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Last update for (2)Crypt of the Wurms : 2010, 04, 09 21:02
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4072 (2)Crypt of the Wurms otherTrooper0.1betaisland

The map has been rated 47 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Well its been a while from last time i posted or anyone posted a map so i made this sc2 like island map. the middle expo's minerals are at 2000 each representing the yellow high yield minerals. all the gas is 2500. so yeah tell me what you think.
Interesting, pretty interesting, remind me how do those eggs work ?
And I would definitely make one of those expos a min only.
What size is the map btw?
And I wold remove that ugly invincible crystal, and replace it with unwalkable titles covered up by some sprite doodads.
Ow and I would make 2 and 7 o'clock expos cliffable.

modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
wtf is with the gas it's not SC 2!! make NORMAL maps..
When the galaxy editor is out, or may be i have to say IF it's out :D we will all make SC 2 maps and post them here or make an other site perchaps? :)
modified by LasTCursE
well zerg the eggs work with the 2 mineral patches when works click on the mineral patch behind it and float right through. the map is 128 by 112. and there is unwalkable tiles under the ugly spirit doodad of the invincible crystal.
Yes but the crystal is horrible !!
Remove it and ddd sprite doodads and doodads, so it looks more natural, right now it looks like u took th easy way out.
The crystal is a sprite unit, not a sprite doodad, open scmdraft an look for sprite doodads, they will do the trick.
SO fucking SHIT this is T map noob .......
hmm someone is real friendly
this isn't starcraft 2.
this reminds me of a no rush map :P
Shuttle Corsair Templar Archon.
Speedshuttles to transport troops, corsairs against mutas and scourge, templar to storm, archons against lings, darchons to maelstrom and mc a drone and DTs as your main meatshield unit.

Maybe float factories to the high ground and pump vultures, while pumping tanks and dropships from the lowground. Transition into battlecruisers and science vessals late game.

Guardian devourer scourge muta? Seems pretty good. Maybe mass queens into broodlings and ultralisk drops.

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