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Last update for (2)Hebron : 2011, 07, 21 07:35
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4290 (2)Hebron 128*96ArcTimes0.3betaground

The map has been rated 70 times and got a total of 23 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Try to make everything in your map with a purpose not just to fill up space with it :P
This is my first map in this page.
I posted it because my friends say that is ugly, imbalanced and... ugly D:
I need help to improve this map and of course my mapping.

Thank for the fast response.
You made your comment before i could make mine. LOL
modified by ArcTimes
Hmm well the first thing that concerns is the easy three gas :O The corner gases are easy, because the Tower is 5000, but units atking it is blocked by the minerals.

Maybe Get rid of the two Random mountains in the middle to make bigger, along with the high dirt going near the y= x

Also at NE and SW expansions can be combinded with each other

And be sure to make gases way lower with the amount of gas, to mayb 2500 or 2000

favors T A bit ... but i dunno if im rite about all this
@crystaldrag I was thinking about the easy three gas and I was going to make the corner exp, mineral only, but i think the next gas (3th if the corner is mineral only) would be more difficult than normal.

What mountains are you talking about?

Thanks for your cooment. I going to check the geysers and reduce the amount of gas.
Hmmm the mountains i am talking about are the high grounds that need to reached with dropship etc. and cannot be reached with ramps.
I edited my map and now i fell it is like bloody ridge.I mean, with those 2 big ramps there.
I deleted the gas in the corner expantions.
I\'m going to put decoration doodads later :D
PD: How to download replays in this page?
modified by ArcTimes
Hmm, Rite now looking at your map i think its way better, but you should get rid of those smaller mountains for more open space ( rocky ground in the middle) And make an easier path than those bridges
Now I understand that thing about the mountains.
I'm not a native english speaker, and i didn't know what "get rid of" was :D
I made some changes. I didn't change those bridges becuase they seem cool :D I'm going to change them later. I was thinking that putting 2 bridges instead of 1 (like destination) would be a good idea, but there's no space.
I going to think about it tomorrow, or maybe later if i don't have anything else to do :D

Thank for the comments.
Map looks much better, just make those bridges
wider and then its good.
modified by crystaldrag
I edited again with the recomendations of crystaldrag.
I noticed that the main in 5 have a weird problem.
If you are zerg there, your creep is not complete when it's near the minerals.
I don't know if the map still have the same problem because i modified a lot of thing.

I'm going to try this map and still modifing it.
Then i'm going to decorate ir :D
Thank for the comments.
I made some changes. I reduce the size of the mains.
Reduce the size of two of the ramps.
Put some doodads :D
And some more.
I need to still improve it.
Tell me if you find imbalances, ugrly things, i don\'t know.
I need some recomendations.
PD: For some reason, when i click the image of my map, they show the old version of the map. :(
modified by ArcTimes
Arctimes, im using Opera as browser and it happens to be the same for me. No matter just press F5 and he will save the actual picture.

What i would do: block the highground behind the nats with 1 neutral building so that early muta harass and cliffdropping/reaver dropping becomes more interesting.. this could cause a more tensed game. Just a suggestion, your decision if you wanna follow it ;)
@Gnom Thanks for your comment.
I was thinking like that. I'm going to try both and see witch of them feels better :D
But I fhave a problem I don't know how to put neutral buildings and make them appear in the melee version.
That temple doesn't appear in the melee verion :(
If you or someone else can tell me how, thanks.
I put a sprite of the temple in the same place i had the temple. I don't know if it works.
I played some games in my map and i noticed that the rush distances are too short. Any solution?
Widen the middle but make the ramps smaller? so that the middle and ramps connect left and right, instead of up and down.. do you get the idea?
I think i got it.
You mean that if I connect the middle ramps you can pass from lefto to right crossing the ramp (srry for my english >.
I was thinking to change the choke and make easier to take the expansions of 1 and 11.
Doing this I can divide the map, but I don't know if it's a good idea.

Thanks for the response.
No. Not connecting the ramps.. more distance between them ;)
And thereby create a path that leads from east to west, making the main to main distance larger.
Well, I made a big change. I rid of the gases in expansions in 1 and 7. I changed the directions of the ramps. I put some buildings, etc, etc.
The image don\'t seem to change. Maybe later is going to appear the nwe one.

About the gameplay, it feels like blue storm, i mean, you have to go to your third, then you can go to the center. But it doesn\'t feel that good, i need sugestions :(

EDIT: It seems that the image is ok now :)
modified by ArcTimes
Please help :'(
Woahhhhhh!! Me like this much better than the last one ㅅ.ㅅ

Me like this alot! :D
Deco + Blocking tank holes == ㄱㄱ map :D
I just changed the name.
Do you think i can make this map final?
There are something else i can change?
Mayb remove one tower each, and make more of the middle unbuildable. And deco :D
One tower? what do you mean?
The Xel naga of the big ramp or wich one that is blocking the min only┐
I made some deco. Actually it is a random placement of doodads. I don't know anything about decorating a map. I just open fighting spirit, i put it in 25% size, and i saw a lot of random doodads, so i tried myself.

modified by ArcTimes
Im making a suggestion picture for this as well.
Congestion is not the main issue it's proper neutral building use and changing the layout somewhat for better gameplay.
Yes, i understand. I wanted to do something like blue storm or match point. But the space in the ramps is not enough.

1 Red - Get rid of the power generators and make this ramp smaller. The idea is to fix the unit pathing on this map.

2 Red - Push this ramp out and section off a part of the bigger existing ramp. This is to make gameplay more entertaining.

3 Red - Same as 2 Red except bigger ramp.

4 Gold - Get rid of one of the xel naga temples. This is for gameplay as this route will be used more because of this.

5 Orange - Cut off part of the wall and put it on the other side. The idea is to make the xel naga path wider so it has more of an appeal to an attacker.

6 Yellow - Create an alternate path to that high dirt passage that leads to the neutral base. less linear gameplay.

7 Green & Black - Delete that xel naga temple. Reshape the land and put a bridge with nothing blocking (open bridge) to the min-only.

8 Green & Black - Enlarge this bridge and push the dirt further in. This path won't be largely used untill late game so it will need to be bigger.

9 Dark Red - Mistakes I made when making picture ignore this area and leave it as it is.

10 Dark Red - Leave this area open, another mistake.

11 Purple - Make a water or doodad spot here. It will make run bys easier to deal with.

12 Lavender - Make this expo and island and push it up a goldilocks amount(not too much not too little). Now cut that corner off of the wall to this min-only. This is for decongestion.

13 Grey - Add a geyser to this expo as it is now the third. Pushing the third closer to the main is not a mistake. When you cut that Lavender section off this will make a better third as it is easier to get to.

14 Indigo - Make this a mineral only expo. This will replace the old one. This is mostly a balance issue.

Un-Numbered Brown spots. Flood with deco and doodads except for near 14 Indigo and where the 12 Lavender islands ends up. Instead put those doodads/deco where the 12 Lavender expo was.

And most importantly take this as advice that you can expand on or only do partly/not at all. Keep the map as unique as you can so you develop your own style.

I made some changes, again.
Third changed.
Mineral only behind third, no island.
I changed the middle ramps
No finished deco.

What do you think?
Why do you put dirt doodads on high dirt? O_o
I changed the terrain, and i didn't get rid of those doodads xD
FOrgot the doodads now. I'm going to make deco later.
I have a problem with this map.
I edited it. I wanted to try it, and the game crashed after creating the game D:
I can't play it anymore x.x
It doesn't matter is not a good map,this happend me before with Frealking's "Micromalism".
Maybe is a doodad, a sprite, or something else that is crashing the map. I need help!!!
Try creating a new one and copying it over. If it still crashes you really did something invalid. If it doesn't the map file is corripted. You can try saving it under another name, but often there's no fix.
I always use the obs/melee version (i.e. saving the map as both alternatingly while I'm working on it) as a backup while creating the map.
I recommend you submit this map for the BWMN Showcase Tourney

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