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Last update for (4)Moon Dance[Fog] : 2010, 04, 14 16:44
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4075 (4)Moon Dance[Fog] 128*128LasTCursE1.5betaground

The map has been rated 41 times and got a total of 62 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Another old one ;] this one dosen't look quite finished to me tho :) so i'll be glad if you guys suggest how to improve it..

I've been thinking to rotate Teal and purple's mineral lines.. and move the min only on the low ground somewhere :)
modified by LasTCursE
this is nice too haha...its a cool standard concept.
Great man!! Dang love it!
Not a fan of those distances. The nat choke is waaaaay too wide. And I think the backdoor ruins the map. You've got way too much free money way too close to itself. The map is entirely uninteresting. The only selling point is that it's relatively well-made, but that's not a big deal for someone like you who knows how to make maps look nice.
"but that's not a big deal for someone like you who knows how to make maps look nice."

I'll take this as a compliment! =D

Nat choke is HUGE (or there isn't a choke even xD) cuz you have a 8 mineral + Gas expand in the back.. : so basicly the natural becomes your third :D and have you seen a third expansion with a rly small one sided choke ?
modified by LasTCursE
I dono but I really really dig this map.
I love the whole concept.
I like it too but kinda forces a 3 hatch vs T
This is the map Im into right now.

Interesting mix of Korean ramps with normal ones.
Yeah I understood why the nat choke is so wide, the problem though is that the main choke is wide too, which is necessary because of the backdoor. Same problem Longinus had. You limit the map's natural strategic variety and diversity by forcing players to pick such boring macro builds. You can't possibly safely do a 1base build, no choke to defend. Long distances and free bases make 1base builds even sillier and more impossible. This is a problem because it means you can't ever punish an opponent for doing the predictable macro build. That's boring. This is the kind of map you see shit like 1gate triple nexus dt -> arbiter builds on. Really ruins the gameplay =/
move natural and put "tau cross entrance" ?

Should i rotate the mineral formations at Purple and Teal to open more space in the mains too? :)

cmon give suggestions.. that's what the site for xD
modified by LasTCursE
I'd make the backdoors 3rd gas expansions instead, connected to the middle.
but woudn't that make it even more harder to defend.. with the wide main choke and the back door ?
He means cut off the backdoor from the main and connect it to the middle.

Though I don't like that suggestion much since it basically makes it another Byzantium/Shades of Twilight.
Well I like map as is. But maybe make choke to main tighter?
How many buildings do u need 2 wall off?

And I dono but maybe add some neutral creep there?
Like in coliseum ( Hate that <------ map tho?
Love those ramps, nice map overall :)
i like the creep idea.. but for both suggestions (making it tighter and putting creep) i have to play alot with making it blend cuz for creep i need unbuildable ground and there is 2 types of terrain at the entrance.. making it wider means expanding it somehow.. don't know :) let's VOTE!! :D

Option A) Creep colony entrance (Colloseum style)
Option B) Tau Cross Entrance (Blockable by single pylon)

Option C is like a third vote.. you can pick [A and C] or [B and C] or just pick one of them if you don't like [C]

To move the natural next to the Edge of the higround and little bit inside basicly to make it muta friendly with turret space behind the minerals :)
Hum I like the colosseum idea + due 2 several reasons, for example this idea will be harder to accomplish and map will look like a map that has more work put into it, and I also think the concept will work.
And with some cool blends map will look really great, and remember it shouldn't be that hard because ur working on jungle which should be easier to edit.
my dick just moved a little. cool map.
so one vote for A)!! thx lezerg :)
wtf? how on earth is a neutral creep gonna help anything?
Its not gonna be just creep, its tightening the choke and adding 2 help zergs.
That way players can wall of in that choke and then secure there backwards nat.
Why should it not work?
Or what problem of the map are u referring 2?
Adding creep makes it hard for t/p to wall. Forcing players to secure their backdoor expo first isn't helping the map, it's a boring strategically mute map as is; the backdoor is a big part of that.
updated the entrances now blockable by single Barracs/Gateway

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