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Last update for (2)Azure Twins : 2011, 07, 08 03:22
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4352 (2)Azure Twins otherK_A1.0betaground

The map has been rated 68 times and got a total of 71 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

looks Nice :D
Looks Kinda hard to flank
modified by crystaldrag
I can't download it, but tanks in mains can't attack enemy's natural?
wow you guys are fast

My newest map

Originally there was a path between the mains, but the rush distance was too short, so I removed it. (I completely stole some of Crystals terrain)

Deco isn't complete, and there are still some areas that I haven't fully finished yet, but you get the basic idea.

modified by K_A
Mayb hit geyser, but nothing past it. O.o Just a guess from counting the matrix on the picture XD

Jea the terrain looked familiaR XD

DL Broken, XD
modified by crystaldrag
I'm just watching my probes being raped by tanks when try to send them to the expansion in the corner, also my units if i tried to go through that path to defnd, for example. >.<
IT wouldnt be a bad idea to make it high ground and have it to be like a HBR nat.

You play toss ARC?
You can always go around :)
DL fixed
Mkay. So tankable over that chasm, how bout instead of water, high bascilla, which blends well with bascilla? :D

Consider High bascilla + Flagstone at 7 and 1

very weird at the nats.... first no turret space. O.o And also Bascilla blend to the lower ground flagstone, no idea how vision would work out

Make tiny bit more unwalkable terrain so they cant hit each others nats

Push the min onlys back into the edge
Yes, i play toss and vultures killing probes are enough xD. And yes the other way is good for probes but if terran is atacking that way would be really difficult to defend.
Nat with two open entrances is just T>Z>P and having the backdoor being tankable from the enemy's main doesn't help at all.
Terran can just push around one route, taking a shiltoad of expos o the way and defend the other route with some tanks in his main. Everything is just tight and there's almost no reasonable flank routes/space
The two enterances just makes it harder for p to forge fe, but it also makes it harder for t to defend.
I'm working on changing some of the terrain around the main to high basilica to weaken tanks a bit.

Cliff vision blocked around around the opponents natural.
Minonly pushed backwards.

modified by K_A
How does it make it any harder for T? Just place some sieged up tanks around your main and your enemy can't move anywhere.
Terran just needs to wall one path and maybe a bunker with some tanks, and if i choose to attack through the path that have better defense, i have to go around half of the map xD!!

I take it you've only played vs the computer if at all. Noone is dumb enough to run into enemy fire. Even if T has siege tanks all around their main, the other player can still expand to more than half of the map. Every game I've played so far both sides teched to drop
I didn't play it xD I have to admit that i'm just guessing, but it seems pretty easy for T to attack the protoss for the path that is near his main. And it doesn't seem difficult to denfend nat for T.
Hot first glance I like it, but distances look 2 short.. maybe add some neutral blocks?
It's actually really far away by ground. It just looks close.
Soo. The update was only... Making other players nat untankable from main, and 2 doodads on those ridges? ^^
And i found out what your name stands for, started laughing at it XD
modified by CrystalDrag
He is Killer Bad At Making Maps :3
Reason: Every player testing this map hates him for making the distance to the main too short by tank range(get tanked mining gas, rallying to ramp, etc.)

Hey 3ffa why don't you make a perfectly balanced map and then we'll talk ;)
Ya know what? I'll cut you a break, just make a map with starting locations and observer triggers and I'll be surprised Mr. "Noone cares about tech stuff"
modified by K_A
Answered that whole thing in-game today no need to continue with that little statement
Ok so the old map was too tight so I had to redo the entire thing in a different size. This one is on 128x192 Instead of 96x128. I only uploaded the image, but this is what I've got so far.
I guess that gets rid of the "tank-owning all" problem
I love the new image. Looks like Star Craft II quality graphics.(In other words I really like the set up) Then again I'm a sucker for Dark Templars and Shakuras :3
tank own all problem -> too huge a map problem :\
It's not that big is it? It's basically an inverted map. It needs to be bigger because the "middle" which has to be open is on the edges of the map.
Only that you now have like four "middles" (i.e. main battle fields)... I think your basic problem was that you tried to fit too much stuff into one map from the start.

Try 128x112 if you really want to do a concept like this.
Arent the open nats the bigger proglem? As a matter of fact, this could use some CDRBP..?
Please finish this im lokking forward to it..
'tis gonna be awsome :)
What I'd do:

- 128 x 112
- remove the island expos
- block one nat entrance
Problem with blocking one nat enterance is that it blocks the path to the other bases natural both ways. I could still do it, but it would nearly double the rush distance which is already about the entire length of the map.
What's wrong with my islands? :(
Takes too much space, could use that area for the corner expos instead while shrinking map, hard to def highground, can only get if have highground.
What Crystalmuk said - the island don't add much to the map and take up the space you'd need to make the concept work out on a reasonably sized map.
I'll find some time to redo this... hopefully for the last time.
Wth its suppose to be mudkip. -_-

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