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Last update for (2)Sunburn : 2013, 02, 21 18:47
mapIDMapname (comments)map sizeAuthorRatingTypeplay type
4394 (2)Sunburn otherLasTCursE0.3betaground

The map has been rated 74 times and got a total of 24 points


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Comments:   GMCS (0 elements)

Crystal, this is a nice map.
Although it does suffer from split map syndrome and I feel it would be better if the all the walkable terrain was inverted. Ie mains to high dirt nats to low dirt
modified by Phobic
<17>FliSky <07>Official <18>Map
<16>[<10>Sun<08>burn<16>] version <08>1.0

<01>Created by <06>F<11>l<03>i<19>s<07>k<1F>y
<18>Presented by <08>Iccup <11>Gaming <17>Server

who is flisky
noo it's not me :> ;D never met the guy
modified by LasTCursE
don't over use your privilages as an admin :>
K obviously it was mine i forgot to remove the sign from the melee version before uploading ^^

What do you guys think about the map ? intentinaly it should have a blue storm choke at nat..
I like this map a lot. However, I usually end up liking macro maps a lot in general.

I think it's safe to assume that three bases will be pretty easy to take. I might even go as far as saying that in TvP, the terran will have a fairly easy time getting their first five bases. As the map is currently, I think it favors terran a lot, especially in TvP.

Also, I'm not too sure if Zerg has a good option for a third gas base. The corner expos aren't exactly OMEGA SUPER FAR from the main, but they definitely aren't close. The gas expo that has an entrance closed off with three neutral power generators seems a little too exposed, and it's still tankable from behind the wall, even though it's not right up against it.

Then you have those more or less neutral gas expos at 3 and 9 which have a droppable cliff behind it. Another reason why I think this favors terran.
I f***ing love this map
cough cough,.... PROTOSS IMBAAAAA.
Arc get on useast..
I agree this favours terran / disfavours other races in matchups against terran. All the opportunities to tank expos (from positions were anything zerg or protoss could employ is just out of range and useless) are only one issue. The other is that all the expos are really really open. Zerg has not good option to get a 3rd gas (no good chokes to defend against terran push with lurkers/sunkens) and Protoss cannot Pylon wall or do anything else to not make vulture harrass a constant pain in the arse.

Maybe you can make another, safer expo were now there's just that huge blob of structure. That would also encourage players to expand into both directions, making for overall better flow.

When it comes to PvZ it looks like Protoss cannot Forge FE on that nat.
modified by Freakling
oooOOO loving the maps man!! Sexy
I think protoss can make 2 base carrier in this map, like katrina, blue storm, or bloody ridge.
Tell what things should be changed to make it less imba..

i'll make nats untankable and perchaps wider
and i'm still working on the blue storm choke..
you say 3rd is bad there should i move it down ? :>
omg.. this map!! I wana see some games in it ^^
Then help me make it balanced :P
If someone wants to play, i can play in this map with... that person >.<
modified by ArcTimes
Actimes ill play you. :D
F***cking go!!!
I'm on USEAST right now.
Or if you can enter iccup, tell me.

PD: Hey and DO download a new starcraft because your latency is sh*t.

modified by ArcTimes
I am on it. -__-
And thanks ^^
modified by CrystalDrag
Middle needs to be more unbuildable... -_-
I was doing a sunken push...

Thanks for the headsup i'll do that tommorow

Updated the blue storm choke.. looks like shit but it should work the same way.. and IT WAS PAIN IN THE FUCKING ASS TO MAKE -.-
Moved the third gas 1 hex inwards

PP: Can you upload some replays :)))
modified by LasTCursE
There is me vs arctimes....
But you cant count on me for "standard" games cause i always cheese.. alot.
Use this bluestorm Last

Ehh.... doesnt make it obvious its a bluestorm... but...
-Prettyer blue storm choke
-Unbuildable ground around the blue storm choke
-Some small deco changes
-Dark Swarm in the middle experiment
-New picture with cool text (that dosen't want to change for some reason -.-

What do you think i should do to make the map more expandable/splitable.. ? i'm thinking of moving the min only to the 3rd's current spot
And the third just outside the big choke that's now the min only entrance
modified by LasTCursE
I already told you to turn that huge blob of unused structure into a safe to take expo. The one that's already in front can be moved north a bit. However, the map already is at 6 gas per player so maybe making it another minonly wouldn't be that bad either.
the original version had a expo there but i thought that would be too many expos on a snigle map so i filled the space instead..

What you think about making the current minonly a third? that's also an easy option for a third
Another option

modified by LasTCursE
and why do i double post everytime i comment something lol
No, that's mostly an easy 3rd gas for terran, pretty much the opposite of what you should try to achieve in my opinion.
if i make the gas expo in the compound area it will also be a terran expo cuz players will either have to exit to by the small bs choke or go all the way around to get it while a terran will simply lift off and land there
Nice Up date! how about some minerals and gas in the middle?
Lol... There was no update at all...

--CrystalDrag vs Arctimes(1on1, 1.16)
--npnl.19 vs SlayerS_EmO(1on1, 1.16)
-- vs (1on1, 1.16)

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