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Last update for (2)Split Second : 2010, 09, 27 21:38
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4175 (2)Split Second 96*96Phobic0.5experimentalground

The map has been rated 60 times and got a total of 27 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Too tight and you might wanna remove the mineral onlies.
5 minute map soo simple man
what's wrong with simplicity?
X-species, after glancing through some of your maps I do not feel you are qualified to give me proper criticism that will help develop my mapping skills. The comment system on any mapping website is meant to help progress maps in the right direction, snide insults to the map like "5 minute map soo simple man" offer no substantial advice and are viewed as simple BM. Also the fact that you could only give a negative comment that would not progress the map in any way gives credit to the idea that you are not capable of properly reviewing a map in any way. If you are incapable of giving proper criticism it's best to give none at all.
X-species, after glancing through some of your maps I do not feel you are qualified to give me proper criticism that will help develop my mapping skills."

this part made me laugh lol

i loved split second lol still have that game on my pc :)

Now about the map

Let's start with the mains good thing is that you know what gas issue is and you put gas on the top for optimal mining, but you can enlarge the mains just a bit cuz you don't need that much of a anti tank wall.. after all terrans need a flying unit or a scanner to shoot up cliffs so.. :)

Next thing.. a good map has
1v1 - 3-4 gas and 1 min only (meaning 2 expos besides the natural, and min only is optional if map is big)

2v2 - 2v2 maps unlike 1v1 can go only with a natural and a third you don't need to oversatured them cuz 4players = 4 mains+4 nats+4 thirs that's 12 gas.. more than enought :)

and 3v3 maps can go with main+nat only

2 min onlyes in the same map aren't a good thing cuz they only take space and ppl need more gas than minerals so.. :) and the placement of your first min only is too close to the nat choke.. which i don't know about balance but it makes it look less prettyer and boring..

Now.. third gas.. you don't need to make HUGE spaces for a single expo.. i mean the third is bigger than the main it self ? (smaller things = more space for deco and creativity+better gameplay)

You can make the middle huge ugly looking bridge to two normal bridges around 3 squares each : (something like destination but with wider and shorter bridges)

Islands should be easy to defend if you want somebody to take his time getting one.. meaning minerals should be on the inside not muta harrasable like that with no place for turrets behind them and they should be bigger so players can build/hide stuff different than 1 cc :)

Overall it's a nice map supose it's not one of your first since you already know about SCM Draft and Gas issue :)

modified by LasTCursE
modified by LasTCursE
Actualy this is my first melee map, I persued it while I learned the basic stuff after rage-quitting my attempts at ums mapping.
The original is alot less decent...
modified by Phobic
modified by Phobic
lol @ LAStcurse
modified by coV
Minonlies are okay,though..
Imo you could do some experimental thing:
instead of putting mins near the cliff, put them more into the middle of the map. this may seem stupid, but it could furthermore enhance the battle between both players?
You mean swap the position of the cliffs and the minonlies,the ones that are right outside nat, and open up a little building room where the expo would be? that would make 4 minonlies in center of map that would easily be accesable and hard to keep(depending apon the amount of build room it could be made a little easier to keep), also making the middle minonlies so open would make me want to have something like 12 mineral chunks with 750-1200 each. I also like the side expos the way they are, now what I like is not as important to the map as balance however it is the layout of the map so perhaps making it unbuildable in certain spots would be better then changing the layout.
First thing you guys need to look at when commenting on a map is if it plays decently and if there are any glaring, obvious problems with balance.

-The Main2nat distance is too long
-The mains are weird, too long
-2 minonlys and 1 gas expo per player, without counting islands = disadvantage for zergs in zvt and zvp
-Large middle route makes gameplay boring, side paths are a little too inconvenient to take
-Gas expoes on sides are very hard to defend
-lot of wasted space, as a result of a 2 player map being made in spacious 128x128 format; i recommend 96x128 or 128x96.
-No good overlord spots
-islands give advantage more to protoss, especially in pvt, where a few cannons can protect from even a huge drop.
-Huge middle makes it harder on terran in tvz and prolly in tvp
this is a 96x96 map
holy crap ur right

i still recommend 96x128 or 128x96 over 96x96 for a 1v1 (2)player map
The size should not matter if I manage the space correctly
whats the point in commenting if your blinded doggedness to refute all criticisms makes you blind to respectful and constructive comments?

And you avoid my main comment's criticisms with a slight variation of the two wrongs make a right logical fallacy.

Just think about the criticism
Tried doing alot of possibly stupid things.. tell me how stupid i was...
I actually liked the diagonal ramps as opposed to the verticle ones.
Could you have those and keep the back door thing as well?

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