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Last update for (2)Graveyard Gardens : 2011, 07, 05 01:18
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4366 (2)Graveyard Gardens otherCrystalDrag0.6betaground

The map has been rated 58 times and got a total of 33 points

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Comments:   GMCS (3 elements)

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I like it. When I saw it on desert outpost's first pic I went "Crystal made a map that I actually really like for once O.O" I like the idea of all the ramps and bridges and what not. Hmm... (Begins thinking about link bombing bridges to escape from an army)
Like the S bridges :) those look hot, but.. tell me thats not the final deco and that those doodads are a jk?
:P Its not the final deco. I just got lazy. ^^
Most "un-jungly" jungle map ever :D.

I like the grave yard idea, I would keep the general deco concept.
However, some more ruins (ruin to dirt blend) and muddy ground would fit the theme nicely.
Use grass only in sparse patches to avoid a friendly look ;)

And please get rid of the military cemetery like look (i.e. all the "graves" arranged in evenly spaced straight lines).
Make the bone clusters more cloffy, as if they were "piled up... And the fungi - mushrooms often grown in (fairy) circles.

Make make things harsher, more craggy and edgy instead of all those smooth meandering lines.

If those bridges at the center are in fact ridges then make them look like it. It's bad if players cannot get an instinctive feeling fot the terrain ingame.

And what is this new fashion of putting the main gas at subobtimal positions when it's absolutely unnecessary?

I don't get what you wrote about proxy tech.

How have you created the worker push effect?
Im am redoing the "Graveyard" to a "Garden", so already started :3
So i can disregard what you said on the first 4+5 paragraph/sentences

Ill probably make it so bridges arn't ridges.

I thought it would be kewl :) Anddd they still work fine, when you throw down spawning pool and gas at same time you get 100 gas when spawning pool finishes, lair tech or ling speed.

There are four areas on the map (Where creep colonies are) Where you can proxy tech? o_o

By spamming sprite buildings around the start location, you can change worker position. It also affectes the larva too :3
How do u get the workers to spawn like that? I don't know how to do that, I wish I knew!

^^I didn't read any of the comments cuz I'm too sleepy
I know that sprite buildings interact with worker positions, but there are no buildings in the picture. I hope you made sure to disallow building stack (I cn't check because you DL doesn't work - it's a site bug, always upload your stuff twice when you publich a new map to prevent it)

Concerning Proxy: So by "minrals" you mean "Eggs" right? (200HP, 10 armor, btw, Lurker eggs the same)
there is a flag trick to make the workers spawn that way ;
I played it and there is no stack :). Great map in my opinion. Note: I rated it a 1.
:) Those xganal temples next to the Start location move the workers.

Weird thing is they take away zerg creep at beginning, but then the creep spreads...

The minerals are mineral chunks , which have 800 hp. O.o

You rated it a one ^^?
No... I didn't rate it at all so far. Definitely would give it above 5 :)

Here are the issues:

1. Stack bug:

2. no one will ever bother to destroying those mineral chunks, they'll act as any other power up, i.e. blocking one of your workers. And in my opion powerups in melee maps don't do any good - people will just pick them up with their scout workers and then try to "suicide" them into enemy\'s mineral lines or something like that, turning the game, at least early game, into some annoying kind of pingpong.

3. You used that buggy bridge transition tile with the annoying blinking blue "water" pixel on it in many places, please replace them.

4+. Look at GMCS.
modified by Freakling
General tip (for your next map): To even out sizes while compensating for the bottom line in a mostly low ground map like this one you can just place all the high ground two tiles (1 iso) above the exact mirrored position.

Don't become lazy with the symmetry checkboxes...
modified by Freakling

I realized because of the way minerals are, no real purpose in moving workers. however i am keeping the idea in mind if say start location was south of minerals.

Got rid of the blocky tile ^^

Switched mineral chunk with the arbiter egg mineral :P minerals stacked 10 zero value

And creep colonies so Z can wall in at thee bridge
modified by MeLiekMukipz
i dont know that the bridge tile is..

You can still do the worker pushing, by the way.
Either use immobile non-building units
Or use building units with only partial tile overlap.
modified by Freakling
Replaced those tiles with the ramps blends, looks good still :3
One question i still have is the high yeild is hard to harras for toss. Zerg has mutalisk, terran can seige on the bridge, but toss has nothing. :O

Anyone notice the showdown in the middle? Skeleton vs Bush? ^^
Why ramps O_o The other bridege edge tile is perfectly OK....

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