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Last update for (2)Krator : 2006, 02, 26 21:58
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
750 (2)Krator 128*96Inept (PIMPED)0.1final

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 5 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

i was going for a map with fast-paced close bases but at the same time many island expos. i knows its a little cramped in the middle, not sure what to change in middle.
please add image :O
dont know how. (i use normal editor other ones too wierd to use)
look in our filebase :)
how does map converter work ? when i open it it just says error about something
I'm using SCMDraft2, don't ask me :D
if you don't want to use different editors, check out "scm2jpeg"
I uploaded it right now, it's very handy and more than easy to have it work permanently :)
ok picture is up
any feedback ~~
It actually isn't a bad map. Some things are still worth improving:
Choke width: Much too wide, especially as there are two entries to main also. Think of us poor terrans TvP :[ Make 1-rax wallin possible on the main choke.
Overall style: Why are the expansions at top right and bottom left so different? one is like an arrow in the water, the other a little curb. Also get rid of all those straight lines, does not look good on image, and even less in game. flothefreak did an article on making a map look good.
gas issue: gas on top would be better, but pay attention to the risk of cliffdrops on those high ground areas.
well i thought the choke and double entrance would even it out a bit since terran has buildable terrain in middle, higher ground middle. they could set up tanks there so i had to do something to make flanks possible. also terran can lift cc for fast expo.

i couldnt really fit a arrow bot left so maybe ill just change the arrow to a curb.

dunno about gas
fixed gas for white, choke, and changed arrow to a curb. also got rid of the "straight line" islands in bot left and top right by addin crevices.
try to get scmtojpg running. I know there can be problems sometimes, but just try it again and again, normally it will just work after some tries :O
??? i did thats how i got the picture up!
any other inputs on the new layout?
Well, nothing concrete right now, just improve the looks. Put love in every detail, change your desktop resolution do 640*480 and you'll see how plain many areas of the map still are. Compare that to maps like "crusader" or "chaos_factor" and you'll see what I mean :]
added some doodads :)
gah only one person comment is not very helpful :(
anyone else ??
Its hard to know where to start... basicly you hav to combine balancing with style (generally) and to apply it on this map would mean to widen the paths and still make it look more natural by uneven edges and varied terrain.

Take a look at maps by Travin or SummerSky to see how they make the "natural" look on their maps. Try to mix that style into your map and it will look nice.

think about doing something about the hill in the center, because protoss and zerg will have troubles flanking. It might be too powerfull if a terran dominates it.
Agree with SP.
See, a map should just be detailed and beautiful, while still balanced, playable etc. If trcc, flo or Starparty use 1000 clicks on their maps, you maybe have 200, and it shows :/
what do you mean by natural ? i know of many pro maps that they basically just use 1 terrain and others here and there, like bifrost or paranoid for example
a repeated pattern of doodads look unnatural for example.
ok i will get rod of those little cross things, but with the moon craters i was trying to emphasize the paths , not as doodads.
I'm trying to remember who i know with the user name lnept
and the holes in the islands are horrible for the expo placement, get rid of them
just a tad of originality ;)

decaf- BlindAlbino[Cs] new name Lnept on Useast
anyone know why i cant update the map ? the new version looks much better
wrong password or it says the file bla bla too big, or miss .scm file ?
none of them, when i press ok my screen just goes blank and when i come back it shows my map as "no terrain"
This is not what i call putting love in a map! Youjust put random terrain 1 spot there , ok another one there.. And the mineral placement is quite bad :|
i updated it real picture
that is how i want it to look, not fancy
wait a second what do you mean by 1 spot there and another there ? that is the only way to do it ?? unless you can mix terrain some how...
you want it to look like THIS?
have you seen this ingame, it's a nightmare there (actually one before christmas)
why does the map matter what it look like, i thought maps were to game on. look at paranoid android its nothing special yet its pro, same with nostalgia.
and what he mean by mixing terrains ? some terrains are bigger spots then others. like dirt is a small spot and flagstones takes up a big spot which messes up the map.
this made my day, thanks :D

please erase all doodads and all terrain that is not dirt. I feel distracted by it, a map should only be good at playing.
you're right. I will change my irrational opinion immediately!

and throw all your new clothes away plz, it's the inside which counts.

(The ending of this day was quite pleasing after all)
you no answer my question . what you rambling about ? this has nothing to do with map make ? what is mixing terrain ? what is wrong with doodad ? and why erase all terrain that is not dirt ?
All the textures look squarish, i could make decoration lok better in less than 2 min , and it would still beat youres =/
how do you make them not squarish
I told you, try looking at some of the MotW's. see how the terrain looks natural and tasteful. compare them and try to copy. eventually you will develop a style of your own.
im starting to wish scmdraft dont give me so many errors and is wierd to use... normal editor is so hard to use lol
doesnt everyone have there own opinion of what is tasteful though ? i personally like squares of terrain~~ guess im the only one here
BAHBHBWHBAHAH why thumbnail work on all forums except this one :@@@@@@@@

Use the link instead =O
yes but you made it look like every other map...triple bridge overused, normal expos overused, ramp highground ramp overused, no islands in corners, and i never had resources in mid, you also took out my basilisk idea with the blocks being blockers for cannon setups and such.

can no one understand original ??
well, original is no synonym for good.
If you're a experienced mapmaker, you'll be able to cope with balancing problems in original maps. but if you don't succeed, stick to standard ones at first, in order to improve your skills.

If you don't original will end up imbalanced, because those two are only divided by hairsize


This just looks really nice, MOTW!
I removed 2 islands cuz here we have a ground map with 4 islands.. It's stupid imho to have 4 islands, one that can be actually used to park tanks and kill most of the base, and the other one in a corner with the horriblest mineral placement ever made. The bridges and the cliff doesn't care much you could made it without bridges or cliff, though it was to add something cool, But hey, it was only a try in 1h30 to see what i could do with your map, and also take a look at the details ive done.. It does not look squarish. I never intended to make this map YOUR map. It is to make you realize how bad your map looks like (decoration)
that is the problem i think your map is too complicated, i like simple maps(bifrost,Paranoid)
also middle expos will confuse unit AI. your units will move thru the mineral line
Units won't be confused... theres enough space to go around the expand, and why is this map complicated... YOURES IS WAY more complicated. Bridges everywhere, small paths in middle with cliffs wtf.. What you say don't make sense at all
random terrains everywhere doodad everywhere, strange high terrain lines in places and 6 bridges for a place where only one bridge was needed
1 bridge is bad idea imho, too easy to protect an such a gas expand.. Random terrains is what makes a beautiful map, since the terrain doesn't really change the gameplay, (except unbuildable terrain and snow in ice terrain). The doodads are not everywhere, as you say.. They are only a few of em, it is always hard to tell from a SS. Wanna see a lot of doodads? go see chaos factor, grape of wraith, sattarchasm etc
panschk's version of this map has a cool structure, and there won't be any pathing problems because it is built very clever and long-sighted.

one single brigde is often gay because of its easiness to protect and a normally bad unit movement.
the mineral line is pushed to the edge so there won't be confusion about AI :I
and the "strange high terrain lines" as criticism? do you have ANY idea of mapmaking?

you just wanted to find something to criticize cuz you cannot stand it when someone is improving your map so easily
modified by flothefreak
nice map in structure, really.
can i pimp this?
modified by Starparty
gosh, corrected a bit that crappy english up there
yes you may~~
Omagosh it will be pimped twice :P ( btw, the picture which panschk posted is from the link i gave above o_= which is me who did it :P ) --- > flothefreak -

"panschk's version of this map has a cool structure"
lol && who was the cool person that brought back this crazy old therad anyway
* * * Your map has been PIMPED * * *
Awsome look, but poor zergs... The gas will very hard for them...
modified by LGI
well it didnt play normal before either :) i put low amount of minerals in nat and main to prevent too cheesy rushes
lol updated everything, i forgot a small doodad :)
Haha, great one. Looks very interesting!
personally I think your other pimping (lol) were better. still a nice job, looks good.
I think it looks nice, too bad I didnt get to see it before update..
Btw, this map has been pimped twice lol! First trcc, now Starparty, mayby someone will try better :)
funy thing is that is was my first map ever and it was when i started making maps just because i wanted to try this wierd ass map

--eS-X.starpARTy vs flothefreak(1on1, 1.13)

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