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Last update for (4)Iota Outlands : 2011, 03, 21 03:31
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4208 (4)Iota Outlands 128*128Phobic0.6betaground

The map has been rated 57 times and got a total of 33 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Wow im not sure wether to like or not to like that mineral entrance thingy..
though i like the concept, the natural will be target or terrible early harras, in form of T pushing 2 fac or powergoon, i dont know.

also: proxy rax anyone? :P

And one question: is this supposed to bve for 2on2? or 1on1on1on1? or even both? :)
Crticisim, Recomendations, and Comments would be highly desired.
-Download broken
-Cool center Me likes
-Confusing mineral blockage I'm not sure if I'm supposed to open the ramp to get to my expo or not O.o
I'm guessing early wall -> expand and defend both openings - after that almost impossible to expand unless opponent is going crazy with defense.
-Difficulty expanding is a negative for zerg.
-BTW i had a hard time finding bad stuff so gj!
Download now works(for me at least).
Yup it works now.
Cool map :D
Why you have 2 gasses at main? How much is the mineral block at the ramp? Mineral wall feels still pretty stupid and doesn't really have anything to do in gameplay.

Minonly is way, way, way too open. Overall, this looks pretty boring. :/
One of the geysers(bottom on all) is depleted
Early beta map, was seeing how a few ideas I had would play out
The mineral wall allows the choke to be opened to a larger choke.
The mineral on the ramp is 8 so walling the main choke wont prevent an (enemy)scout[Yay zerg] but will still provide a choke that 1 zealot can block
I do agree the min-only is very open, I'm gonna confine it
Heh heh AI is so dumb it expanded between the minonly and the blockage :D

Been trying to fix the min-onlies.
On a side note what is the best image hosting site to use in conjunction with this website?
modified by Freakling
Okay now I just got that bullshit settled heres an edit. I modified the main chokes so that the main can be walled better. I did alot of deco work and basicaly made a giant fixerup edit.
modified by Phobic
I fixed that rat-tail of modification notifiers :D
Feel like I could use some comments on the recent edit plz. And I didn't do what I had thought of doing in the post a little above this one so be sure to check the top most picture and refresh !!
modified by Phobic
First glance.. I like it, Im really digging the mains choke.
How ever:
I hate those weird min onlys they look terrible, try something different IMO, some fresh idea.
I also really dislike the mineral and gas positionings on the 3rd gas expo.

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