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Last update for (4)Arena 1.1 : 2007, 03, 24 19:24
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
428 (4)Arena 1.1 128*128Starparty2.9final

The map has been rated 84 times and got a total of 244 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Notice the "space tree" doodads in the center. they were placed quite frequently to perhaps create a cover for melee units vs ranged units. Also tanks placed under those trees will be better protected vs ranged units in a push.

Otherwise a straightforward center power map which currently has no major flaws detected.
The name is absolutely right, this is an arena and i like the shape of the map. It really looks like mass unit battles in the center. The min-only is quite close to the natural, easier to take and cover. Very straight map, i like it.
Aren't all those trees going to hinder unit movement?

Looks very solid and playable;)
quite close start locs, could be hard for z :0
How can the locations be close?? they are in the four corners, like most of the maps and your maps too :/ I don't understand.. Id say zerg has a close 2nd expand that favor him..
well the entrances to main is facing towards middle and the expos are even more middle :o
i might be wrong
havent checked it in editor
It's not as close as the chokes on forte. 9rax or double 10rax rush are dangerous here, but not unholdable imo.
The "trees" are supposed to help zealots vs hyds and tanks vs goons.
Good game panschk?
Well, this map is quite well designed, the look is great and really fits to the name :)

Though it may have a good balancing, the map is kinda it inspired by LT?
My first thought seeing this map was a re-structuring of LT and reducing the bases structures to a mixture of 3 and 9 o'clock position.

gasnat with cliff, minonly in front of it, quite open middle, 2 isles. the only major difference seemed to be the cliff reaching to the mainbase.

Don't get me wrong, it is a nice balanced map, maybe favouring z a bit as LT does (gasnat quite good to defend [although not very good], open middle), but this should be no problem.
The point I want to mention is that the map is sort of standard-product. Beside the idea of mapping it as an arena, there is no real creativity, no real strategic speciality, that makes it typical, or better, unique while playing it. The map is good, no question about that.
But the map has no idea, no uncommon possibility or structure...
Every mapper could create it, probably not as well as u did it, but players playing the map won't find a trait that makes the map special/unique and let the players say "there is no map where this game could have been like that"

so: very good map, but no creativity concerning the gameplay
One the one hand, i'd say you're right. There is nothing "new" about it. It is a map like almost every map, with known ideas from already existing maps. But that's mapping somehow. Most maps have this design with a expansion near the choke, another expansion right next to your main or expansion. And it is so because it's proven one of the best systems for BW.

This map reduces everything to the known ideas and combines or redefines it in an other shape, with almost flawless balancing. I't really may favour Z a bit, but the map is caled Arena, and is built like an Arena, so you have to be aware of that before you "join that Arena" ;)

I`d say it`s a realy beautifull and clean map. Not a "standard product".

When i look at the maps in the BW4Ever mappool i.e., there are a lot of "pro" maps, which aren't as good as this one. And you can't deny that "pro" isn't the same as "standard" :P

Just my 2 cent ;)
This map actually is a bit of a experiment. But not a gameplay experiment. Its rather an experiment to see reactions on :/ Neverending whining have we recieved on our maps for being totally unplayable and unbalanced and everyone screams for a map like this. So. I deliver one. What do i get? Take a wild guess :P

I apreciate your comments on this map, but it really isnt neccesary :P I made it with all the standard concepts which has been tried out over and over again and the map really is balanced enough for competitive play. Im not speaking out of arrogance, rather experience. But as i said, thanks anyway.
:P ow comeone ^^ i KNOW this is standard, just wanted to discuss a bit :P ^^
this map seems to actually be liked a bit here and there..
You only push your maps, i know it :P

btw, i like this map ^^ it's so "basic" that no one really can say something against it.
actually -you- push my maps by commentation on both pirates and götter :P
I just realized something.

You should get this map on PGT. people will actually want to play on it!
it would be betetr if someone else did it :) might look like less of a self pomotion :P
yes this map should have been in the PGT poll.. its a good one... imo your best starparty ;)
I think it's like LT(number of expansions are same...)...but the balance would be better since LT has quite unbalanced point due to the unsymmetry of the ramp located.
this map looks an awful lot like my map Chaos Circuit.
Well yeah, actually both are on space tileset!
Also changed it to a softer version, hope it's ok. If not, just upload the old version again, still the same name.
how do you do the "soft" pictures? when i resize in PS those previous images was what i got :P
huh.. i just took a look at the picture and i saw a lot of doodads in the middle

is that the newest version ?
That is just the image made with scmdraft. mapconvert as well as scmtojpg don't display the doodads correctly, and cut them off.
We just had our clanmeeting, and this map was played quite a lot on it. There were a couple of really nice games, check out the replaypackage:

Maybe easier like this^^
Have you played ToE also? :´(
*download* ^^

still interesting games
I played two games vs nK)Corvus (former [FP]-clan member still active in our forums and at clanmeetings) on it. TvZ, lost one, won one and the win game was pretty good. I still forgot to save the replay it seems :[
Then use Penguin Plug Panschk.^^
first word: PenguinPlug
because of the second word, that is part of the first: AutoReplaySaver :D
scoutWBF > me :[
does it save the reps with good names too?
it names them like this:

0001 [5 starting-letters of player 1] [5 starting-letters of player 2] ([5 starting-letters of player 3] [5 starting-letters of player 4]).rep

it's not the best way, but you can see the player gaming, and it's not just for having all reps- it's for the use of having every rep you'll need some day ;)

you can see the map and shit in bwchart anyway, when you open this folder in bwchart
Man so good and smooth, and well-rounded balance gj man =P
It just came to my mind that carriers will really rock here ingame :D
(no criticism or anything, hell no, it's just what fell to me right now^^)
yea i know, with the walls and stuff. we'll see if its too powerfull
if the terran owns a island he has perfect vision over that highground part of the map perhaps?
Played some zvp's on this map, it's really easy to get three bases. I uploaded 3 reps zvp on it, the last two i get 3 bases very easily.
It's only because I suxxorz, decaf, and you know it.

btw, I am guru_pekkel.
Btw, the low ground of this map is just like a Dragoon unit. Too bad the map is now very well known as Arena, there could be some Dragoons name or something... :)
Eh, thats probably the case ;)
Your comment
This map just kicks ass - it screams for some major battles in the center, with some nice harassment.
Very nice 9/10.
that's for sure :)
PGTour Season VI! Hope someone plays it :)
yeah man!
Congratulations from me.
God damn it! GOOD JOB! DAMN!!!!!!!!!! WOHOOOOOO


W O R L D D O M I N A T I O N ! ! !

And btw i can't open pgtour i don't know whats wrong is there more from bwmn?
Ops, i answer my question, thx :D
Standart map. Dunno why this map in pgt pack.
That is the whole point. It is supposed to be a standard map that anyone can play and feel comofrtable with. It is also in the GGL, so that is another reason. ^_^
yeah. all people complaining about imbalanced user maps (like you do all the time if it's nit your map) shall be satisfied with that map.
well, but there are those arrogant and ignorant guys, too. those who then complain about the map being too standard

unfortunately the fun with will end when panschk return and sees how much hate you get due to your ridiculos behaviour. then he'll probably try to moderate us again 8[
why isn't the bwmn tag on the bottom right of the map on the pg tour pic?
if they removed it, it would be bitchy. the mapdori-logo is displayed on every image, too
There really is NO BWMN LOGO!

See it yourself!
they got the image before we made the png logo :p
starparty, can it be that cliff drops on the bottom positions can not do much? I think when we want LT-gameplay, the cliffs need to be powerful.

I will test some..
well it is possible to kill a normally placed CC on each position from cliff. But you really need to know exactly where to put the tanks on the bottom positions to do so. clifflurx wont do much obviously.

maybe you should move bottom pos cliffs a tiny bit for the bwcl version.
i was also thinking about making the center a bit smaller too since it seems to be zerg favoured
ya, do that. would be senisble I think
Yeah, I think the map is a bit too open as well. Especially the nat is too open imo, which makes PvT very easy to me.
which nat
Look at the reps to see what I mean.
Free Image Hosting at
I like the changes made. Have you made the nat a bit more narrow as well? If not, I think that'd help as well. This map keeps looking better and better ^^
the entire map is practically narrowed down 1 hex on all sides
Too narrow/cramped in the jpg
Free Image Hosting at
1st is too narrow.
2nd looks better.

also quite tight (should balance pvz) and maybe a little bit disadvantaging protoss in pvt. but as carriers rock this map, np imo
panschk, opinions?
its kinda fun to read this entire thread, sicne this map has been around a bit :)

boongee "this map should be in pgt" hehehe
1. one was horrible. Much too tight :O
2. one is okay, I would make those blocking things a little bit smaller

Cliffs look nice like that :)
i dunno.. check in the editor.. its quite big as it is.
I wouldn't change it.
Second one is better.
I wouldn't change it.

True. Best as it is. The two versions look like BS. Don't change it.

At least do the cliffs update. About the middle I am less sure, but I actually do not like the space tree forest, looks like some day it could really mess up a tvp or zvt game.

Change the blocking thing in the middle of each players big min only choke from " T " to " I " , i hope you know what I mean :O

But please do the update :)
something had to be done. its not like on neo forte where you secure first expo really easy. Its just like normal lt but with a bigger center :p It had to be cut down a bit
(and panschk, look in the html article at my suggestions)
I like this latest version
what do u use to take pictures of yur maps?
SCMDraft 2, mapconverter or scm2jpg

2) look filebase
3) google // if you understand german
--v mOsQ
Lost temple style ownz ?
first space lt nice job
I really despise this map. Too open. Too big center.
Racial imba,yeah.P & Z > T.Nevertheless I think a good T can handle this
This is a lot better for Terran than Luna.

--Panschk[FP] vs Zorg[FP](1on1, 1.13)
--decafchicken vs guru_pekkel(1on1, 1.13)
--decafchicken vs guru_pekkel(1on1, 1.13)
--decafchicken vs guru_pekkel(1on1, 1.13)
--decafchicken vs Rel(1on1, 1.13)
--ToT)Testie(rS vs rS.Habit(1on1, 1.13)
--LaO-Artanis vs Zoomer(1on1, 1.13)
--LaO-Artanis vs Rainbow(A)(1on1, 1.13)

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