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Last update for (2)2012 v1.2 : 2011, 01, 10 21:45
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4176 (2)2012 v1.2 96*128LasTCursE aka. FliSky0.1betaground

The map has been rated 48 times and got a total of 5 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Haven't touched the scm draft in a quite some time but today i've decided to look up some of my old maps and what could be made better in them :)

so for this one i knew that the distance was too close with those small ramps so i removed them completly (made ground around the edge unwalkable ofc) and enlarged by 2 the ramp in the end

Removed 1 gas from corner expos

Also added 1 mineral to mains and moved starting locations 3 hex closer to the ramp

any suggestions :)
modified by LasTCursE
I like. Though without the small ramps, it seems too linear. Maybe make a path to the corner expos from the middle.
i like it too but im not digging the outsider nats...too safe imo
if i remove the building blockers it will become a nightmare defending.. :(

that's not a bad idea about the path from the middle i'll see what i'll come up whit :)

MORE!! lol
modified by LasTCursE

i dont no these are my thoughts
arrows - ramps so it can more harassable and flanakblbe but the bad side is i think distances are kind of close.
X- make the ramp smaller just a tad bit not much
square- get rid of the minonly and put neutral buildings or just block it off completly
M- is put a minolny (not sure about this one)
?- i dont know lol

feel free to disagree

and your dl is broken :(
modified by coV
basicly you want me to make it like the prevous version lol ?

(Dl works now)
modified by LasTCursE
LOL i just saw that...why didnt just update from the 1st version?

well i dont know...with only 1 way of exiting/entering it'll be easy to defend
cuz i don't remember what password i put on the last one lol.. about the 1 way thing i'm not a big fan of it too but i can't see otherwise.. may be make the high ground thing your natural moving the minerals opening the door completly removing the path and making the prevous natural as an expo.. what do you think ?

Added 2 square ramps at prevous location
Removed The Natural Ramp
Removed Min Onlyes (Replaced with eggs+arbiter[Triatlon])
Removed Mineral wall expo (Changed to natural)
Removed Natural Building Blockers

Further things that might change:

Closing path between prevous natural and the new one
Making Main Choke Smaller

Any Ideas,Suggestions you guys wanna add ? :)
modified by LasTCursE
ahh cool change, i like it but you should one of the naturals a minonly or add a minonly but that might be too much
it has 4 gas expos + main for each player i think that missing a min only isn't a big deal besides it's not that big of a map :)

(and for the first time in my life pathing works exactly how i want it to) lol
modified by LasTCursE
Is the main entrances like 7 squares wide?
yeah it wasn't build with the purpose of being a nat door lol

i'll fix it

Main Chokes made smaller (Blockable by rax and 1 supply depot)
Slight Deco Adjustments on the mains and the middle
modified by LasTCursE
Fix the natural ramp into a normal one, the current one
just doesn't fit in IMO.

Also, fix the third gas/old natural entrance direction a bit to the north so it matches the flow of that part of the map. It's a small detail but details is important (IMO).

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Heres an quick example. you could probably make it look much better :)
modified by Kinosjourney
i don't understand what do you mean by making it a normal ramp..

or what's wrong with the old nat's choke

they seem fine to me :/

modified by LasTCursE
modified by LasTCursE
He means the natural ramp is weirdly angled and that you should make it the standard 30 degree ramp.

And that you should point the third base's chokepoint away from the middle and more towards the natural.
i think the waird angle ramp fits perfectly to the expo tho :S

i'll see what i can do
The map is fine, just that my suggestions would smoothen the flow of the map in my opinion. :)
it's proubably true but i'm more of a deco guy :D and want it to look nicer cuz ppl don't play it anyway they busy with python -.- :(
People are busy with Fighting Spirit, not Python :)
same shit
Noooo, Fighting Spirit is 100 times better than Python. Both aren't very imaginative but FS is much more balanced and sexier. Python is disgustingly open and imbalanced.

Also, the majority of maps here on BWMN including yours would be much better than the current iCCup maps and popular multiplayer maps. I'd rather ladder on this map than Destination or Python/Fighting Spirit.

If the iCCup admins would stop listening to the idiots who keep crying once they change the map pool and start adding 2-3 maps from the BWMN database each MOTW iCCup would be a much better place. I could easily find 100+(seriously) maps worthy of laddering on here.
modified by Kinosjourney
yeah but ppl are faggots and the way their minds work is
"BISU played this MAP!!! so i'm gonna be bisu(a pro)if i play only this map YEAH!!"
I'd like this better if the expo above/below the mains (3rd gas?) was the nat and the current nat made into the 3rd gas. If you don't like this, atleast make the nat properly wallable for pvz FE somehow.

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