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Last update for (2)Awakening : 2011, 05, 28 06:48
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4336 (2)Awakening 96*128ArcTimes0.4betaground

The map has been rated 52 times and got a total of 23 points

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Comments:   GMCS (6 elements)

Another map :D!!!
This time on space.
I have a question:
How the hell i make the deco in this tileset?
There really isnt much decoration doodads in space, only the ones that have unwalkable/unbuild, so you need to mix plating with platform and use some plating doodads.

Is that min only suppose to be an island? cause you cant kill those crystals.

3rd looks ez to protect?

cant flank too much, you could use some unsued space to enlarge side paths

i think this is good improvement your showing :D
Thanks :D!
Yes, i know that i can kill those crystal. I put them because the path to min only looked too big
Maybe that was unnecessary.

I don understand that "3rd looks ez to protect?\"
WHat's ez? easy?

About the flank, you are right. I'm going to try to change that :)

PD. I changed the image and it looks wierd :(
modified by ArcTimes
Jea the third is easy to protect, because it is in the corners of the map, and has a little choke.

reminds me a bit of my map "Dead Space" :p

you can may be optimize some stuff to open more space :
but overall seems nice :P
modified by LasTCursE
Main seems huge, nat is huge, Min only also is quite big - and whow are those crystals supposed to work? - And the middle seems tight, linear and awkward.
Esay 3rd wouldn't be that much of a problem if the middle was wider and more open.
Its not bad, but it encourages such splitty map tactics.. i really dislike that, and map looks a bit tight, I have a felling tanks will own bad hear..
@LastCurse xD I stole your ramps D: But just that. I swear!!!

@Freakling Yes, I'm going to change it. The problem is that in the editor everything seems small. I'm not used to that yet. >.<

@sTY_leZerG-eX Yep. I tried to make something like Match Point with two paths. One small and other big. In the big one is where late game action is going to take place.
A new update yeeeey.
I reduce main nat and mineral only size.
I change the middle a little.
I added more ramps and some more things.
What do you think?
Check the GMcS :P

I only did for top half, it goes for bottom half too
Thanks for the recomendations.
I think that lings can't pass through the small path. There's an small rock :D
Oh you sneaky... :O
New update :)

Ramps added in high plattform.
There were a tank "hole" in the lowground expansions. Solved. It seems weird, but i think it's ok.

I also make part of the high plattform unbuildable:

I made some paths wider... and some other changes.
modified by ArcTimes
Really? nothing? :(
I think it needs one more expansion each side.
humm dont like the neutral buildings or the min only.. I think you could + a min only in the middle edge.
Im digging the ramps you used from Map which I uploaded (:
Taking a closer look at ur ramps.. hum u made a mistake.. both sides are not the same, you have a mistake in one of the platform 2 low platform ramps.. (The small ones, fined it fix it)
Hahaha, you are right, now i see it.
About the neutral building... why you don't like it :( I like them xD. I think is good for harras and drops. And yes, the middle edge seems empty. I was also thinking about making a mineral only between main and third, but would be tight, and all the expansion would be near. Maybe a min only, or maybe i can reduce amount of gas in other gaysers and make it a gas expansion. I'm going to think about that later.

And i like those ramps. They seem a bit different from the other two but i like it. :)
I think it's too easy for t to get 3rd T can defend everything from the high ground.
Is there any way you can push that high ground up towards the 3rd so this doesn't happen?
Referring to what K_A said; why not put the expos nearby the main paths, to cause an intense fight over the middle?

Ps: feels good to visit bwmn again :)
D: I don't understand!!!
Wait. I understand about the easy third.. what if i connect the nat path with the third and the ramp of the third, wider?
Where is phobic when you need a nice big image of your map full of suggestions?...

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