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Last update for (2)Eros Route : 2011, 09, 03 01:37
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4334 (2)Eros Route othersTY_leZerG-eX0.5betaground

The map has been rated 46 times and got a total of 23 points


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Comments:   GMCS (2 elements)

Ok division has been made, 4 freaklins petition!

Eros means love, in Greek..
As map name suggests the path leading base2base is a tight little corridor with the shape of an S
Map size is 128 112.

The thing about this map is that expos are so hard to expand upon and 2 actually keep. Many things are flankable, and some even tankable or very harassable. Nat for example is flankable, tankable, and just a deadly zone to defend against mutas or heavy micro units, and it HAS NO GAS. The next nat (near by expo) doeas have a gas, but its covered by a neutral creep colony, that will force none zerg players to destroy this before expanding.
Due to the fact of how hard expoing is, main has been rewarded with 11 min patches.
One problem I see, is that map is very splity, its very likely for the map 2 be cut in 2 by players, due to the expo positioning.
Where players decide armies will meet is crucial, because of the openness and tightness, and high ground/lowground factors of the map.
Middle wil practically be un buildable.
But all in all map looks fun to play.
modified by sTY_leZerG-eX
Im not sure, but if you put tanks a bit further from the high sand dunes at 1 and 7 can T hold those three bases easily?
Your strange nat layout with that huge open backdoor makes any kind of FE build infeasable.
You have too big vocabulary Freakling.
@crystaldrag Humm, maybe, but its a very large choke that requires a good amount of thanks to hold, (Plus with deco I might make a good chunk of it un buildable) Its also flankable and it has many areas of where it can be harassed.

@Freakling well thats the thing eh? Again a different variation or alteration of traditional builds is needed, also consider the fact that the first available expo is a min only..
Something also worth considering is the large distances main2main and nat2nat, with the right micro delay this should give players a critical amount of time to settle the defense.
@Crystal: Er... What?

@LeZerg: No. It's just T<>P. When have you last seen a map with balanced 1 base builds?
can't wait to see this one finished ^^
So no suggestions/changes 4 this 1 ??
Only suggestion is to make the compound thing at the nat unwalkable cuz it covers too much space when you put a tank up there..
I added two GMCS, those are my only suggestions.
The map looks awesome at the moment and will look even better with deco :)
What's the white thing behind nats? ice? Why there is ice in desert and how did you put that there?
Yes man, its ice!! There is ice because it looks cool, and I put it there with a special hack :D
I want that hack. You can puto desert in ice maps :D?
Can you put water in space or space in jungle?
lol no ArcTimes im joking!! :D its not ice hhahah its just the desert version of a temple in the jungle title set!
Unfortunately one cant mix title sets, it would be really cool tho..
But i don't have that either
Finish this!!
The middle is interesting, but the rest is a mess imo. Without changing the middle, make the mains top right/bottom left and make alterations as necessary to facilitate that change.

Also, picture is fucking bright, I think you've out-brighted nastymarine now...
crystal had a map with a more blinding picture than lezerg :D
lol yes i saw that one

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