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Last update for (2)Eden of Aiur : 2006, 05, 03 21:13
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
419 (2)Eden of Aiur 128*128AiurZ1.4final

The map has been rated 77 times and got a total of 105 points

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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

I couldn't think of a name just yet so it's unnamed =[

I made this map because of the map preview system that was introduced in StarCraft, because I would make Lost Temple, then when I joined a fastest possible space game and looked at the preview before it finished, it showed a converted lost temple, except since the terrain isnt the same it was changed up.

So I took the general changes it had (12 and 6 became islands, and the existing islands were walkable) and started building on it.

This map started as the WGT12 version of Gamei Temple, although now it bears essentially no semblance to it.

There are a few stray gases here and there, like where there is broken cliffs, but they have 0 gas.
No name?
May I make a suggestion?
If so, I recommend "Pineapple Ruins" because the ruins in the middle of the map kind of reminds me of Spongebob. :P

just name it "Aiur Z" like someone else recommended
Aiur Zeratul -_-;
"En Taro Aiur" would be cool too-_-
en taro tassadar!
I like panschk's idea.
Boongee's second idea would be cool too. :P
I named it Eden of Aiur (En taro Aiur sounded weird to me, probably because I didn't like the repeated vowel sounds)

I've been mostly playing around with the 12/6 gases, and the placement I have now was the best I could think of to balance speed and vulnerablility.

What I'm worried most about on this map right now is (tvp) it looks like terrans can push slowly to their mineral only, then use the bridge in the back of their base to push towards the corner expos, and then slowly a bit forward to take the 12/6 expo. To counteract this I was thinking about adding some bridges to 12 and 6, giving players the opportunity to use that as a side path rather than exclusively an expo.
the dentist
fuckin good map
no it isn't
why are you bumping all aiurz's maps with such subjective comments?

expansion layout on this one is horrible
the dentist
"expansion layout on this one is horrible"

don't say anything negative about a map if you can't be specific enough for him to use it. you're making this site horrible.
he is quite long on this site, he has made several maps and he has seen many maps with a good expansion layout. with some deliberation, he can see by himself which expo-spots are good for the gameplay and which not. he is no newb or such, he is (imo) just not paying attention to what he knows. that is why i don't see a point in explaining things he already knows and has seen 100 times.
the dentist
sorry, saying "expansion layout is horrible" is not a good contribution. you don't even say who it is horrible for, what matchups it makes imbalanced or unfun, the only factors that matter besides prettiness.

instead you've given us a 100 word essay showing only that YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE.
corner expos are way too far away from combat zone.

12/6h expos are way too close together, have only 1 small tiny bridge leading to them and have way too close airdistance to the mainbases.

the two center minonlies look odd for gameplay and aren't pos. balanced.

i didn't say a word about balance or matchups, silly. it's all about gameplay.

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