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Last update for (2)Spear1.4 : 2010, 03, 01 00:07
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4040 (2)Spear1.4 128*128Excalibur0.3betaground

The map has been rated 58 times and got a total of 15 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Win7's uncooperative attitude with SCMD makes it very hard to get creative. Pretty standard map I threw together last night. Still need to deco and such.
Islands look pretty hard to take.

Oh man, the natural's going to be tricky to forge FE on. You'll probably have to make it in a way that leaves it vulnurable to hydra breaks. On that note, at least make sure the top and bottem secondary natural entrances are the same size.

I would shrink the middle a bit and modify its design. The small unit gap will just be annoying to traverse imo.

Z is impossible to play on this map (every game will end in 2hatch muta allin, srsly), no 3rd gas. It is extremely difficult to play standard and players cannot cheese well. There is WAY TOO MUCH unbuildable space. What are you trying to achieve here?

Pathing for the middle is going to be HORRIBLE; it sucked in Blue Storm, and it will suck here.

Your islands are also in retarded positions that no one will ever take, effectively forcing everybody to play 2base the whole game.

I do agree with headron in that middle shouldnt have that small pathway thing. islands are ok i guess but without map control noone will take them. zerg does need 3rd gas and i would suggest a 4th gas
Actually I don't think pathing in the middle will be a huge issue, and even if it is, it can be fixed easily.
If a unit can't pass through some gap like here, it moves a bit to the left or right and after some time it tries to find a new path again. On bluestorm, the alternative route was way too long, but on this map, the alternative should be short enough to make units take another path if they can't get through the middle.
Updated. Still have some deco to do. NOW WITH CRITTERS! :D
Too little gas and the expansions with gas except the way too distant third are placed in the most retarded places. Reminds me of old school korean maps, sorry T_T.
I like the map but those block min onlys g2g, they are horrible.
And I'm not sure I like the Xel nagas I fined the path issue pretty annoying in the map Carthage, and this map resembles that one in that aspect.
So far thats my feed back.
Looks like a Blizzard map.
path issue... deadly..
And those middle bases look un keepable.
modified by RaZt

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