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Last update for (2)Justicia : 2010, 09, 28 22:17
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4117 (2)Justicia 128*128gnom0.1betaground

The map has been rated 55 times and got a total of 7 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Its not finished, by far.
1)Unbuildable Highground in middle.
2)Longer nat2nat distance
3)Pathing okay
4)Deco? Still not finished, looks crappy
on pic, but looks okay ingame.
5)Tightened some entrances, they where too wide.
6)No modified mineral amounts, apart from
second geyser (and the mins behind it ofc) in main (8 gas ^-^)
7)No tankspots, dont even THINK of posting that
there are tankholes :P
8)Few Turret spots between crevices.

Well, okay.. now i need your help, please find problems and errors that i didnt think of! :)

Also, picture doesnt work right :o
the preview is the right one, but if you click on it its the wrong!

And as if this wasnt enough, i cant host the map on bnet. I am a noob with software, i can barely build my own computer.. so help is appretiated.
modified by Gnom
no one will take the expoes in the middle, since they are so vulnerable, only have 6 patches, and have no gas. Nothing beneficial for a player.

Nat2Nat distances are pretty close, not sure if you want them as they are.
What's up with the command centers at 1and2 o clock and 7and8 o clock?

What's the purpose of the neutral buildings at 3 and 9 o clock?

Naturals seem kind of big, and the overlord spots sucks; fix them.
modified by JungleTerrain

modified by Gnom
Map is 2 beta 4 my taste, look forward 2 see a + finished version.
Okay, i think this map is final!
but i want an Obs version of this too, but i dont know how to do that afterwards.. :(
modified by Gnom
As i see, nobody comments on this. Nothing to critisize? so, this makes this map to the

or bwmn is dead
Ban Jungle for this tasteless comment ^-^


Well, seems like many members have no time for bwmn
in the last days..
There aren't much to comment, you could rotate the middle 90 degrees to match the general flow of the map though.
@KinosJourne ...
That idea is not bad, but i'm afraid of that it could splice the map too much into two pieces..
Referring to the gameplay ofc :)
you could do something interesting with the corner expos since you got somewhat of wasted space. you could make their distances longer. also those 3 and 9 expo design looks funny lol...the mud looks weird.
How about doing island expos in the corners? or are they too far away? some ideas?
This is VERY weird.. i am having this problem since i made this map:
i cant host it on!
everyone trying to enter the game is said that its impossible to join my game!
and its not the latency, i tried that out with friends.

its a pitty since i like this map more than my others. :(

if anyone could help please write it here.

ps: i asked community, and nobody had a clue :(((
sorry bro no clue :(
This is the updated version, nothing changed but it should work now on bnet. I will see if i do further changes @ map
Still not working. This is ridiculous!
instarcraft has still no clue.
This one right now is a remake with copy//paste and some "fixed" settings and unit placements...
so i think this is final version, as a modification of this map would take ages..
(no terrain editing anymore cause of copied terrain)
modified by Gnom
I get this problem with maps sometimes, it sucks and i don't know how to fix it either :(

I got this problem on my map Ashtray, tried to play it before with a friend but it crashed the game for us.
modified by Kinosjourney
But, Kinosjourney, the problem is, that the map doesnt crash sc, it completely blocks any bnet user who attempts to join my game. :(

I will try to fix your map if you dont mind! :)

Also look, Ashtray and Justicia are kind of similar xD
modified by Gnom
I don't see any striking similarities, but i'd apreciate it if you would fix my map for me :>
maybe try to change the name? im not sure if that helps but try it
I will try and im on it. ;)
Okay, after much trying and sleepless nights (lol)
me and the instarcraft-users did it. finally, this map is playable on

special thanks to Jay.

Obs and melee available :)

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