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Last update for (4)Gates of hell 1.0 : 2016, 08, 24 22:57
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4074 (4)Gates of hell 1.0 128*128LasTCursE0.7finalground

The map has been rated 51 times and got a total of 37 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

This was an old map of mine..
the update of asarin reminded me for it :d so i decided to upload it :)

i think the concept is pretty sweet.. looks kinda ugly tho.. i rly suck at Ash decoration =((
modified by LasTCursE
wow this aint bad although main can have some kind of decoration...loving the troy gates :)
Yeah a LastCurse map!!

Always a fan, only complaint: u could ad some min onlys.
there is minerals under the swarms in the middle :)
and naturals have 8 patches instead of 7 if memory servs :D

but if you think it rly needs min onlyes find a spot and i'll put some!! :)
modified by LasTCursE
Map is a wasteland ._. so much room for no purpose. The middle is absolutely gigantic, and the only real expo is on the edges. Why put so much space into the place the map doesn't focus on? The expo layout is around the edges, you should be concentrating pathing to revolve around the expo layout. Your pathing and expo layout don't complement eachother at all.
What is wrong with the pathing here ?!?!?!
You've got the pathing focused around the center, but the expo layout is focused around the sides, not the middle.

Rush hour three's expo layout is focused around the sides, and the pathing is focused around the sides. It has middle paths, but then it also has middle expos; but the important thing is that the middle paths of the map are the most unimportant paths. The main pathing runs along the sides, complementing the expo layout focused around the sides. Your map has its main pathing focused around the center, but it doesn't agree with your expo layout at all.
so what do you suggest put an expos in the middle ?
Yeah min only's!
but i can't put them inside the middle it will ruin my middle expo and i like it so much :( isn't it cute?? we even watched panda bear dance there when i guy was trying to snipe the panda with an scv xD may be put min onlyes next to the ridges somewhere ? :
This'll sound silly, but I reccomend switching the expos and the ridges. You could even put the expos against the central plateau and make them cliffable.
the idea is good but it's too much work.. you don't know how long it took me to make those ridges as they are :D
lol yeah no shit fitting a cool idea can really be a hassle specially on a 4 player R.S. map. It breaks ur brain in several parts!

Did u test the troy gates btw ?
yep several times :) they work fine from what i remember..
modified by LasTCursE
Do you think this map needs mineral only expansions? I was thinking somewhere along the (low ground) cliffs.

your maps have awesome rotational symmetry. Cool map.
Can't you copy/paste the ridges?
I think the problem is + like fitting the ridges and the new idea in an equally balanced way for all players.
problem is to put the ridges i did alot of copypaste too so if i copy paste them i have to make the expansion with copypaste too witch is a pain the ass.. but i kinda like the reverse idea tho.. :) will see..
modified by LasTCursE
Start from scratch then, replace the mains/nats by tiling two windows, the old version and the new, and just manually copy everything by counting isometric squares. This is how we mappers used to do symmetry ~~
I still count squares :)
but if i move mains up there won't it get kinda tight (Ridge next to main ?!?)
this map would be really good if the psi disrupters are removed. they only cause pathing issues imo
Yeah not a bad shout. You've bumped a pretty old map though, havent seen LasTCursE for quite a while now.

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