy third gas
-to easily be able to stay one base ahead oh other races
-some areas with wide open flanking room
-to be able to harass with mutas decently
Seems the map is unpopular... ah suppose ah shouldnt send it to the competition.
Why not? The worst that can happen is that nothing happens, and along the way you'll probably get some good feedback on how to improve the map.
Personally I think you should make a new map...this one will probably require a size change to 128x96 or something, it's just way too big right now...or you could just remake this map, but you'll have to start over...these are the conventions I try to follow when I mapmake:
-Mains are 26x26 tiles at least
-there is a third gas with a choke so Zerg's can take it
-Muta harass is possible
-the map isn't too tight, needs flanking room
-there are some tactical positioning spots, whether high ground or a choke, just somewhere people will want to position at
-wallable mains and naturals

There's more but I can't think of all of them right now...

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