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Last update for (2)Resonance 1.1 : 2016, 12, 07 00:24
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4353 (2)Resonance 1.1 128*96Jungleterrain0.4finalground

The map has been rated 56 times and got a total of 23 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Hello I haven't made a map in awhile. Here's one.
I almost forgot about this site. Sorry! I've been trying to get back into Starcraft/mapmaking since I took a 2-3 month break. I know I have other unfinished works but I'll see what I can do.

Good thing school is over! Summer...
Too bad the image is bad quality, but maybe you can download it.

I haven\'t really tested the map, but I believe it is terran favored. There is a variety of paths, but it might be easy to turtle. The mineralonly expo holds 6 mineral patches, each with 1000 minerals.
The exposed gas expo has 6 patches, each with 1000 minerals, 1 vespene geyser with 3000 (I think) gas.

I think the overlord spot might be too small. The natural might also seem awkward (I don\'t know, I\'ve never been good with natural expansions). I was also wondering if a Zerg\'s 3rd gas was easy to secure?

Edit: The entrance into the main can be lingtight blocked by a Barracks. I haven't tested Protoss FE wallins, and TvZ Mech seems to be very powerful on this map thanks to the short distances from nat choke to opponent's expo possibilities.

Comments, criticisms, etc.?
modified by jungleterrain
sTY_leZerG-eX what program do you use for map pictures? Yours always look so awesome!

Ermm... And where is... erm... like... you know... Resonance I !??
modified by Freakling
Well well well welcome back jungle :P

rly nice map you made there :) kinda reminds me of that new proleague one ^^
modified by LasTCursE
Haha, yes me too. Alternative xD
But this looks better :P
Resonance 1 was a fail attempt 4 player map, so I didn't finish it. I like this one better.
modified by JungleTerrain
jungleterrain alive !!!!
Hahahah so there are people who like my pics :) lol even when others say "its 2 shiny" or "sore on the eyes"
I personally use one called photoscape, its easy as hell 2 use and its free, but I belive u can also make something nice out of photoshop
omg I just saw Alternative.. its sucks this is way better
6 gas per player? O.o

Careful between the space between bascilla and high ground, easy place for tanks to be and shoot the main

Noy muvh turret space

Jea might be terran favored, alot of expos have small chokes. O.o
6 gas per player? O.o

Careful between the space between bascilla and high ground, easy place for tanks to be and shoot the main

Noy muvh turret space

Jea might be terran favored, alot of expos have small chokes. O.o
^Double Post^ lolol

It doesn't appear to have any major problems, but it also doesn't have anything all that intresting excapt maybe the fact that half of the expos are tankable.
XD Cant delete one post.. Grr.
There are birdy's on the bridges! Thats interesting. :D

Yeah, 6 gas per player. I didn\'t want to have 2 mineralonly expansions per player. I was actually looking to have a lot of gas on this map. The exposed gas is reduced to 3000 if that means anything.

You mean reach the main minerals/gas? I think that can happen only to blue\'s gas, and that\'s very rare. I could move 1 hex.
Not enough turret space because I thought map would favor terran. It\'s an attempt to help ZvT for harder to defend nat/main mineral lines to mutaharass.

I think PvT will be a nightmare on this map, honestly.
modified by JungleTerrain

\"half of the expos are tankable.\" Isn\'t that the case in all maps? :P
-The corner expos were intended to be tankable. The wide open gas expo is supposed to be hard to hold(it\'s more of a late game expo).

The only tankable expo I am worrying about is the one under red\'s main and above blue\'s, where tanks can get dropped between basilica and high dirt. Even that scenario is pretty unlikely.

The tight chokes were meant to help ZvP, where zerg could use a safer, more secure 3rd gas, although Protoss benefits from this, as well.

Edit: The gas expo on highground at 12 and 6 are tankable from the normal ground if terran sieges under ridge. Should I move the expos farther from the edge of the cliff to make it safer from such a case? I think it would help PvT.
modified by JungleTerrain
Ok so fill in that gap where tanks can go with basilica-high ground blend, and move the other high ground expo away from the edge so tanks can't reach from the outside.
-Cluttered spot between basilica/high dirt.
-Some terrain changes, attempting to get rid of possible tank spots to some expos.
-12 and 6 moved away from cliff edge.
-Main minerals/gas/starting location altered and moved 1 hex away from edge of base.
-Neutral CC added to map. Hopefully this can help Zerg in some way.
-3 and 9 moved 1 hex away from main.
-Exposed gas expo vespene geyser decreased from 3000 to 1500 (To discourage players from taking this expo until far into late game).
Filling that space with minerals and pylons is a nono.

1.) Makes it look ugly
2.) only I can put random buildings. Crystal's Random Building Placement, or CRBP. .o.o
double post..
modified by crystaldrag
Makes it look ugly? No one is going to see/care about that spot on the map. Not only that, but it does its job. I don't think anyone would try to clear that spot of buildings, mine the minerals, and then place siege tanks there to only attack an easily defendable expo.

What's #2 ???☼☼╗
Not only can it hit the expo. it can hit the main....
i would clear it....
but there is nothing wrong with blending it with bascilla...

Quote from my map Plainswalker
"crystal's random building spam or CRBS should make a copyright on it lol"

But i prefer placement.
Just blend with basilica, it's quickly done and looks good.
What exactly is the purpose if infested terrans it zvt? Do they have specific counters/counter specific things or is it just there to look cool?
I think goliaths kill infested terrans quickly.
What about infested terrans in pvz xD like the zero vs kal in that map with a cc in the middlt... holy world >.<
And why do you ask? i mean, why do you ask that here? xD

EDIT: LOL I found this on TL

"* Large numbers of Dragoons with the Singularity Charge upgrade can destroy Infested Terrans before they can come within range to do harm.
* The High Templar's Psionic Storm can easily stop Infested Terrans in their tracks.
* Scouts and Carriers can attack Infested Terrans with complete impunity.
* Reavers can eliminate Infested Terrans before they can approach close enough to destroy anything.
* The Dark Archon's Maelstrom can immobilize Infested Terrans. Infested Terrans can also be taken over completely with Mind Control."
modified by ArcTimes
Infested Terrans can be used to kill towers in SC2 DOTA Lol :P
I was saying in TvZ because techincally speaking that's the only matchup where they would exist without neutrals.
I would like see that in a pvt xD A neutral queen, a dark archon with mind control F*CK YEAH, i'm going to make a map like that xD!!!!

And yep, goliaths can kill infested terrans quickly.
I only put the CC because it doesn't harm the gameplay much at all and it adds some fun element of help to Zerg (which I think they need).

And why can't the basilica/high dirt space be left like that? Who cares if it's ugly. It serves its function. Please point out what's so bad about it and how it affects gameplay so much. I mean, you can tank the main in any map, you just need vision of the buildings.(You cannot tank the main's resources here). Look at Peaks of Baekdu, put some tanks with a dropship next to the starting location lowground and you own their main mineral line.

Oh, and what do you guys mean by "blending with basilica"?

Hope you can see here that I don't want to put any unnecessary work to the map :O
Blending with Basilica: What I see on Azure Twins?
Yep. It's surprisingly easy :D
this map dosen't need basilica blends the way i see it :
Rule no. 1: Never listen to Last.
Where exactly do you plan to put basilica blends in this map since you such a mapping genius and we should take advice from you instead of me :P
modified by LasTCursE
Don't be mad and read the other comments :D
i find it better looking this way.. just put some doodads instead..
I recommend you submit this map for the BWMN Showcase Tourney
Looking foward to see this one as well ^^ very nice map
BWMN Showcase Tourney? Is that the name of your Tourney?
Yea, and its not mine, its ours.


-Terrain blend from main to 3rd gas complete. It turned out pretty good, point anything out if you can help me with the blend here.
-More decoration added.
-Mains' size has been maximized to allow most possible amount of space to be buildable/walkable.
-Naturals' size has been maximized to allow most possible amount of space to be buildable/walkable.
-Observer version included (already had one).

Can you guys tell me if the download works or doesn't work?
Great work. DL works but picture needs update.
kk thisdone.
picture needs update? looks fine to me.
Now it does.
Please update the observer version. it is still the old one.

Final Update (I think):


-Mains moved 1 hex closer to edge.
-12ish/6ish o' clock gas high ground expos are now pylon wall-able by at least 3 pylons.
-More decoration added. Small terrain bugs/errors fixed.


That should be it. I also uploaded it TWICE, so the downloads for both Melee and Observer versions of the map should work fine now. If not, then I'll try again.
Obs is still the old version
Are you serious???

I'm going to try again...

Edit: I downloaded the Observer version myself, and it turns out to be working just fine. Either you tried to download it right after I updated it, and you should try again; the download only works for me; or it simply doesn't work for you.

Are you sure you are downloading it correctly?

I could try to upload this again.
modified by JungleTerrain
Wanted debug this and found this crazy shit at both nat entrances:

What's this supposed to be and is it there with an intention?!
That is to F protoss cause they cant FE =_+
I thought it is something you can use to prove your imba APM with by sorting zealots/zerglings/marines into those slots :P
Fixed that and some other stuff
kk what are you gonna fix next
I made a list in the QT that I sent you a link for...
I dont see the Quick Topic. +_+
Or the link
Look into your PM box, I sent you the link again.
ROFL I think I never finished that part of the map. I totally forgot to check that during the final edits. I TOTALLY overlooked the naturals... That SHOULD be the only uhm... failures... left. Hopefully everything else works.

Sorry about that, Freakling. Lol.

Oh, and did somebody reupload the picture? Looks better than my quality for map pics.

and Off Topic: The word "Reupload" should be incorporated into the English language.
modified by JungleTerrain
I fixe this already.

Picture shows fixed version (thoug you should hardly be able to see a difference on the picture).
modified by Freakling
both mains had stacked geysers?
crystal, there are stacked things on nats and thirds, maybe fourth xd
Mains are so sexy lolz awesome map :)
modified by LasTCursE
What are you guys talking about? Stacked geysers? I never intended for that to happen anywhere on this map. I made sure to check the mains, and they had 10 units each (9 mineral patches, 1 vespene geyser, excluding the starting location). I didn't check anywhere else for stacked geysers (I mean, I don't think most mapmakers do).

It must have been a glitch caused by SCMDraft2 or something.

Ok, I checked my version of the map file, and nothing is stacked on both the normal and observer versions. It must have been a glitch caused somewhere along the process of downloaded/uploaded/numerous edits/file extension change.
Crap, the files/picture were lost
nice rating lol
This post is not displayed due to its content
Sorry for the crappy picture, but I bumped this cuz I was wondering if crystal had the version we used for the Tourny.
Observer non protected uploaded i think now
modified by CrystalDrag
The observer version is the tourny version?
Yes. :)
7th March 2016
Version 1.0 Resonance

Ive renamed this map to just Resonance.

'Resonance I' was a 4 player map concept that was never published. So this map being called Resonance II is not necesary.
Previously this map was labelled 'Resonance II 1.0' on iCCup. Ive been tidying up the map pack to follow the conventions that were established there. I will write more in a forum post.
November 2016

iccup forum map feedback

User named 'Lurkers' says this about the map:
"1) The very top right corner expo compared to the bottom left expo is not the same size. When I am bottom, I can sim city the base as zerg in ZvP with a second hatchery/sunkens. When I am on top, I cannot place a second hatchery there with enough room to place a sim city (At least not 100% the same. There should be like another tile or two of space to build stuff there. This is really annoying.

2) When sending overlord ZvP to 6, the cliff is ridiculously hard to keep an overlord alive on w/ cannons there to see properly compared to the top spot. (Cannons at 6 o clock can see the overlord much easier and shoot it down even though you should be able to place it safely on the cliff until toss gets vision, for example when you're placing it on the cliff vs top spawning protoss)"
(1) is due to cliff asymmetry. However, reducing the cliff at the north (or stretching out the one at the south) would compensate for the unwalkable bottom line, although ranges from the cliff would still be different, but I don't think that matters so much, as most of the cliff and the minerals are to the side, where distances are unaffected. If symmetry is to be kept, one could also just move one of the cliffs manually up or down a tile (via pick© instead of isometrical editing).

(2) is just weird and should not really be a thing, as the cliffs are perfectly symmetrical. A thing that probably should be fixed, however, is that some of the copy-pasted basilica tiles are actually high instead of mid ground, which causes some weird vision around the 3/9 o'clock 3rds.
I remember not taking cliff asymmetry into consideration when i made this map, so that's the result -_-

for (1) i would probably just copy/paste the cliff up 1 tile since it seems like the easiest fix.

for (2) idk, maybe increase the basilica overlord spot a bit? Seems the problem is the vision given from the nat tho.

and yeah those can be fixed at 3/9

*** does the iccup version have 2 stacked Command Centers in the middle? cuz my version does.
modified by JungleTerrain
Yes it has. I suspect it may have all sprites stacked twice maybe a ramainder of that editing error where I accidently stacked all the resources twice?
Which version is the iCCup version? I have a version 1.03 as the newest, which does not have that problem.
I have no idea anymore, so many versions...
Ok, so I've played around with the map and changed/fixed a few things (haven't uploaded it):

-Top right and bottom left expos both allow for symmetrical simcity placement of hatcheries, as ICCup player Lurker pointed out was impossible to do before. I moved all of top right up by 1 hex (including tiles and resources).

-I enlarged overlord spots next to natural a bit to provide extra coverage for overlords and make it safer for them (so zergs don't complain). [However, i realized that I actually used high basilica tiles to create the unwalkable overlord spot. These are the tiles that I probably copy/pasted onto 3/9 and gave them the weird vision. I'm thinking this won't be a problem since only air units will travel here, i could be wrong]

-Got rid of all tiles after line 487-488 (referring to high basilica, as opposed to normal basilica) on indexed tileset at 3 and 9 basilica to high dirt blend... this should fix the weird vision Freakling pointed out.

-Got rid of stacked Command Centers in the middle (I can't remember if I did that on purpose but probably not), so now there is only 1.

-Slightly reduced water and modified path from nat to the mineral only outside the nat to accommodate for the bigger overlord spot.

should I upload this version?
modified by JungleTerrain
Sounds good. Have you tested that all resources still mine properly? Unfortunately changing pathing for one spot of the map (like increasing the sizes of the top right expo and of the overlord spots) tends to screw around with pathing all over the map, which can fuck up worker pathing anywhere!
lol really?

i don't know much about worker pathing, but what am I looking for? Making sure the workers take a mostly direct path and don't curve around the back of the minerals? I can test that today.

and if I remember correctly zerg drone is the wonkiest worker so if i test with zerg it should be mostly fine for the rest of the races, correct?
modified by JungleTerrain
I just looked at the worker pathing guide you made a while back, none of the graphics are working for me and the whole page takes a long time to load.
Well, hard to sum it up, but yes, mostly direct, straight paths and no migration behind the mineral lines when saturation is high. You'll get the hang of it, once you've stared at workers going back and forth (and doing the occasional completely irrational detour or other sign of looming insanity...) for a few hours ;P
modified by Freakling
Update (Version 1.1):

-Tested the minerals for all 3 races (pathing is reasonably direct when 1:1 worker:mineral patch ratio and wandering almost entirely removed at a 2:1 ratio).
-Mains' gases are almost entirely equal in mining rates (no significant difference after 2000 gas) for all 3 races.
-Removed an unwalkable tile at the nat entrance.

and as noted above:
-Removed extra stacked command centers in the middle of the map, now just 1.
-Dealt with cliff asymmetry affecting top right expo.
-Removed weird vision bug at 3 and 9 as a result of high basilica tiles.
-Reduced water outside nat area leading towards mineral only.
-Enlarged overlord spots.

For comparison:

Old (Version 1.0)
(2)Resonance 1.0 photo ResonanceOld_zpsexp4bhwu.jpg

New (Version 1.1)
 photo Resonance 1.1_zpsgsphkoz3.jpg
modified by JungleTerrain
Nice job! Amazing to see old maps getting fixed this fast.

Upload replay for this map
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